WoW How to get to the Black Anvil

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The black anvil is a special crafters anvil in Blackrock Depths World of Warcraft. This special anvil is a requirement for crafting certain unique crafted recipes in blacksmithing. To black anvil is located in Blackrock Depths. To get there you must fly to searing gorge or burning steepes and enter the Blackrock Mountain.

To find the black anvil, enter Blackrock Mountain, fly down to the room at the bottom of the cavernous space. Enter the room which will lead you to a large cavern with NPC’s mining rocks, follow this space until you are lead into a tunnel lit by lava on the sides of the room, follow this tunnel until you reach the portal to Blackrock Depths (BRD). Once inside BRD turn left, unlock the gate, run onto the concrete path where all the NPC’s are patrolling, turn right and run to the huge stone gates, pass through the gates and follow the path until you reach the Black Anvil of Blackrock Depths.

Here are some pictures of the journey to the Black Anvil inside Blackrock Depths. Fly to the marker on the map below to find the gates to Blackrock Mountain.

Blackrock Mountain Location

Fly down to the room below the cavernous space, enter the door to the right and walk through into the huge cave where NPC’s are mining rocks.

blackrock depths room

Ignore the scattered junk and follow the cave through until you see the below tunnel, following this tunnel will lead you to BRD (Blackrock Depths).

blackrock depths dungeon entrance

Once you’v entered Blackrock Depths, turn left, unlock the gate, run through onto the concrete path, then follow that path until you see the huge gates in the picture below. Run through the gates and you will see the Black Anvil in the distance ahead of you.

Blackrock Depths Gate

This is the Black Anvil in Blackrock Depths World of Warcraft.

Wow the black anvil (blackrock depths)

The black anvil of Blackrock Depths (World of Warcraft).

Wow the black anvil (blackrock depths)

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