Brackenhide Hollow WoW Dungeon Guide

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Want to learn more about Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon? Discover why the Gnolls are attacking the Tuskarr. Our Brackenhide Hollow WoW Dungeon Guide can give you the tools to defeat these powerful creatures and explain the lore behind their control for power. Read on to uncover the facts and truth.

Brackenhide Hollow unlocks for play at level 66 onwards.

This dungeon is not part of the World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 1.

Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon Guide

Before we breakdown the bosses, let’s go over some of the trash.

You will experience some DoT and Bleed effects whilst battling your way through Brackenhide Hollow.

Healers can combat this by having Dispels and Cooldowns at the ready.

Actively CC and stun packs until Diminishing Returns kicks in to prevent these applications from getting too much to handle.

As a caution and warning: Bracken Warscourge will cast Hideous Cackle this will send you into a fear and aimlessly running for 7 seconds. Interrupt this ability as often as possible.

FYI: During the Beta and Early release for World of Warcraft Dragonflight this dungeon had a lot of reports of High DoT times, we expect there will be some changes in minor patches.

From the entrance of the dungeon all the way to the 1st boss, you will need to free 5 “meat cache’s”. If you skip ahead you will not be able to fight the boss.

Hackclaw’s Warband

Rira - Brackenhide Hollow WoW Dungeon Guide

Rira and her two devious companions Gashtooth and Tricktotem decided to become a War Band amongst the Brackenhide.

These three are the soul reason the Tuskar never travel alone. Wratheye trusts in their strength to guard the gate to the Hollow.


This warband will attack as one. If a player reaches 15% health then watch out for Tricktotems Bloodthirsty manoeuvre. If and when Rira reaches full energy these Gnolls will band together as one. Performing Hextrick Totem, Decayed Senses and Savage Charge in a ferocious attack. Advised kill order is Tricktotem, Gashtooth and Rira last.

Treemouth - WoW


Treemouth as named by the Gnolls. This once proud ancient is now decaying as the rot has infested its branches.

Unfortunately the rot has poisoned the mind of this once noble creature leaving it with the thoughts of feeding and spreading the decay further.

Decaying slimes will emanate from Treemouth to players which will burst when killed in hopes of spreading the decay to you.


Caution as the Decaying Slimes and the Creeping Vines will try to trap you. Treemouth will Consume you if catches you. Beware the Pools of Rot for they will entice him further, as he hopes to feeding upon hero flesh.

Gutshot - Brackenhide Hollow WoW Dungeon Guide


This adventurous and dangerous Gnoll has mastered the art of the Hunter.

Trapping and killing her prey with impressive cunning abilities.

Decatriarch has tasked Gutshot with training more Gnolls in the art of hunting as well as picking off enemies that stumble into the hollow.

Deadly Hyenas lurk nearby and will come to her aid at a moments notice.


This boss is not to be trifled with, Deadly Gunshot and Ensnaring Traps will darken you day. If your really unlucky Gutshot will call a pack of Hyenas to her aid to deal with you. Gutshot will throw food at random players, enraging the Hyenas into Feeding Frenzy you may fall prey to these wild animals. Trap or Kill the Hyenas to have a chance of defeating her.

Wratheye - WoW

Decatriarch Wratheye

With a thirst for power and the discovery of Decay magic, Wratheye declared herself Decatriarch after mastering her new found skills.

Her new found hobby involves spreading dark magic among her tribe within the Brackenhide Hollow.

She is building up the strength and power to eliminate the Tuskarr and all of life within the Azure Span with the Rot.


Prepare yourselves as Decatriach Wratheye is a master of dark magic. Reaching full energy limits she will cast Decaying Strength, in turn she will become more powerful with each stack of Rot she absorbs. Totems that appear will need to be Nuked they will spread a powerful stacking DoT.

Mythic Brackenhide Hollow WoW Dungeon Guide

Let’s delve into the Dragonflight Mythic Brackenhide Hollow. With Mythic each boss will perform extra abilities and their existing abilities will be stronger and more powerful.

With Battle-Shout’s Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon Guide we go more in-depth and show all of the mechanics for mythic.

Hackclaw’s Warband Mythic

Rira Hackclaw

Savage Charge is a Tank only mechanic. Rira will charge her target dealing 250k damage. If a player is between her and the tank they will take the blow.

Bladestorm spinning in a tornado towards random players. Her speed is reduced by 30% but she will still be fast. Damaging all players within 8 yards of her for 5 seconds.

Cleave Rira will strike the players in front of her. 8 Yard Range.


Decayed Senses. Gashtooth will throw a bag of alchemical decay at a random player. This will Blind the player and increase damage taken by 150%.

Gash Frenzy. Gash will shadowstep between players 5 times. Inflicting bleeds and causing 100k damage. This bleed can be removed if the player is healed above 90% HP.

💀 Marked for Butchery. Gashtooth will inflict minor damage upon a marked enemy for 4 seconds.


Hextrick Totem will incapacitate a player for 15 seconds. This is channelled from the totem. Destroy the totem to stop the cast.

Greater Healing Rapids will heal a friendly target for 100k initially and 10k per second for 15 seconds. Stop this ability at all costs.

Bloodfrenzy when a players HP drops below 15%, haste and damage done will be increased by 30% for the entire encounter. This cannot be undone!

Earth Bolt a mound of earth will be thrown at the current target hitting for 22k.

Group Abilities

💀 Prey on the Weak. The Gnolls enjoy the fear and weakness of the hero’s. For every 10% HP missing HP on the party they increase their haste for 10%

At 100% energy Rira will call the others to her they will attack together.

This is when they cast Hextrick Totem, Decayed Senses and Savage Charge each in turn.


💀 Grasping Vines will appear when Treemouth reaches 100 Energy. Vines will grab players for Consumption. If Treemouth does not consume one player he will Enrage with Starving Frenzy.

Consume/Consuming devouring the nearest player they will take 25k damage per second for 10 seconds. He will have an absorb shield for 120k. Break this shield and he will spit the player out. Players that are spat out will have 200% increased damage taken for 1 minute after.

Starving Frenzy occurs when Treemouth misses a meal. He will Enrage with 150% damage done and 30% haste for 3 minutes.

Vine Whip is a Tank mechanic. He will whip anyone infront of him for 90k damage and knocking back the tank.

Decay Spray is when Treemouth spits out 4 Decaying slimes and dealing 55k Damage in front of him.

Decaying Slimes have a few tricks up their body’s. They will Burst upon death leaving a pool of decay behind for 30 seconds.

Gushing Ooze. The slime will splash and damage players within 5 yards for minor damage.

Withering Away if a player stands in the pool they will take 18k damage every 1.5 seconds and have their movement speed reduced by 30%

Infectious Spit will reduce your movement speed and deal 16k damage per 1.5 seconds for 20 Seconds. This is a Disease.


Call Hyenas two yellow-tinge Hyenas will join the fight.

Bounding Leap. The Hyenas will leap to random players dealing near 50k damage and stunning the player for 4 seconds.

Crippling Bite ouch! One bite and you will find yourself bleeding for – 22k HP and for 10 seconds you will take 22k damage have your movement speed reduced by 50% and healing reduced by 50%.

Meat Toss. Gutshot will throw meat at a random player. Debuff Smell Like Meat will be lingering on you attracting the hyenas to attack.

Feeding Frenzy. Once the hyenas find the player marked they will Enrage and chase the player. For 10 Seconds you will take double damage from the Hyena.

Huntleaders Tactics increase the damage of allies within 15 yards and reduces their cooldowns by 25%

💀 Ensnaring Trap this deadly trap will entangle players within 5 yards of it dealing 13k per second for 6 seconds. Mythic this trap will re-arm itself in 5 seconds of being triggered.

Masters Call will break the Hyenas from the battle bringing them back into play. Their movement speed is increased for 15 seconds and they are immune to CC abilities.

Gut Shot aiming her crossbow carefully Gutshot will fire a powerful arrow at the Tank dealing 125k damage and knocking them back.

Decatruarch Wratheye

Decaying Strength. Wratheye will convert Withering Rot increasing the bosses damage done by 5% and this effect stacks.

Withering Eruptions occur during Decaying Strength. Each player will erupt for 50k damage. The size of the eruption is based on the players stacks of Withering Rot.

Rotburst Totem will be summoned at a random location. Players hit will take 88k damage. This totem will constantly cast Rotting Burst which applies Withering Rot and deals 20k Damage per second.

💀 Withering Rot dealing minor damage but reducing damage done for 5% for the remainder of the encounter. Mythic this will not expire like Normal or Heroic. It will only be removed from players during Decaying Strength

Choking Rotcloud. Breathing out a cloud of decay. Players standing in front of her will take 90k damage. This cloud will float around applying more stacks of Withering Rot. Players caught inside will take 24k damage per second.

Decay Strike tanks watch out as her claws are infused with decay. This strike will hit twice for 55k and she will absorb 55k damage per hit.

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

This Brackenhide Hollow WoW Dungeon Guide wouldn’t be complete without giving you the chance to complete some achievements. Glory of the Dragonflight Hero is no different than previous versions. Complete bonus objectives on specific bosses for this Meta Achievement.

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero WoW


Defeat Hackclaw’s War-Band after freeing Chief Softpaw, Equiping her with a Spear and Shield and making sure she survives.

During the fight you will find a Sword and Shield. You will need to ensure the Chief Survives the fight to obtain her weapons.

All Bark, All Bite

Defeat Treemouth after every player has been consumed at least once.

This achievement is simple enough. Allow Treemouth to consume you. Once all five players have been consumed, you can Kill him.

So You Can Kill This in a Way That Matters…

Defeat Decatriarch Wratheye after find and planting three Resiliant Mushrooms and Destroying them with Decaystrike.

Around the boss encounter room you will find the three Resiliant Mushrooms. Once planted you can position the boss to cast Decaystrike over the location.


Q: Why doesn’t this dungeon appear in Looking for Group yet?
A: You need to be Level 66 to enter Brackenhide Hollow.

Q: What difficulty do I have to be in to get the Achievements?
A: The Glory of the Dragonflight Hero achievements are obtainable in Mythic difficulty.

Q: Where is the dungeon entrance on the map?
A: Brackenhide Hollow is located within The Azure Span at 11.57 48.78.

Q: Will this dungeon be part of Mythic+?
A: For Dragonflight Season 1 this dungeon was not included in Mythic+. But it may become available in future seasons as the expansion continues.

Q: Does this dungeon drop a Mount?
A: No there is no mount drop on the loot table for this dungeon.

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