Glowing Titan Orb Farm

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First is first: This guide will show you exactly how to farm Glowing Titan Orbs with the most efficent method possible in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Glowing Titan Orbs are used in a huge amount of crafting recipes and have therefore been granted a high value on the Auction House.

Head to Thaldrazus Tyrhold.

Slay “Custodial Protectors” and “Maiden of Diligence“. These mobs will both drop “Glowing Titan Orbs”.

The most effective way to farm this area is to press “i” in game and select “Custom Group” and then apply to join groups titles “Titan Orb” or “Glowing Titan Orb”. These will be groups made up for 5 players who fly around this area slaying these two specific mobs.

Here is a Livestream where I personally farmed these Glowing Titan Orbs. Skip to timestamp: “2 Hours in!”

Good luck farming your Glowing Titan Orbs!

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