Dragonflight The Great Vault – How to get Weekly Chest Rewards

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Welcome to Battle Shout, where we discuss everything related to World of Warcraft. Today, we’ll be talking about the Great Vault, a weekly reward chest that grants players an extra gear piece for completing Raids, Mythic+, and PvP activities. Whether you enjoy any of these end-game contents, you’ll receive an additional loot item each week! This guide will teach you how to unlock Great Vault rewards, improve the iLevel of your rewards, and what to do if you dislike your choices.

To unlock rewards from the Great Vault, you need to complete Raid, Mythic+, and PvP objectives every week. You can choose to do as many or as few tasks as you want, and if you have multiple characters, completing just one task is enough. After the weekly reset, you can open the Great Vault once a week and select one item from the random loot items added to your Vault from the content you completed. Keep in mind that any slot you earned may contain a Tier Piece item.

Tier piece – A piece of armour that gives bonus effects (depending on your class) when equipped in combination with other pieces of tier gear. Also known as set piece(s).

Filling and finding your vault

Completing the following objectives adds choices to your Vault:

Defeat 2 Raid BossesComplete 1 Mythic+ DungeonEarn 1250 Honor Points from Rated PvP
Defeat 4 Raid BossesComplete 4 Mythic+ DungeonsEarn 2500 Honor Points from Rated PvP
Defeat 6 Raid BossesComplete 8 Mythic+ DungeonsEarn 5000 Honor Points from Rated PvP

Your Great Vault weekly chest in Dragonflight is located in the bank in Valdrakken at /way 58.5 57.0. (Just to the right as you walk in.)

Defeating Raid bosses adds Raid gear options to your pool, and the quality of the Raid loot that you get to choose from is determined by the highest difficulty at which you defeated the bosses and fulfilled each requirement. Completing Mythic+ objectives adds Mythic+ gear options to your pool, and the iLevel of your reward depends on the level of the Mythic+ dungeons you have completed. PvP objectives add Rated PvP options to your Great Vault, and the iLevel of your reward depends on the highest rating you achieved that week.

To give some hypotheticals:

If you beat 5 raid bosses on heroic but cleared 8 on normal, your first 2 raid slots in the great vault will award you with heroic level gear but the 3rd slot would be normal level gear.

If you completed 5 mythic plus dungeons at level 15 and did another 3 at level 10, your first 2 mythic plus slots would be mythic level 15 gear and the 3rd would be mythic level 10.

Don’t like your rewards?

If you don’t like any of the loot rewards offered from your Great Vault, you can choose the Aspects’ Token of Merit instead. You can carry a maximum of 12 per character (soulbound), and the amount you receive depends on how many objectives you have completed. Aspects’ Token of Merit can be used to purchase the Storm-Charged Manipulator, Primal Chaos Cluster or Bottled Essence from Evantkis, who stands next to the Great Vault. Note that you can only have 12 Aspects’ Token of Merit on your character at a time, so make sure you have space before you claim this reward.

The Storm-Charged Manipulator costs 6 tokens of merit and is a one time use item to add a socket to a piece of gear. The piece of gear must be a helm, neck, bracer, belt or ring.

The Primal Chaos Cluster costs 3 tokens of merit and rewards you with 10 Primal Chaos upon opening it.

The Bottled Essence costs 12 tokens of merit and can be used to create a Spark of Ingenuity.

You can check the current status of your Great Vault from anywhere in Dragonflight by opening the map of Valdrakken and clicking on the Great Vault location icon, or by going to your PvP pane and clicking on the Great Vault rewards section. However, you still have to visit the Great Vault itself to open it, generate your loot choices, and pick your reward.

PRO TIP: Make sure you are in the right loot spec before you right click on your vault to open it! Once the loot has been generated there is no going back!

Mythic+ level rewards

Mythic+ LevelGreat Vault Reward iLevel

As you can see from the chart above, the higher level you push the better your rewards will be!

Closing Words

The Great Vault ,with a little bit of luck, is the way to get your absolute best gear (especially if you’re a mythic+ player) as the rewards tend to be higher item level than the content you completeds rewards. If you’re a raider it’s a free piece of loot you didn’t have to roll against anybody else to get!

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