Azerothian Archives Reputation Guide

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Are you scratching your head about collecting those shiny rewards in Azerothian Archives? Good news: Patch 10.2.5 has transformed archaeology into a treasure trove of mini-games and activities just for you! This blog will guide you through the maze of farming currency and reputation, making sure you get the most out of every quest and event.

Azerothian Archives: Overview and Introduction

Azerothian Archives replaces archaeology with mini-games and activities, allowing players to farm reputation and mysterious fragments for rewards. Starting with Azerothian Archives offers a new way for players to engage with World of Warcraft.

You can easily start the Azerothian Archives by picking up the To the archives quest in Valdrakken in the Sapphire Enclave. After turning in the quest at Eadweard Dalyngrigge, you’ll unlock a bunch of new quests to complete and unlock the Azerothian Archives.

More info on starting the Azerothian Archives
  • Look for the poster plastered on a wall within the library; this serves as your gateway to the Azerothian Archives.
  • Approach the poster, and it will trigger an invitation to visit The Archives, where secrets of Azeroth’s past await discovery.
  • Travel to the designated tower close to Althar Academy, which stands as the central node for all archivist operations.
  • Meet the lead archivist along with their team of knowledgeable assistants stationed in this main hub who will guide you further.
  • Get introduced to various quests and mini – games that are now at your fingertips, replacing traditional archaeology methods.

Additionally, you’ll be able to find any quests related to the Azerothian Archives in a special tab in your quest log:

I recommend you make sure to complete all the quests first because they will give you a nice amount of reputation and they’re very easy to complete. You’ll simply need to go through

Mini-Games and Quests in Azerothian Archives

There are multiple mini games you’ll need to understand and master if you want to interact with the Azerothian Archives:


In order to start the scrying mini game, you’ll have to use the Technoscryers and then find artifacts with them. All you need to do is move around until you see this bar filling up:

Azerothian Archives

Then simply follow the direction where the bar keeps filling up until it is fully filled. Then, look around and you should see an item lighting up which you can click to complete the scrying mini game!


Excavating in Azerothian Archives involves activating a dig area with a totem and balancing elemental forces to uncover items. The process provides balancing forces for the excavation. Here are the strategies and essential details:

  1. Activating Dig Areas: Players use a totem to activate dig areas, where they must balance elemental forces to uncover artifacts.
  2. Balancing Meter: As players excavate, they aim to keep the meter balanced while working quickly to unearth hidden treasures.
  3. Quest Locations: Excavating quests take players to diverse areas such as the Forbidden Reach and Zaralek Caverns, offering varied experiences.
  4. Motivation: Completing excavating quests rewards players with reputation and currency, incentivizing them to engage in this rewarding activity.
  5. As long as the elemental forces are balanced, you can keep excavating until the mini game is over!
Azerothian Archives

Place down a totem near a dig site, then activate it to start the excavation mini game!

Strategies for Farming Currency and Reputation

– Completing World quests related to the Archives can help in gaining reputation and currency. Additionally, a suggested strategy for unlocking all features and farming rep and currency will also be discussed.

Completing World quests related to the Archives

  • World quests for the Archives can be unlocked after completing various quests that will take you through the dig sites, often in Zaralek Caverns of the Forbidden Reach.
  • Completing Archives World Quests will reward you with Mysterious Fragments and reputation.
  • To start a world quest simply go to the location and then use your elemental totem or technoscryers depending on the world quest. For the example below it was an excavating mini game, so I had to use an elemental totem to start excavating!

New public event in Patch 10.2.5: The Big Dig at Traitor’s Rest

The Big Dig at Traitor’s Rest is a new public event in Patch 10.2.5 that takes place in the Azure Span every hour on the half-hour. Participants can earn fragments, reputation points, transmog items, and even a mount by completing activities to fill up a score bar for rewards.

Players can stay near the NPC to receive direct orders for additional tasks and engage in various activities to progress during the event. This is very similar to the soup event in the Azure Span.

In order to get maximum results out of this event, try to complete as many tasks as possible!

By completing tasks you’ll earn tomes (see picture above). These contain Mysterious Fragments which are used to buy cosmetics!

At the end of the event there will be a boss fight, make sure that you tag the boss so you get the rewards!
There is a weekly quest you can get from Eadweard Dalyngrigge which will award you with a large amount of fragments and rep for completing the event.

In conclusion, farming the Azerothian Archives mostly consists of completing world quests and farming the The Big Dig event.

Rewards for farming reputation and currency in the Azerothian Archives

You can find all the rewards from the Azerothian Archives at this location:

Provisioner Aristta sells all the rewards in exchange for Mysterious Fragments, here are all the items you can get:

Purchasable Transmogs
Purchasable Mounts
The Big Dig rewards

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