Diablo 4’s Best Class for Uber Duriel

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I know you’ve seen the videos: Bone Spear Necromancers causing Duriel to regret spawning, Twisting Blades Rogue causing a flurry of numbers, erasing the biggest chase in Diablo 4 within only a few seconds, and I know you’re wondering which is Diablo 4’s best class for Uber Duriel kills?

Luckily, we here at Battle Shout have got you covered, having played all the best builds out there, we can tell you easily with confidence who Diablo 4’s best class for Uber Duriel is, and why?

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Who is Diablo 4’s Best Class for Uber Duriel?

Without any competition, the returning champion for Season 3 is Barbarian.

As of right now, Barbarian is undeniably the strongest class in the game due to its scaling off the ‘Overpower’ mechanic. Many of its builds utilise Overpower, leading to extortionately high damage numbers that are hard to attain for any other class. In Season 3, a buff to Charge was also added, increasing damage to 900% of its original value, and with the right setup, making it able to one hit kill entire rooms at a time. Coupling this with a core part of Barbarian identity: Shouts, these brutish yells of anger and strength amplify the damage output dramatically, solidifying Diablo 4’s best class for Uber Duriel as being Barbarian for the forseeable future.

What makes Diablo 4’s Best Class for Uber Duriel better than other classes?

The reason Diablo 4’s best class for Uber Duriel is none of the other classes comes down to their ability to utilise the current strongest mechanic in the game, Overpower. Rogues, Necromancers and Sorcerers lack many scalars for Overpower damage, or ways to generate Fortify; the defensive mechanic that Overpower scales off of alongside max health. While it is still possible through Legendary Powers, there is little-to-no way for any of these classes to make use of this mechanic in a meaningful way. It’s base chance to trigger is also only 3% with no way to increase it.

Enter Barbarian; a class with an abundance of baked in Fortify skills, Overpower damage and chance increase. Starting with the ‘Earthstriker’s Aspect‘ allowing them to guarantee an Overpower after 8 weapon switches, and at 50% increased potency.

On top of that, the Brute Force passive causing an increased Overpower damage percentage while using a Two Handed weapon means swapping weapons and ending on a use of Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or even Rend can trigger gigantic numbers. On top of this, they have fortify generation in their tree and legendary powers that amplify it to extremes, something all the other classes lack. Due to the calculation being increasing based on percentage damage increases for Current Life Exceeding Max Life, and again percent damage increases Fortified Life coexisting, they can reach increases in the 100s of percentages.

Why are Duriel’s Unique items so important?

In Diablo 4, Duriel’s loot pool contains some of the strongest uniques for every class in the game, as well as some of the rarest Uber Uniques. Many of these Uniques are Class Specific, and can be used to take a build from being strong, to game-breaking levels of overpowered with just a single item.

On top of that, Duriel possesses some of the lowest drop change items in the game: the fabled Uber Uniques: A mixture of class specific and non-class specific pieces that boast exceptional boosts in power across the board, ranging from adding +4 ranks to all skills, There are no bad Uber Unique items in the game, but they are met with an exceptionally low drop chance.

It is worth noting, as some Uber Uniques are class specific, you cannot farm the ones belonging to other classes that you are not on.

Barbarian and You: Diablo 4’s best class for Uber Duriel

With all of this in mind, there are a few build s that come out on top in terms of raw damage output using Overpower.

Currently, I recommend any build that utilises Hammer of the Ancients, or Upheaval for the two handed weapon increased damage from Earthstriker, a Shout for damage increases, mitigation, or fortify, and Charge for an unstoppable smash that is hard to argue with. From there, any skills that allow you to switch weapons, group enemies, move to enemies, or buff yourself are the key here. Play around, and figure out what you would like. Make sure to take any passives increasing Fortify, and Overpower damage.

For your armor, make sure you are stacking Overpower damage on your appropriate pieces, and ranks to either Hammer of the Ancients or Upheaval, with Ranks to Charge to reduce the cooldown. The rest comes down to Core or Close Damage, Movement Speed, Total Armor, and Resistances. With weapons, a high DPS, damage to close enemies, and using weapons that increase Overpower damage are a must!

With this formula, you’ll be stacking Overpower and absolutely destroy content as Diablo 4’s best class for Uber Duriel: The Barbarian.


Which is the Overall Best Class and Build for Uber Duriel?

Without a doubt, Hammer of the Ancients on Barbarian is the most powerful build for Diablo 4’s Best Class for Uber Duriel.

What level should I be for Uber Duriel?

Uber Duriel can be fought from as low as level 80, however, it is highly recommended to be at level 100 for the best chance and fastest speeds in your hunt for Duriel’s uniques.

What is the most OP class in Diablo 4?

Barbarian, Diablo 4’s Best Class for Uber Duriel, once again lays claim to the throne here: Almost every single build you can imagine with this class works to devastating effect, letting you crush your way through all content with ease.

Are Uber uniques class specific?

There are a mixture class specific, and non-class specific Uber Uniques. Every class has their own options, however, the non-specific Uber Uniques can provide a substantial strength increase to every class.

What is the weakest class in Diablo 4?

This one is mostly down to personal thoughts; but I believe it has to be Necromancer. Summoning builds are weak, and due to a lack of movement tools they are horrifically slow. Shadow, and Infinimist style builds are viable, but very clunky.

Nightmare Dungeons or Uber Bosses for Uniques?

Nightmare Dungeons act as a fantastic gearing method and farming method for all normal gear drops, but when it comes to Uniques, the Uber Bosses are always the best bet due to guaranteed Unique drops from their loot pool.

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