Halls of Infusion WoW Dungeon Guide

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Halls of Infusion is laden with Titan’s magic. Can you help protect it from the Primalists and their dark magic? The Halls of Infusion WoW Dungeon Guide will give you the tools and experience to complete it. Show your friends you have what it takes to defeat the deadly Tsunami!

Halls of Infusion is a high level dungeon. Only becoming available to play at Level 70.

This dungeon is not part of the World of Warcraft Dragonflight M+ Season 1.

Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide

This amazing dungeon is incredibly large. The Halls of Infusion are flowing with many unique and interesting creatures. With plenty of trash packs to keep you at bay before the bosses can play. Stop the evil Primalists from destroying the facility and returning the waters of the Wellspring before its too late.

As with many dungeons of this expansion prepare for plenty of interrupts and dispels along the way. For the journey we take is laden with creatures that wish you harm.

Watcher Irideus

This goliath has been tasked by the Keeper Tyr to protect the Halls of Infusion

Protecting for many centuries until now the Primalists have disturbed the sacred halls.

Overwhelmed by the Primalists incursion, Watcher Irideus will be expecting more visitors.


Prepare for Power Overload and many Spark Volleys. This Stone Watcher has a few tricks in his rubble. We find lots electric power emanating around this boss. Giant Purifying Blasts attempts to remove us. We can defeat this Watcher by simply dodging Nullifying Blasts and expecting his Power Overload.

Gulping Goliath

Lurking deep within the caverns of the Halls of Infusion you will find this Gulper.

This Sire of Hogsworn and his brood have thrived on the unprotected waters of the wellspring.

With not much to feed on he is Driven by Insatiable Hunger and will devour any who come across his path.

Warning: this boss is a very healing intensive fight.


With an enormous size and Overpowering Croak, this toad can subdue any foe. As each Croak, the cave will fall as this gulper Gulps you for his dinner. With many Curious Swoglets coming to feed with their deadly Toxin, you will bleed. With one final move, this Belly Slam will get you to move.

Halls of Infusion WoW dungeon Guide 3rd Boss

Khajin the Unyielding

Khajin has a deep hatred for Keeper Tyr for tampering with the Wellspring beneath Tyrhold.

These waters that once flowed with Azeroths eternal essence are now tainted with Order magic.

Khajin wants to see the world freed from the Titans legacy at any cost.

Use dispels for Frost Shock and Hide when Hailstorms come.


Using her elemental forces of Ice and Cold. Be aware as Icy Boulders and Hailstorms, even a deadly Avalanche await! You will find yourself in Frost Shock as the cold starts to overcome you. Dispels a plenty and ducking for cover, this boss is quite the buffer.

Halls of Infusion WoW Dungeon Guide - 4th Boss

Primal Tsunami

Infuser Sariya is driven to bringing the world back to a Primal Elemental Landscape.

Using all of her Will and Cunning to summon the Primal Tsunami.

This elemental is powerful enough to topple Tyr’s facility and return the waters to their natural powers.


Mythic Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide

Mythic difficulty brings more pain but more reward. On Mythic difficulty you can only loot the bosses once per week. But the items are worth the wait. Some decent looking trinkets await you if you can get through to the end.

All of the abilities and mechanics from Normal and Heroic will be in play with new & stronger mythic challenges to overcome.

Make sure your sprint is keybound because were going to dive right in on boss overview.

Watcher Irideus

Stage One: A chance at Redemption

Power Overload will infuse 3 players with electricity. Dealing 13k Dmg over 6 seconds. Removing or expiring debufs will cause a Power Field.

Power field will drop for 15 seconds. Players caught within will take 8k damage per second.

Spark Volley. This volley of sparks will strike players within 4 yards of the impact zone. 45k Damage to players hit and additional damage to players that remain within the zone.

Static Surge is where Irideus inflicts 26k damage to all players for 6 seconds.

Titanic Fist! This tank sinking mechanic will deal 90k damage to any player caught in front of him. Knocking back on impact.

Stage Two: Watcher’s Last Stand

Ablative Barrier this barrier stacks on the boss 3 times. During this phase he will take 90% less damage. He will use Siphon Power to gain more strength whilst this barrier holds. Remove the shield with Nullifying Pulse

Siphon Power. Watcher Irideus will siphon power from the facility. Increasing his damage done by 2% for 40 seconds. Remove the barrier to stop the cast.

💀 Reactive Spark Just like Spark Volley this is exactly the same. However it occurs during P2 on Mythic Difficulty only.

Nullification Device is a two stage mechanic. Purifying Blast and Nullifying Pulse. The blast will target a random player inflicting damge over time. This effect can stack.

When the Nullification Device dies it fires a pulse. This pulse deals 90k damage and silences all players within 12 yards for 4 seconds. This can remove ONE layer of his shield if you get the boss in range.

Gulping Goliath

Gulp. This unfortunate mechanic is where the Goliath will try to swallow players. If you are caught within 10 Yards he will deal 40k Damage every 2 Seconds for the Duration. Whilst inside the gullet, players will take 3 stacks of Gulp Swog Toxin. If the Goliath doesn’t feed on a player he becomes Hangry.

Hangry causes the Goliath to deal 50% physical damage for 1 Minute. This effect can stack.

Gulp Swog Toxin deals 1k Damage every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. Instantly kills players if you gain 10 stacks.

Overpowering Croak this loud noise will inflict 12k damage to players over 2 seconds. The cavern will shake and Curious Swoglets will rain down.

Cave In. Rocks will fall from the roof dealing 35k damage to players within 6 yards of impact. Each impact brings two more Swoglets.

Curious Swoglet this funny creature has one ability. Inflict Gulp Swog Toxin upon players.

Belly Slam this giant toad will leap upon an unfortunate player. Dealing 80k damage to any player caught within 12 yards of the impact.

Toxic Effiuvia all players will recieve 40k damage every 2 seconds for 4 seconds.

Note. No extra mythic abilities or mechanics for this boss. Just increased damage taken.

Khajin the Unyielding

Hailstorm this volley of hailstones will launch at all players and Ice Boulders. Inflicting 178k damage to players struck.

Glacial Surge. Rings of frost will spread from Khajin dealing 165k Damage to all players hit by them. These leave behind Ice Boulders.

Ice Boulders. These lucky rocks will block all hailstone damage to players but they become damaged over time.

After the boulder blocks attacks twice it will break apart into an Avalanche.

Avalanche’s occur when Ice Boulders are destroyed. exploding into an Avalanche of ice dealing 120k damage to players within 12 yards.

💀 Frost Cyclone. This conjured cold wind will barrel towards players. Players caught will suffer 80k damage and be knocked back. This will also break Ice Boulders on impact.

Polar Winds these cold winds deal 11k damage every 3 seconds until she is defeated.

Frost Shock is a spiked icicle. This is propelled to a random target dealing 50k damge and reducing the players movement speed by 50%.

Primal Tsunami

This boss has two stages with a lot of mechanics to cover. Some mechanics will occur in both stages. These will be marked with a 🔛.

Stage One: Violent Swells

🔛Infused Globule. Several globules are released upon the players. Dealing 34k to players hit. These will drift and apply Waterlogged debuf to players. 11 seconds after they spawn, they explode dealing 100k damage to players in 10 yards.

Waterlogged this debuff deals 89k damage and slows the target for 33% for 5 seconds.

💀 Rogue Waves burst forth knocking player back and dealing 66k damage.

Squall Buffet this tank busting wind will deal 100k damage and knock the tank flying.

Focused Deluge occurs to the tank after Squall Buffet. Inflicting 55k damage per second for 5 seconds.

Stage Two: Infused Waters

Cast Away entrapping players in a bubble of water and throwing them away.

Primalist Infuser:

Infuse occurs where the Infuser channels to the Tsunami increasing its damage done by 1% for 5 seconds. Interrupt this ASAP!

Inundate. The Infuser throws spheres of infused water at players within 40 yards dealing 33k damage.

Crashing Tsunami washes over the player dealing 80k damage and knocking them away.

Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

No dungeon is complete without some challenging achievements to earn. Our Halls of Infusion WoW Dungeon Guide wouldn’t be either. Complete these Mythic level achievements for the Meta Glory of the Dragonflight Hero.

Unfortunately at this time achievement completion information is unavailable.

Halls of Infusion Achievements

Toxicity Strike Team

Defeat the Toxic Swogmother after Purging the Water Intakes.

Hungry Hungry Hornswog

Defeat the Gulping Goliath after forcing it to become Hangry and devour 10 Curious Swoglets.

Go With the Flow

Defeat the Primal Tsunami after slaying three Flow Control Units


Q: Where is the entrance to Halls of Infusion?
A: You can find the entrance in Thaldraszus at 59 60.

Q: Which flight point is closest to the Dungeon Entrance?
A: Vault of the Incarnates FP or Gelikyr Point FP. It is between these two.

Q: Is this dungeon part of Season 1 Mythic Plus?
A: Unfortunately not for Season 1. But we expect to see it later during Dragonflight.

Q: Does this Dungeon Drop a Mount?
A: No. Mounts are on the loot table.

Q: This dungeon doesn’t appear in LFG
A: You will need to be max level 70 to queue for this dungeon.

Q: What difficulty can i do the Glory of the Dragonflight Hero Achievements?
A: These can only be completed on Mythic Difficulty.

Q: How many times per week can i run this dungeon?
A: You can only run Mythic Dungeons once per week per character. Heroic and Normal are unlimited.

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