How to fly in Shadowlands

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Want to give those little legs a break? Wondering how you can soar the skies of the shadowlands? Questioning why your winged mount insists on running? You’ve come to the right place! This World of Warcraft guide will explain how to unlock flying in shadowlands, specifically Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus and Revendreth. Unfortunately there is no way to fly in Oribos or The Maw.

How to Unlock Flying in Shadowland Summary

  1. Level to 60.
  2. Join a covenant: Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolords or Venthyr.
  3. Complete your Shadowlands covenant campaign.
  4. Raise covenant renown level to renown 44.
  5. Go to Oribos (The Enclave).
  6. Begin and complete the first four Chapters of Shadowlands: Chains of Domination Campaign: Battle of Ardenweald, Maw Walkers, Focusing the Eye, The Last Sigil.
  7. Click [Memories of Sunless Skies] in your backpack to learn Shadowlands flying.

Unlock Shadowlands Flying Video

Chains of Domination Walkthrough

Chapter 1 Battle of Ardenweald
To start these quests head to Oribos, you should have a quest show up on your screen called  “The First Move” , accept this quest and go to Polemarch Adrestes. Right click on her to speak with her and select the dialogue option <Ask Adrestes what happened in Elysian Hold.> . There will be a cinematic and then you turn the quest in to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. The next step is to accept the quest “A Gathering of Covenants” from Tal-Inara who is standing behind Bolvar at the table. Once you have accepted the quest, speak to Tal-Inara and select the dialogue option “I am ready.” This will teleport you to the arbiters chamber. Next, speak with Bolvar again to hand in the quest and accept “Voices of the Eternal”. Talk to Tal-Inara and select the option “I am ready to begin.”. This will trigger another cutscene. Once the cutscene is finished you can talk to Tal-Inara to be teleported back to the enclave. Speak with Lady Moonberry to hand in the quest, then accept the quest “The Battle of Ardenweald” from her. Follow the covenant troops to the Etherwyrm outside the enclave (Coordinates – 52,89) and the Etherwyrm will fly you to Ardenweald. Once you are in Ardenweald a 10 stage scenario will start. Work your way through this scenario to completion (The scenario typically takes around 15 minutes and progress is lost if you leave it without completing it). Once you have finished with this scenario a cinematic will play. Talk to Lady Moonberry to hand in “The Battle of Ardenweald” and accept “Can’t Turn Our Backs” from her. Head to the Winter Queen at 48,47 and select the dialogue option “Is everything under control here?”. Once she has finished talking you will be able to hand in the quest and accept “The Heart of Ardenweald”. Go to 47,53 and speak with Bolvar; select the dialogue option “Is the sigil safe?”. A cinematic will start. Once the cinematic is finished go back to the Winter Queen, turn in the quest and accept the quest “Report to Oribos.”. Now you can either go to the nearest flight path and fly back to Oribos or use your hearthstone if you have it set there. Once back at Oribos, speak with Tal-Inara to turn your quest in. Congrats! You just completed the Battle for Ardenweald chapter!

Chapter 2 Maw Walkers
Next, we need to take the quest “Opening the Maw” from Tal-Inara. If this quest isn’t showing for you right away try logging out and back in. Once accepted, talk to Tal-Inara and select the dialogue option “I’m prepared for you to examine my anima.”. When Tal-Inara has finished speaking, talk to them again to hand in the quest. Now accept “Link to the Maw”. Go down to the ring of transference and jump into the maw. Once there, talk to Ve’nari (46,41) and select the dialogue option “I need your help to find a second waystone to create a permanent connection to Oribos.”. Right click on Ve’nari again to turn in your quest. Now accept “Mysteries of the Maw”. Head to the Animaflow Teleporter and click on it (47,43). This will transport you to a cave with Ve’nari. Right click on Ve’nari and select the option “I’m ready, let’s move.” Stick close to Ve’nari ensuring you don’t break stealth. Once you have made it far enough a cutscene will play. When the cutscene is finished, continue sticking close to and following Ve’nari while dodging the bombardment of swirlies on the floor. Next you will arrive at Korthia, be able to turn your quest in to Ve’nari and accept the quest “Korthia, the City of Secrets”. Speak to Ve’nari and click the dialogue option “Scan the area to see what exactly might be nearby”. Then head over to the group of attendants at 58,20, wait for the dialogue to end and speak to Tal-Galan. Select the dialogue option “Lead the way Tal-Galan” and follow him. Once he stops you can turn in the quest and accept “Who is the Maw Walker?” right click on him again and select “I’m prepared for your Maw Walker test.”. He will lift you in the air and examine you.

When he is finished with his tests he will put you down and you can turn your quest in to him. Upon completion of this quest you will now be able to mount in the maw! Next accept “Opening to Oribos”. Right click on the waystone to activate it and use it to travel to Oribos. On the other end of the portal Bolvar will be waiting for you. Talk to him to turn your quest in and accept “Charge of the Covenants”. You will gain an extra action button called “Rallying” click on it and move back into the portal. Once you are back in Korthia wait for Bolvar and Tal-Galan to finish their conversation and hand your quest in to Bolvar. Now you can accept the quest “Surveying Secrets”. To complete this quest you need to gather 4 reports get them by talking to Nadjia the Mistblade at 61,25, Featherlight at 54,30, Surveyor Mnemis at 52,38 (You will also have to kill the Ravenous Gorger) and Whisperer Vyn at 59,31 (Also requires you to kill some mawsworn until they drop the report). Once you have got all 4 reports, return to Bolvar at 62,24, turn the quest in and accept “In need of assistance”. This quest requires you to accept a daily quest from Mikanikos, Kael’Thas and Ta’nasi. Once you have accepted and completed their dailies, move back to Bolvar and turn in the quest. You have now completed Chapter 2: Maw Walkers !

Chapter 3 Focusing the Eye
Start chapter 3 by talking to Tal-Galan and accepting “A show of gratitude”. Head into the cave to find Ve’nari (65,22), turn in the quest and accept “Ease of Passage”. Speak to Ve’nari again and click “I am ready.” Follow Ve’nari to the back of the waystone and right click on the Animaflow teleporter glowing gold next to them. Once you have done this, go back into the cave, pick up “Ve’nari’s Overstuffed Bag” then go back and use the Animaflow teleporter you just created to head to Ve’nari’s refuge. Turn the quest in to Ve’nari and accept “Grab Bag” right click on Ve’nari and click the dialogue option “The bag you had me carry wasn’t yours?”. Then to the left of Ve’nari there will be a gold glowing Transferral Augmentor for you to click on. This will teleport you a short distance away and in the air. Head back to Ve’nari and click on the Transferral Augmentor again. This time it will send you to Desmotaeron in the Beastwarrens. Speak to the projection of Ve’nari and hand in the quest. Now accept the quest “Hearing Aid”. Now you need to find and click on 3 Aural Sequencers to place them in the ground at 64,57, 67,56 and then 64,50 You will be given an action button to make yourself invisible if you need it. Once you are done, turn the quest in to the projection of Ve’nari and accept the quest “Birds of a Feather ”. Now head to 67,55 and speak to Danica the Reclaimer who is a golden looking valkyrie in a cage. Turn your quest in to her and accept “The Caged Bird”.

Move into the cave? next to the cage and use your extra action button to go invisible and stealth past the mawsworn guarding the area. Head right to the back and defeat Kjellrun, pick up the “Helwrought Seal” then go back to Danica the Reclaimer. Right click on her cage to set her free and turn in your quest. Accept Claim the Sky from her and select the dialogue option “I’m ready! <Fly with Danica to Skyhold>”. This will trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is finished, you will be in Skyhold. Right click on Danica, turn in Claim the Sky and accept “A Hate-Hate Relationship”. Head inside The Great Mead Hall and Odyn will start a conversation with Danica, wait for them to finish and then turn your quest in with Odyn. Odyn will now offer you two quests to complete. Accept both “Fury Given Voice” and “The Chosen Few”. To complete the first quest you need to speak with Master Smith Helgar and complete a short minigame of handing him the items he asks for. Wait for him to tell you what to hand him and then press on it. He will ask for Powdered Flux, Bone Dust of Heroes or Honey Mead and all three of them are on the right side of the forge. Once completed, hand this quest in to Odyn. To complete “The Chosen Few” go to 72,35 and use the Horn of Challenge to get into the Arena. Defeat 3 challengers and then turn the quest in to Weaponmaster Asvard at 72,37. Now that you have completed these 2 quests go speak with Odyn to accept “Wrath of Odyn”. Talk to Odyn again and select the dialogue option “I am ready to bear witness, Odyn.”. Wait for him to finish bragging about the horn you made, turn the quest in and accept “Mawsplaining”. Head over to 58,24 and jump into the Skyhold portal (This is just the hole in the floor).

The portal will take you to Oribos and then from Oribos you need to jump back in to the Maw and speak with Ve’nari. Select the dialogue option “How do I bind this horn to the Maw?” Turn the quest in to Ve’nari and accept “Anger Management” and “Tears of the Damned”. To complete Anger Management you need to use the Siphoning Device the quest gives you on Furious Shade until you fill your progress bar to 100%. To complete Tears of the Damned you just need to pick up 10 Tears of the Damned from the ground around 33,30. You can return both of these quests to the Projection of Ve’nari at 37,26. Once you have turned in both of these quests, accept “Focusing the Eye”. To complete this quest go to 42,21 and use your extra action button. This will summon some of Odyn’s Valkyrie and Danica to help you fight the Eye of the Jailer. Danica will fight the big eye and drop harpoons on the ground for you to pick up. Pick them up and use them on the Eye to allow you to attack the smaller eyes. Once you have defeated all of the smaller eyes a cutscene will play. Turn the quest in to Danica and accept “Good News, Everyone!”. The eye will no longer haunt you in the maw! Talk to Danica again and select the dialogue option “I’m ready!”. Danica will fly you back to Korthia. Talk to Bolvar and hand in the quest. Good job! You’ve completed Chapter 3: Focusing the Eye!

Chapter 4 The Last Sigil 
This is the last chapter we need to complete to unlock shadowlands flying, give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far, we’re almost done. Start chapter 4 by talking to Tal-Galan and accepting Vault of Secrets. Meet him ahead at 57,29 near Scholar’s Den. Turn the quest in to him and accept “Vengeance for Korthia” and “The Knowledge of the Keepers” from Tal-Galan and “Let the Anima Flow” from Bonesmith Heirmir. These 3 quests are completed in the same area and can be progressed at the same time. For the first quest, head to the zone highlighted in blue on your map and slay 15 mawsworn. For the next quest rescue 5 record keepers (They are in cages, you do not need a key and there are 3 outside the cave and 2 inside). Then head into the cave, go down right and defeat Xalvez the Collector to finish the last quest. Once you are done with those 3 quests head back to Tal-Galan and Bonesmith Heirmir to hand in your quests. Now accept Secrets of the Vault from Tal-Galan. Speak with him and select the dialogue option “I’m ready to see the message regarding what is within the vaults.”. Wait for the message to finish, turn the quest in to Tal-Galan and accept “The Anima Trail”. You will now see white orbs flying through the air, follow them. At the end of the trail Tal-Galan and Bonesmith Heirmir will be waiting for you.

Speak to Tal-Galan to turn in your quest and accept “Lost Records”. Speak to Bonesmith Heirmir and accept “Bone Tools”. Use the “Matrix Beacon” item provided at the console (39,42) and follow the circles on the ground to pick up 3 Cracked Records (36,34 37,36 38,40). While you are doing this, slay the local wildlife and loot them to pick up Anima-Infused bones, you will need 50 of these to complete the quest. When you have finished these 2 quests, head back to Tal-Galan and Bonesmith to hand in. From Bonesmith Heirmir, accept the quest “Hooking Over”. Bonesmith Heimir will create grapple points for you to right click on on the floating islands across from you. Make your way across them and at the back of the last one Heirmir will be waiting for you, talk to her and she will work on repairing the anima conduit. While she is repairing it you need to defend her by slaying Xorul the Insatiable. Once you have defeated the gorger she will finish the repair. Hook your way back over to the mainland and turn your quest in to Heirmir. Now accept “To the vault” from Tal-Galan. Head to 47,39 and use the Flayedwing Transporter to fly to the Vault of Secrets. Once you land, hand in your quest to Protector Kah-Rev and accept “Keepers of Korthia” and “Defending the Vault”. Work your way around the area slaying enemies to fill your progress bar to 100% while saving the 3 NPCs marked on the map (44,76 43,67 56,71).

Once completed return your quests to Secutor Mevix at 50,74. Now accept “Into the Vault” from Tal-Galan, speak to him and click on the dialogue option “I am ready. Let’s open the way.” Give him a moment to complete the ritual and then a large white portal will open in the space in front. Jump into this portal. Once inside there is a small amount of RP and then Xalvez the Collector will spawn. Defeat Xalvez and Remnants of Kalvez. Then pick up “Sigil of the Primus” which will be a very visible, gold orb. Right click on the portal in the centre of the room to be teleported out and to Korthia. Speak with Bolvar to hand in your quest and accept “Untangling the Sigil”. Speak with Bolvar again and select the dialogue option “What should we do with the sigil?”. Wait for Bolvar to finish his RP with Tal-Galan. Use the animaflow teleporter to get back to Ve’nari’s refuge and head in to Torghast. Once in torgast take a right into the Runecarver’s room. Speak with the Runecarver and select the dialogue option “I need your help. We need to seal this sigil so the Jailer cannot retrieve it.”. This will start a cutscene. Once the cutscene is finished you will be in a scenario. Speak with the Primus and select the dialogue option “I’ll help however I can”. The Primus will give you a big buff, use this to defeat as many mawsworn as you can. Once you have defeated enough mawsworn the jailer will grab you and another cinematic will start. When the cinematic is finished, hand your quest in to The Primus and accept “The Primus Returns”. Return to Keepers Respite, Korthia and speak with The Primus. Wait for him to finish his dialogue and move over to the cliff. Now you can hand in the final quest of the chapter! Congrats you just unlocked flying in Shadowlands!

Once you have completed “The Last Sigil” you will be awarded with [Memories of Sunless Skies] which is an item you will find in your backpack. Open up your backpack and right click the item to use it. This will unlock flying in the 4 main shadowlands zones for all of your characters! You will also be awarded a special mount depending on your covenant to zoom around the shadowlands on!

Thanks for reading this guide, now you no longer have to ask yourself “Why can’t I fly in Shadowlands?”

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