How to unlock the Dark Ranger (WoW)

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With the final patch of Shadowlands and following the defeat of the Jailer, Blizzard released a secret questline that gave players something they have wanted for a long time. Blizzard gave us the ability to create Dark Rangers! Following the completion of this short questline you can unlock new character customization options for Blood Elves and Night elves! (And another secret reward for our Animal Taming Friends!)

First things first, check out this video!

Erosium created a video when this questline was first released. Check out this video to see the quests in their entirety!

How to Unlock the Dark Ranger -Answered

Unlocking the Dark Ranger appearance options for elves is as simple as completing a level 60 quest chain that takes place at the end of the Shadowlands. You only need to complete these quests once to unlock the appearance for Night Elves and Blood Elves, even if the character is not an elf themselves.

Before you start, set your hearthstone ANYWHERE in Maldraxxus, but the closest to Plaguefall the best!

The quest chain begins.

To begin these quests, travel to the Enclave in Oribos. Speak to Calia Menethil and accept the quest “A call to Lorderon”

Travel to Lorderon (Speak to the mage near Calia if you are Horde.)

Travel to Brill and turn in the quest.

Accept “Assemble the Forsaken” and speak to the 3 Forsaken leaders marked on your mini-map

Dark Ranger Velonara will give you a quest to kill 8 Blighted Soldiers or Mages. This is required to continue the quest. Find these blighted NPC’s around the outskirts of Brill.

Once the forsaken are assembled and the blights soldiers are slain, return to town and turn in both quests.

Speak to Lillian Voss and pick up “The Blight Congress”. Talk to Lillian again to begin the conversation. Listen to some RP and then speak to Calia. She will walk outside of town, follow her to continue the quest.

Turn in “The Blight Congress” and pick up “Walk of Faith.” This is an escort quest, stay close to Calia to survive the blight! Follow her and kill the Blighted soldiers, there will be a Lieutenant that you must collect a Blight Sample from.

Expert Advice.

Follow Calia back to the other Forsaken. She will now ask you to travel to Maldraxxus to consult the House of Ritual.

Travel to Maldraxxus in the Shadowlands (Bonus points if your Hearth is already set to that zone!)

Turn the quest into Margrave Sin’dane. She advises you reach out to the masters of plague, and you search for Plague Deviser Marileth. He is due south in the House of Plagues.

Pick up the quests from both Marileth and Calia. You’ll be clearing out the house of plagues and absorbing/testing various concoctions.

Once you’re done testing and feeding the Plague Eater, you’ll be asked to slay the Lorderon Blight Strain, which has grown out of control!

Clearing the ruins!

Once the blight is slain, return to Lillian. She will give you a temporary hearthstone to return to Brill. Use the hearthstone and speak to Master Apothecary Faranell.

Now it’s time for the Action Scene! Speak to Calia to pick up the quest “The remedy of Lorderan.” For this quest you will mount a Shadowbat and wage war against the plague eating the city!

Once you’ve cleared the Plague, it’s time to form the Desolate Council. Speak to Lillian and listen to some more RP, this will complete the quest.

Now, speak to Dark Ranger Velonara. Complete the quest “The path of the dark rangers.” Turn back to Lillian and accept her quest. Follow her to the Throne Room.

This completes the Call to Lorderon questline!

Now what do I get?

Completing this quest chain will unlock 2 major features regardless of what character you completed it on. The title “Of Lorderon.” and new Customizations for Night Elves and Blood Elves!

As well as the option to buy a hidden armor set if you complete the quest on a hunter!

Once you complete the quests with a hunter, travel to Trueshot Lodge in Highmountain and you can purchase the armor set “Dark Ranger’s Attire” from Outfitter Reynolds!

Enjoy your new cosmetic features!

I hope this helped you guy! Make sure to keep an eye on Battle-shout for more guides and tidbits in World of Warcraft!

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