Making Gold with Dragonflight Mining!

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In this article we are going to how to make gold using the mining profession in WoW Dragonflight. We are going to look at the best ways to maximise your profession through specialisations as well as key things to look out for when farming a zone. So grab a drink and read on to see how best to utilise this profession for gold!

Getting Started – Dragonflight Mining

Make sure that when you first get to the dragon isles that you visit the Dragonflight Mining profession trainer. This way you can gather whilst you go to start earning skill points. The first trainer you come across is Grun Ashbeard, directly across from the Inn at the starting embassy! The key thing with any profession is to get to the max skill points (100 currently). This will truly maximise your gathering.

The first WoW Dragonflight Mining Trainer, Grun Ashbeard

Also make sure you gather every node and gather every treasure on your way to get as many knowledge points as you can to help when specialising the skill itself.

Make sure that you get the best tools for the profession so that you get more points in areas such as deftness, perception and Finesse which makes mining more efficient whether that be mining quicker. This will lead to more ore or more secondary items such as “Rousing fire/earth/order”.

Finally, make sure you download Gathermate2 and Gathermate2 import data for WoW Dragonflight as this will mark on the map the rough spawn areas for mining nodes.

What nodes should you be looking for in WoW Dragonflight?

With the recent changes to professions in WoW Dragonflight, we now have more specialised nodes to focus on. Gathering every node helps with skill points, there are more valuable nodes to focus on when on your adventures through WoW Dragonflight. Below will break down the specialised nodes and what extras you can gather;

  • Hardened – This will allow you to gather “Rousing Earth”
  • Rich – This will give you more base ore
  • Molten – This will allow you to gather “Rousing Fire”
  • Primal – This will allow you to gather either “Rousing Fire” and/or “Rousing Earth”
  • Infurious – This will allow you to gather “Rousing Ire” (please note this node is only available when gathering with War mode On.
  • Titan Touched – This will allow you to gather “Rousing Order”
WoW Dragonflihgt Node, Hardened Serevite

Also make sure that you are keeping an eye out for “Rock Walls”. This can lead to small caves which could potentially give you a cluster of nodes to farm making your gathering more efficient.

Mining specialisations in WoW Dragonflight

Ultimately this is down to yourself. You can look to specialise in gathering more “Rousing” materials by going down the master of elements route. Or you could go down the Metallurgy route whereby you can gather higher quality ores with the chance to find gems/Rousing when mining either Serevite or Draconium nodes respectfully.

WoW Dragonflihgt Mining Specialization examples.

The only specialisation that I would recommend is the Mining process. This is the first knowledge that you unlock and putting all your points into the base Knowledge will ultimately unlock gathering whilst still mounted. With this your efficiency will increase!

Best places to farm nodes in WoW Dragonflight

Honestly, trying all zones currently playable I have not found one zone that is not bad for mining ore. I personally prefer The Waking Shores as this area has a lot of rocky areas and gathering “molten” nodes is rather efficient if you are looking for “Rousing Fire” due to the amount of fire specific areas within the zone

If you want to start farming Quickly, check out for farming routes! (These routes are locked behind a Patreon Subscription.)

Tips for farming gold using Mining in WoW Dragonflight

Make sure that you have unlocked all the dragon riding glyphs before efficiently farming. Unlocking these will give you max vigor and there is also a talent that gives you 10% extra vigor replenishment after farming nodes meaning that you will be able to move quicker around the zones.

Also make sure you have the best quality tools that you can afford to obtain. This will increase the skill points in the secondary skills and will maximise your returns. Finally, make sure you are spending your talent points wisely.

WoW Dragonflight Mining Equipment example.

Whilst it’s good to stick them in certain focus areas, make sure that you are getting the best returns. It may help to focus around other professions that you may be working towards such as Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing or Engineering.

WoW Dragonflight – Best ways to farm for gold

If you wanted to really focus on gathering specific nodes it would be best served to concentrate on titan-touched nodes. Alternatively, all nodes that offer “Rousing” secondary gathers are great to focus on. For example 1 titan touched Draconium node can give you 3 Draconium ore and 3-4 rousing order (this could proc even higher depending on your perception points).

Again, using your knowledge points in certain areas could also mean you gain a lot more secondary items. For example if you focus your energy into maximising Surveying, you would target “Rich” nodes for the chance to drop “Illimited Diamonds” which is an epic item for Jewelcrafting. This item is highly regarded in Jewelcrafting as it will allow for top level gems to be crafted.

In Summary

Dragonflight Mining is such a diverse gathering profession which benefits a lot of professions. Find yourself a route that you feel comfortable with and run it a couple of times until you are happy with your yield.

Make sure you use those knowledge points and specialise your gathering so that you can be as efficient as possible when farming and keep check on the prices on the auction house. Mining will always make you gold, but use what you have learned here to really maximise that opportunity!

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