World of Warcraft Dragon Riding

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In World of Warcraft Dragonflight there are many changes coming to the gameplay such as Dragonriding, UI Changes and Profession changes. Some gamers may feel a bit uncertain if the gameplay will be the same or at least just as good in Dragonflight. These thoughts are justified because we as a community matter and Blizzard does listen to us.

The changes about dragon riding and flying in Dragonflight seem really positive, but to put definitely put your mind at ease we’ve done the research and even tried it out for ourselves.

Battle Shout aim to keep you informed about all things World of Warcraft! We have one of our favorite subjects lined up right here for you and are excited to share as many details as possible.

Will you be able to fly in Dragonflight? (Explained)

This does take a bit of explaining but in short the answer is a yes. As flying will remain unchanged for the expansions before Dragonflight there will be a new feature added in the new expac. The new feature will be called “Dragon Riding” and this will be exclusive to the Dragon Isles.

Dragon Riding will also give us so many more options within the game as in quests where we take part in races or even dailies.

Will I be able to use my old flying mounts in Dragonflight? (Solved)

This is a yes and no. Since we will be focussing more on Dragon Riding we will get up to four Dragons to ride which will be customizable later on in the game. This doesn’t mean our old flying mounts will be useless but they will basically be as useful as the Black Stallion or Black War Tiger ground mounts.

What is Dragon Riding in WoW? (Explained)

Dragon Riding is a new flying system to World of Warcraft that will take flying to a whole new experience within the game. It makes flying a lot more interactive and will give you the feeling of actually playing the game while traveling.

Starting with a basic system of taking off to doing barrel rolls and other exciting moves which are unlocked through basically just playing the game. All of these talents for Dragon Riding will be Account Bound so that playing on an alt will be so much easier. Throughout the leveling experience we will also be provided with a customizable option to change the looks of our new Dragons.

Whilst receiving dragon riding very early in-game the traveling between points will become so much fun and quicker. Players will notice a big difference in the speed of flying as when you die you may travel to your corpse on a ghost dragon. The ghost dragons are flown with the physics of the old expac flying and it seems much slower than the Dragon Riding.

Dragon Speed: How fast do they go, how does it work? (Explained)

To be able to reach the maximum speed we will need to use Vigor points. Vigor points are a rechargeable resource which we gain while being grounded on or off your mount. The quickest way to build up Vigor points though is to descend whilst mounted and fill up the Vigor points progress bar.

Using Vigor points Dragon Riding will have a speed of up to 930%. This will take a bit of practice but it isn’t too difficult to do. The way it works is when you descend you will pick up on momentum. Using the momentum you can travel across the map in no time. With an ability called “Surge Forward” which uses a Vigor point and pick up even more speed for a short distance. Using 3 Vigor points on “Whirling Surge” you spiral over a longer distance at a high speed.

It’s worth noting that this type of flying is actually really fun. While we were leveling in Dragonflight, what we noticed was we would use the mount for even short distances because it was so much fun to use dragon riding to get to where we needed to go.

Dragon Racing: What it involves (Explained)

All across the different zones will come across NPC’s Bronze Timekeepers. At these NPC’s you can take up on a challenge to beat the clock in a race against time. With continuous up winds and you will be racing to get either a bronze, silver or gold ranking for the race. Very similar to the “Blazing Wings” on the Darkmoon Faire where you need to race through rings.

Dragon Customization: How it works (Explained)

Our dragons will be customizable in a manner we already know from the barbers how we customize our characters in-game. Customizations can be made at the “Rostrum of Transformation” which we will learn to know through the campaign quests. We will be able to customize the looks of our horns, the shape of our horns and the color of our dragons. To top it off we can also change the jaw, hair, chin and nose just as the eyebrows, everything about the eyes and even the ears.

Final Thoughts

World of Warcraft has evolved since 2004 until today but Dragon Riding will be one of the most interesting updates. We here at Battle Shout are super excited for World of Warcraft Dragonflight and we’ll be here to explain and guide you through everything.

Feeling positive about the changes to flying in Dragonflight? We would love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment section below. 

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