How To Farm Cosmic Flux

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Cosmic flux is the most important currency that you are required to farm for end game content within World of Warcraft Shadowlands. In World of Warcraft Cosmic flux is used to upgrade gear into tier pieces, purchase legendary powers and to create legendary gear for your character. In this How to Farm Cosmic Flux guide we will point out ways you can farm cosmic flux as fast as possible in World of Warcraft.

Zereth Mortis – Farm Cosmic Flux

  • Daily/Weekly quest – Every week you gain the quest “Patterns within Patterns” which requires you to complete activities within Zereth Mortis such as killing rares, completing daily quests, completing world quests and collecting zone based treasures. Completing daily quests normally provides 75 cosmic flux on standard and the weekly quest awards 400 cosmic flux, doing this everyday is a great way to farm cosmic flux.
  • Killing rare elites in Zereth Mortis – Killing a rare elite provides 75 Cosmic flux per kill. Every rare elite can be killed daily. Within Zereth Mortis there are 29 rares of which 12 of them are not up every day and cycle between each other. This is a very good repeatable source of farming cosmic flux as it can be done daily in conjunction with your daily quests.
  • Treasures – As you explore the zone there will be treasures that you can loot such as Avian nests and normal caches which will yield you between 10-14 cosmic flux. These are up all the time and are available as you travel around. There are also 27 special treasures of which are available on a one time basis. These are all over the zone and provide 200 cosmic flux for every one that you can pick up. Very good source of farming cosmic flux and one time treasures which will massively help you with your goal of securing your first tier pieces or your 291 legendary piece.
  • Antros weekly world quest – Killing the boss Antros within Zereth Mortis is a great way to farm cosmic flux, upon slaying this world boss you can get upwards of 200 cosmic flux (the number is not fixed).

Raids, Dungeons and PvP – Farm Cosmic Flux

As you proceed through standard content you are able to farm cosmic flux from completing current raids that are currently on loop through the fated process or by completing mythic+ dungeons. No matter how many times you complete a mythic you will receive between 150-200 cosmic flux per completion of the dungeon meaning this is a perfect way to farm cosmic flux fast. Simple running low level mythic plus dungeons over and over can get cosmic flux very fast.

When completing raid activities you will receive 200 cosmic flux per boss per difficulty (that means you can kill the boss on all 4 difficulties and receive 800 cosmic flux for each boss). Please note you will receive cosmic flux from completing Sepulcher of the firsts ones even when the raid is not fated.

Finally one of the best methods for farming cosmic flux in world of warcraft is to simple do battlegrounds PVP. Each win will grant you cosmic flux and each daily win will grant you even more. You can also very easily farm cosmic flux from completing rated battlegrounds. This provides you with 200 flux for winning the battleground and nothing if you lose.


When completing torghast you will only receive Cosmic flux after you start completing layer 13 and above. The minimum you will get is 70 flux for a full clear and then an additional 10 flux up to layer 16 until you hit a maximum of 100 flux. You will also receive flux for completing the jailers Gauntlet with layer 1 providing 50 flux and layer 8 providing you with 500 flux per clear.

Cosmic Flux on Repeat

Cosmic flux can be gained by trading in for paragon boxes which provides you with 1000 cosmic flux. This take a long time to gain as the reputation grind for the Enlightened is extremely high however its a big hit of providing flux and if you are doing daily activities you will in time gain this. With flux you can also transfer it across between alts in a similar fashion that you can transfer soul ash and soul cinders. To do this you would approach the quartermaster within Haven and purchase “Pouch of Prodigious Wonders”. This will cost you 1500 flux and only give you back 1250 however this is similar to the transfer for soul cinders.

Final Thoughts

To farm cosmic flux in wow is extremely important and it is fully advised that as soon as you hit level 60 get yourself over to Zereth mortis and work through the zone. It is advised that if you are low item level that you look for a group of people who are killing rares and tag along to it. You will need a good amount of cosmic flux to be able to craft your set tier pieces (unless you get lucky enough from completing Sepulcher of the First ones raid or from the weekly vault activity) as well as your legendary gear so expect to spend a lot of your time when not completing raids and mythic+ to be working through Zereth Mortis.

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