Court of Stars Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

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The Court of Stars was one of World of Warcraft: Legion’s top dungeons. With the Dragon magic we can experience this dungeon again in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. With a few sneaky hidden extras too! Learn how to beat the timer with our Court of Stars Mythic+ Dungeon Guide. Read on to be able to complete a +15 or Higher key.

Court of Stars Mythic+ Guide

This dungeon consists of a multitude of Trash Packs and mini-bosses. However there is only three Bosses to defeat. You will have a 30 minute window to complete this dungeon in-time. Completing quicker will reward ++ or +++ granting you more points.

Once your party has eaten and prepared their consumables countdown the Key!

At the start of the Dungeon you will need to click on the Signal to move to the main area.

Killing mobs will start Duskwatch Sentry encounter. Expect stuns, these mobs love to stun players.

Along the way you will need to disable Arcane Beacons. This can be done by clicking and channelling a cast into them.

As you fight mobs Alarms will sound. Be prepared for more trash to enter the battle.

Interrupt Supress. This will stun targets.

Court of Starts Mythic+ Bosses

Patrol Captain Gerdo

This is a Magical boss using the powers of Arcane to defeat you.

Dodge the beams that will fire across the boss encounter room.

Resorant Slash will be cast In front and Behind the boss at the same time.

Tanks be prepared to pick up adds that will periodically spawn during the fight

When he casts Arcane Lockdown just keep on jumping to avoid extra stacks from being applied to you.

You can click the Flask of the Solemn Night.

At the first boss encounter room you will see a Vial on the bar. “Flask of the Solemn Night”. This will Poison the Guard Captain Instantly Killing him.

On the way to the second boss, once you have traversed through the buildings head to the left. Head to the Markers on the mini map. These targets will require destruction to proceed to the next boss.

This one is the Felbound Enforcer. Easy to kill, but the trash floating around will quickly add to the % required.

After killing a few Enforcers you can kill her Mini-Bosses that are with the 2nd boss.

Imacu’tya can now cast Scream of Pain. This will interrupt spell casts for 5 seconds.

Baalgar the Watchful has two changes. He will now cast Impending Doom! This cast lasts for 6 seconds dealing damage. It will deal more damage once its removed. The other change was to his Disintegration Beam making it Interruptible.

Jazshariu has the new ability Crushing Leap. Leaping to his target knocking back anyone within his range.

Talixae Flamewreath

You can fight this boss in two ways. Take her head on with all of her Mini Bosses. Or follow the above route to success and split them off.

If you don’t split them off you will have increased damage taken and health by 100% for each one.

Watch out for periodical healing spells being cast.

Adds will join the fight too if your not careful.

Before the final boss you will need to enjoy a find the spy. Some Chatty Rumormonger’s will give you descriptions. If you have a Demon Hunter they can use SPECRAL SIGHT to find the spy.

You will be taken upstairs to kill Grenth the Vile. He will drop the Arcane Keys to the last boss.

Grenth the Vile will have the same mechanics as the Dreadlords from the Shadowlands Season 4 affix. Vampiric Claws & Hypnosis Bat. Stun the bat to avoid Mind Control and Avoid Vampiric claws as it will heal the Dreadlord.

Advisor Melandrus

This is the final boss of Court of Stars.

You will experience the following deadly abilities.

Blade Surge will leave mirror images behind the boss.

Dodge the Enveloping Winds for these will knock you about and stun you for 4 seconds.

The Slicing Maelstrom will channel for 4 seconds. Watch out for extra copies during this.

Route Planning:

Tried and tested with Heroes of Creation’s own Teekaroku.

Visit this link to our Guild Routes on Google Drive to get the Import Codes. Please comment below if you find these routes helpful in your Season of Mythic+.

Suggested Addons:

Mythic Dungeon Tools gives you the power to create routes and plan out the dungeon from start to finish.

MythicPlusTimer is a perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.


Q: I completed the dungeon overtime by 15 minutes why diddnt i get any score?
A: Mythic+ dungeons will reward some points if you complete the key overtime. However they will not grant points if you complete over 15 minutes of the timer.

Q: I cannot get past the Find the Suspicious Noble area.
A: Double check the Suspicious Nobles for the items they are quoted to have on them.

Q: Where is this Dungeon Entrance?
A: You can find a portal to this dungeon in Valdrakken City. Alternatively you can fly from Leigon Dalaran to Suramar City: 50:58 65:70.

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