Halls of Valor Mythic+ Guide

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Dragonflight Mythic+ is bringing back some of the fan favourite dungeons. With new and improved tactics and more deadly abilities. With our Halls of Valor Mythic+ Guide we can teach you how to defeat these “demi gods” and their minions too. Follow the path ahead to victory in your timed runs.

Halls of Valor Mythic+ Guide

From the key start you will have 35 minutes to overthrow five massive bosses and their mortal friends.

In the beginning you will find there are only three packs of trash before you come across the first boss. Watch out for the Valarjar Thundercallers and their Thunderstrikes. If you are marked for this Move away from the party.


This is the first of the five you will face here.

Beware the immediate damage from Bloodletting Sweep. Tanks will have to pop defensives immediately.

Caution for the Storm Drakes they will fly in lanes breathing fire across to burn players. This will always occur in 3’s.

This boss will need to be moved around the room to avoid the drake damage.

You can choose the 2nd boss you take after Hymdall. If you go right you will turn up at Fenryr. If you go left (easier way) to Hyjra. We recommend taking Hyjra as she is easier. Especially if you used Bloodlust/Heroism on the first boss.

Be aware of the Valarjar Mystics for their Healing Light and Rune of Healing will cause problems. You can interrupt the Healing Light but tanks will need to be aware so the packs don’t stand in the runes.

Adjust yourselves for Solsten, his Eye of the Storm will require you to hide in bubble areas. Olmyr will cast Sparkles, simply avoid them to get past. Engage these to start the boss fight.


This Valkyrie has more than just blades. Be wary of her skills of the Light.

Tanks should prepare for the knockback Shield of Light this will require defensives to be up too.

Any players marked with Expel Light should move away from the group. Healers should keep them topped up.

Sanctify will require you all to back away and dodge her orbs. These shiny objects will hurt!

Remember to swap sides as her damaging abilities will move around her.

Head to Fenryr and along the way destroy as much of the trash as you can. Percentage is still key. This boss was fun to test whilst writing the Halls of Valor Mythic+ Guide.


This boss will require movement. At 60% he will flee and move to the 2nd location to die. Healers can top up and you will be out of combat in between phases.

Stack for Claw Frenzy so it shares damage instead of being ripped apart alone.

Spread for Ravenous Leap this bleed stack should be kept to a minimum.

STOP casting during Unnerving Howl this will be cast every 35 seconds and will interrupt all spell casts.

Between phases you will need to kill some trash packs. AoE abilities should do this well enough.

During the last phase a player will be fixated by Scent for Blood. Just run around for 6 seconds. Defensives such as Ice Block or Turtle will block all blows dealt.

The Boss marker is the 2nd phase. Find the boss at the Arrow for the first phase.

By now you will have killed 3 of the 5 targets. Continue on to hunt down God-King Skovold. Head back to the main chamber and you can traverse through the new opened door in the middle of the room.

There will be 4 more NPC’s. Speak to these in turn and challenge them to fight. Each one will buff the rest.

King Haldor which will deal damage to the tank with Sever.

King Ranulf will use his Unruly Yell to interrupt your spell casts.

The final two will fight together no matter which you speak too. Bjorn will use Wicked Dagger to damage random target and King Tor will summon an add to heal him if he touches it. You can stun, slow or cc this add.

God-King Skovald

This “fake” god has much to endure. But with skill you can defeat him easily.

With a two phase fight lets get straight in there.

Tanks beware the Savage Blade you will need a defensive here.

Avoid cleave damage by moving away with Felblaze Rush.

Stand Behind the Agis of Aggrimar to avoid taking damage from Ragnarok. The tank will usually have this item and place it down like Sanguine Depths.

Phase 2

Move behind the shield to attack!

Kill all adds that spawn, be wary they will drop Void Zones that remain.

Phase 1 again and repeat to win.

Once God-King Skovald dies you will face Odyn immediately. Hero on this boss!


Avoid the orbs from Spear of Light. This spear will damage players if it hits them.

NUKE the Stormforged Obliterator! It cannot be allowed to cast SURGE. Interrupt this ability!

Tanks should move Odyn to a corner before he can cast Radiant Tempest. Don’t stand within this lethal ability.

Phase 2

Players will be marked with a rune. Stand on your corresponding rune to gain a Damage Buff.

Repeat to win. Once Odyn reaches 80% HP the fight is over.

Route Planning:

Tried and Tested with Heroes of Creation’s own Teekaroku.

Visit this link to our Guild Routes on Google Drive to get the Import Codes. Please comment below if you find these routes helpful in your Season of Mythic+.

Suggested Addons:

Mythic Dungeon Tools gives you the power to create routes and plan out the dungeon from start to finish.

MythicPlusTimer is a perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.


Q: Where is the Halls of Valor entrance?
A: The portal in Valdrakken will take you to Legion Dalaran. From there you will need to fly to Stormheim. Coods 72.63 70.55.

Q: My friend said a mount drops here, which boss does it come from?
A: Unfortunately no mount was introduced in this dungeon.

Q: I diddnt get any points for completing out of time, why?
A: If you are 15 minutes overtime you wont recieve any points.

Q: Someone from my party left can we still complete the key?
A: Yes, as long as your Tank and Healer stayed you can complete the dungeon.

Q: Why do the bosses do different mechanics than i remember?
A: With the Mythic+ changes having new mechanics keeps this content fresh and rewarding to play.

Q: What is the timer for this dungeon?
A: You have 35 minutes to time this run.

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