How to Fast Travel in WoW (Explained)

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To travel fast in World of Warcraft you will either need to play a class which has access to class specific teleports abilities or you will need to learn the engineering profession.

World of Warcraft is such a huge game that covers a mind boggling amount of zones to explore. There are multiple Planets, Continents, and Zones and Dungeons/Raids to explore. But how do we, as players, manage to navigate this massive world?

Traditionally large games in the MMO niche have Fast Travel systems, and World of Warcraft is no exception! The Fast Travel Systems in World of Warcraft are Immersive and match the Player Fantasy in amazing ways!

WoW How to get a Mount (Solved)

In World of Warcraft, there are collectible Mounts. Epic animals or machines that the players can travel on to increase your speed. Some are Ground Based and increase your run speed. Some Mounts Fly, allowing you to take to the skies and view the world below you! There are even aquatic mounts that will carry you through the tides and down to the sea floor with great speed!

To learn mount riding in World of Warcraft you must be level 10. You will need to go to the mount trainer in your major city. They will teach you 60% mount speed.

To learn 100% mount speed you will need to raise your character level to 20. Upon reaching level 20 you will need to return to a major city to learn the next level of mount training (100% mount speed).

WoW How to Fly (Explained)

Level your character to level 30 and then travel to your major faction city. Go to your flight master (Stormwind for Alliance) & (Ogrimmar for Horde) to learn flying. Purchase your flying training (280% speed flying).

Note that when your character reaches level 40 you will be able to learn from the same flight master trainer, the last tier of flying in World of Warcraft (320% speed flying).

WoW Flight Points Fast Travel

For Players that want a more Automated mode of Fast Travel, one of the first systems players will be introduced to are Flight Paths. Flight Paths are managed by NPC’s and connect you to locations that you have discovered previously.

This lets you get back to your Major Cities or to your Questing Hubs without having to walk yourself.

Using flight paths saves time and allowing you a well deserved break to stretch your legs, make a coffee or even get a snack!

WoW Teleports (Explained)

Teleportation in WoW is a very fast and interesting mode of travel. Being able to teleport from one location to another instantly can be achieved in many different ways! From Toys, to player spells, Teleportation is the FASTEST and most sought after mode of transportation in World of Warcraft.

WoW Teleport List

  • Class Teleports: Many classes have their own form of teleportation! See this list below to see some of the cool ways that various classes can Fast Travel!
  • Druids: Druids can Teleport to Moonglade using “Teleport: Moonglade” As well as use “Dreamwalk” to return to their Legion Order Hall!
  • Death Knights: Death Knights can use their Deathgate ability to travel to the Acherus!
  • Monks: Monks can use Zen Pilgramage to return to Kun-Lai Summit in Pandaria, or to their class Order Hall based on your story progression!
  • Special note: Druids, Death Knights, and Monks can use their TP’s twice in a row to exit long dungeons quickly instead of walking back out!

Mage: Mages have SO many teleportation options, for themselves and for their party/raid! Mages can either cast Teleport abilities, or open Portals that anyone in their Party/Raid can use!

List of Mage Teleport locations!
  • Oribos
  • ALL Factions major cities
  • Dalaran- Legion
  • Dalaran- Wrath of the Lich King
  • Dalaran- Crater (Be prepared for a long fall if you take this portal!)
  • Stonard (Horde only, located in Swamp of Sorrows.)
  • Theramore (Alliance only. Located in Dustwallow Marsh.)
  • Shattrath
  • Tol Barad
  • Vale of Eternal Blossoms
  • Stormshield (Alliance only. Located in Draenor.)
  • Warspear (Horde only. Located in Draenor.)
  • Hall of the Guardian (Mage Class Order Hall.)
WoW Portal Rooms (Explained)

If you are a member of the Noble Alliance, you can find a Portal Room in the Mage District of Stormwind, allowing you to teleport to many Points of Interest from every expansion.

If you are a member of the Mighty Horde, then there is a Portal Room located beneath the Gates of Orgrimmar, slightly hidden and easily defended from attacks!

WoW Engineering Teleport Devices

If you are one of the Industrious Engineers, one of the items you can craft is a Wormhole Generator! This toy exists for every expansion.

List of WoW Engineering Teleport locations!
  • Ultrasafe Transporter-Gagetzan (Requires Gnomish Engineering)
  • Ultrasafe Transporter- Toshley’s Station (Outland)(Requires Gnomish Engineering)
  • Dimensional Ripper – Everlook (Requires Goblin Engineering)
  • Dimensional Ripper – Area 52 (Outland)(Requires Goblin Engineering)
  • Wormhole Generator-Northrend (you get to choose the zone from a list)
  • Wormhole Generator-Pandaria (Teleports you to a “mostly” random location on Pandaria)
  • Wormhole Centrifuge (WoD)-(Choose a zone from the list, but the descriptions are more vague)
  • Reaves Module: Wormhole Generator Mode (Legion) -(Allows you to choose the Wormhole Module for the Legion Reeves bot, teleporting you to a random location in a zone of your choice.)
  • Wormhole Generator- Argus
  • Wormhole Generator – Kul Tiras
  • Wormhole Generator – Zandalar
  • Wormhole Generator – Shadowlands
WOW how do Hearthstones work? (Explained)

Hearthstones can be provided to players by Innkeepers, and a select few special NPC’s. These Hearthstones let you travel back to your “Home” (Where the stone is bound to) which tends to be the Inn you received the stone. 

  • Hearthstone: Traditional Hearthstone received from Innkeepers
  • Toy Hearthstones: Gathered from many different World Events.
  • Garrison Hearthstone: Teleports you to your Warlords of Draenor Garrison
  • Dalaran Hearthstone: Teleports you to the Legion version of Dalaran (Broken Isles.)

WoW Racial Fast Travel

  • Vulpera: Can set a campsite that allows them to teleport back to ANY outside location in the world! This is NOT on the same cooldown as your Hearthstone and can be great for traveling the world quickly!
  • Dark Iron Dwarf: Dark Iron Dwarves can spawn a Mole Machine allowing them to teleport to locations all over the world! These locations must be found first to “memorize” the location, and can then be traveled to in the future. See the list below for all Mole Machine locations!
WoW Fast Travel – Final Thoughts

I hope that you guys enjoyed this breakdown of Fast Travel options in World of Warcraft.

Are there any other methods we missed that you use all the time? Let us know!

Enjoy your time in World of Warcraft!

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