How to get the Restored Abyssal Focus in Nazjatar

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What’s up Gaming Heroes! Recently I needed to unlock the Restored Abyssal Focus in Nazjatar for some BFA crafting recipes. I noticed that the current articles out there are all out-dated and are missing a bit of information on how to get the Restored Abyssal Focus in Nazjatar. So here’s my best shot at explaining all the steps for how to get the Restored Abyssal Focus in Nazjatar.

How to Unlock the Restored Abyssal Focus

Before you get started with this there are a few perquisites you will need to complete, hopefully they all make sense. The first step is obvious and that is: Do all the pre-requisite quests to unlock Nazjatar. If you are unsure what quests you must complete then open your quest log and the quest log will direct you which quests must be done to open this. Once you’ve completed all quests to open Nazjatar you will be able to create your Restored Abyssal Focus.

Once you have unlocked the Nazjatar go ahead and complete all quests in Nazjatar, you don’t technically have to do this but it will benefit you greatly if you do. This is because in order to get the Restored Abyssal Focus you will need 75 Prismatic Manapearl, you get these by completing activities in Nazjatar. You may as well prioritise getting these before you do anything else. Focus on doing the daily quests, slaying rare elites and looting treasures to get these faster.

Once you have 75 Prismatic Manapearl go ahead and fly to this location on the map and interact with the book to accept the quest “Ancient Technology“. This is key information missing from other guides such as and other sources.

How to get the Restored Abyssal Focus in Nazjatar

Hand in the quest: Ancient Technology to receive the next quest:  An Abyssal Opportunity.

To complete An Abyssal Opportunity purchase 15x  Abyssal Shard for 75x  Prismatic Manapearl from Finder Pruc or Artisan Okata. Do note you will be unable to purchase the Abyssal Shard until you have completed the quests in this chain.

How to get the Restored Abyssal Focus in Nazjatar
How to get the Restored Abyssal Focus in Nazjatar

Once you have bought 15 Abyssal Shards and returned them to the quest giver you will have completed the quest and have a Restored Abyssal Focus. Congratulations!

How to get Empowered Abyssal Focus

Empowered Abyssal Focus

How to get Radiating Abyssal Focus

Radiating Abyssal Focus

What is the location of Restored Abyssal Focus?

The Abyssal Focus is located on Nazjatar, so the intro to Nazjatar must be completed to access it. The Alliance and Horde have different Restored Abyssal Focus locations but rest-assured it will be at either your alliance or horde Nazjatar bases.

What is the Restored Abyssal Focus?

The Restored Abyssal Focus is a crafting station in game which gives you access to craft rare recipes from Nazjatar professions. Similar to the “Black Anvil” and other profession crafting stations, players will be unable to craft certain profession items without being at the Restored Abyssal Focus location in Nazjatar.

Unlocking and upgrading the Abyssal Focus is permanent. Once upgraded, you can always craft gear that requires the Abyssal Focus at a level equal to or below the Abyssal Focus’s upgrade level. When first unlocked it will be a “Restored Abyssal Focus”. From there it upgrades to an Empowered Abyssal Focus and finally a Radiating Abyssal Focus.

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