Dragonflight 1-60: The Fastest Way to Level in WoW

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Dragonflight 1-60

Leveling in Dragonflight 1-60 can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be time-consuming. If you’re looking for The Fastest Way to Level in WoW Dragonflight 1-60, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the most efficient questing routes and strategies to maximize your leveling speed.

Before you start a leveling run we suggest that if you are going for the faster possible route to level your character up: Begin as an allied race. This is because Allied Race begin their adventures at level 10 rather than level 1. This is a really useful tip for leveling in WoW as it gives you a great head start for both speed and efficency, check out our other Leveling Tips.

How to Unlock Allied Race in WoW: As of Patch 10.1.5 Simply leveling one character to level 40 on will unlock allied race options on your account.

Mount Training: As of patch 10.1.5 you will automatically learn new levels of mount training as you level up and will no longer need to visit a faction city mount trainer to acquire Mount Training.

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Levels 1-10 – Dragonflight 1-60

Exile’s Reach To start your journey, we recommend selecting Exile’s Reach. This zone is specifically designed to take you from level 1 to 10 quickly and efficiently while teaching you all important information about the basics of your class and game functionality.

Exiles Reach provides a streamlined player experience teaching you how to play the game but also allowing you to level to 10 with very little effort and time.

Levels 10-25: Dragonflight 1-60

Faction-specific Questing At level 10, both Horde and Alliance players should speak to Chromie and begin the Legion Questline. Complete the initial quests in Dalaran and your class hall until you unlock the Dalaran Hearthstone, as it will be crucial later on.

During your questing, keep an eye out for rare mobs in the Cataclysm Revamp Zones. Killing these rare mobs provides extra experience and can be a nice bonus. You can refer to a separate video guide to learn more about their spawn locations.

Warmode Level 20 – Worth it or not?

At level 20 you can return to your faction capital city to turn Warmode on which will give you bonus experience while leveling but also open you up to potential player versus player combat. This can be both a experience boost and a experience loss depending on if you meet unfriendly players of the opposing faction.

Horde 10-25 in Dragonflight 1-60 Route

Horde players once you have got your Dalaran Hearthstone and completed the initial quests in Legion it’s time to go to Silverpine Forest and focus on completing this entire zone. Despite some unskippable RP (roleplaying), this zone is one of the most efficient leveling zones for experience per hour. Once you reach the quest “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” abandon Silverpine Forest and head east to Hillsbrad Foothills.

If you are behind in experience we would advise you sign up to a LFG dungeon and work on your professions while you are waiting for the que to pop up and invite you.

Alliance 10-25 in Dragonflight 1-60 Route

Alliance players once you have got your Dalaran Hearthstone and completed the initial quests in Legion it’s time to go to Redridge Mountains and complete all quests in this zone. Once you reach “Prisoners of War” in Camp Everstill, return to Lakeshire and take a flight path to Darkshire in Duskwood. Complete the entire questline in Duskwood, except for the final quest “Mor’ladim,” which is time-consuming and not worth finishing.

If you are behind in experience we would advise you sign up to a LFG dungeon and work on your professions while you are waiting for the que to pop up and invite you.

Levels 25-45: Dragonflight 1-60

Garrison and Warlords of Draenor

Once both factions are level 25-30 it’s time speak to Chromie and select the Warlords of Draenor expansion. In the Dragonflight 1-60 route it’s time for you to complete the WoD intro, which is often mistakenly skipped by some players. The intro quests in WoD are actually one of the fastest zones in the game, so don’t miss out on the experience it offers.

Once in Frostfire Ridge (Horde) or Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance), complete all quests to set up your Garrison.

Horde players: Once you have completely unlocked your Garrison it is time to return to Hillsbrad Foothills to complete the questlines there, this will lead nicely into the next part of the leveling route.

Alliance players: will continue in Shadowmoon Valley before heading to Spires of Arak. Completing Spires of Arak up to level 35 is essential for Alliance players, as their Cataclysm Revamp zones are not as efficient as Horde’s Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills.

Levels 45-60: Dragonflight 1-60

Gorgrond and Beyond

In this part of the Dragonflight 1-60 route Horde players should have finished Hillsbrad Foothills, and Alliance players should have completed Loch Modan. Ensure you finish the entire questline in these zones before moving on. Use your Garrison Hearthstone to return to Warlords of Draenor Garrison.

Horde and Alliance 45-60 Leveling Route

Both factions: should head to Gorgrond, with Alliance players taking a detour into Talador. Complete the bonus objectives “Aruuna’s Desolation” and “Zangarra” in Talador. In Gorgrond, complete the bonus objectives “Tailthrasher Basin” and “Ruins of the First Bastion” before proceeding with the main questline.

Continue the questline until you reach Beastwatch (Horde) or Highpass (Alliance). Construct the Savage Fightclub (Horde) or Sparring Ring (Alliance) to access the Champion’s Honor ability. This ability allows you to collect quest-starting items while killing certain enemies, speeding up your leveling progress.

Gorgrond is by far one of the best leveling zones in World of Warcraft. While leveling through Gorgrond 45-60 you will have so many questions, bonus quests, bonus objectives, treasures and rare elites to slay and earn experience from.

FAQ: Dragonflight 1-60

Q: What is Dragonflight in World of Warcraft? A: Dragonflight is the latest expansion to World of Warcraft.

Q: What is the recommended starting zone for levels 1-10? A: Exile’s Reach is the recommended starting zone for levels 1-10. It is specifically designed to help you quickly level up during the early stages of your character’s journey.

Q: Should I complete the Legion Questline at level 10? A: Yes, it is recommended to start the Legion Questline at level 10. Completing the initial quests will unlock the Dalaran Hearthstone, which is important for later stages of the leveling process.

Q: What zones should I focus on for levels 10-25? A: Horde players should complete Silverpine Forest and then move on to Hillsbrad Foothills. Alliance players should begin in Redridge Mountains and then transition to Duskwood, skipping the final quest “Mor’ladim.”

Q: Are rare mobs important for leveling speed? A: Rare mobs provide extra experience, but they are not crucial for fast leveling. They can be a nice bonus if you come across them while questing.

Q: When should I enable War Mode? A: It is recommended to enable War Mode at level 20. Set your hearthstone to a nearby location and use your Dalaran Hearthstone to quickly return to your capital city.

Q: What zones should I focus on for levels 25-45? A: Alliance players should complete Loch Modan and then move on to Gorgrond. Horde players should complete Hillsbrad Foothills and then proceed to Frostfire Ridge.

Q: Why is the Warlords of Draenor (WoD) intro important? A: The WoD intro is one of the fastest leveling zones in the game. It provides a significant amount of experience, so skipping it would slow down your leveling progress.

Q: What should I do in Gorgrond for levels 45-60? A: Complete the entire questline in Gorgrond, including bonus objectives such as “Tailthrasher Basin” and “Ruins of the First Bastion.” These zones offer valuable experience for leveling.

Conclusion: Dragonflight 1-60

Leveling in Dragonflight 1-60 can be done quickly and efficiently if you follow these optimized questing routes and strategies. Remember to make use of Hearthstones, garrisons, and War Mode to minimize travel time and maximize experience gain. Whether you’re an Alliance or Horde player, this guide will help you level up in no time. So, grab your weapons, set out on your adventure, and enjoy the journey to level 60 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight!

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