Is WoW worth playing in 2023?

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World of Warcraft (WoW) has been around for 19 years and continues to draw both new subscribers and devoted fans. Despite a minor setbacks in overall subscriptions in recent years, the game continues to rank high. World of Warcraft has an average of one million players actively playing each day. With there being a new WoW expansion every 2-3 years this leaves many players who are considering playing WOW again or starting fresh: “Is WoW worth playing in 2023?”.

Although the game has been getting on in years, Blizzard is still absolutely dedicated to creating improvements for each new expansion. With the new expansion Dragonflight Blizzard has announced new efforts to listen to their player base more, in hopes of igniting the passions of the MMO fan-base.

WoW Condition of the Game

There is a good chance you have tried playing WoW or played this at some time in the past. Many systems, features, and ideas are “stolen” from WoW, as you are surely aware if you have ever experienced any other MMORPGs outside WoW. Many MMORPGs have been dubbed “WoW clones” and “WoW killers,” and all of them have been a failure or had limited success.

Dragonflight is the latest addition of World of Warcraft expansions. It has introduced new zones, new features, re-developed systems, unique game play and much more.

Many features in Dragonflight have been features we have seen in other MMO competitors which Blizzard have liked and decided to include in World of Warcraft. An example of this would be material quality varieties, crafting tables for professions, more exciting flying mechanics, better talent tree systems and many other such systems. This is great because it means Blizzard is open to change and are not too “set” in their ways. World of Warcraft developers are extremely passionate about making the best game they can and is can only mean good things for the player base moving forwards.

So is Dragonflight Worth Playing?

Dragonflight is a completely fresh take on World of Warcraft, it has engaging story lines that players can quest through. It has unique various professions players can level and become profession masters through the new profession talent tree system. It even has a brand new take on Class Talent tree’s, giving the players a completely unique style of gameplay to enjoy.

Our answer would have to be a massive YES it is definitely worth playing. Unlike Shadowlands, the Blizzard team have taken on the player feedback and implemented it into Dragonflight. Instead of grindy, frustrating reputation grinds to learn to fly…. In Dragonflight you learn to fly by level 61! Meaning you can access all of the map, play the game at your pace and not feel like you’re being forced down “one route” of gameplay. Dragonflight respects your time and money and is worth playing in 2023.

Ups and Downs of the Game

WoW is a game which constantly goes through ups and downs, try not be dissuaded by content creators exploiting weaknesses of World of Warcraft. Many times a system sounds great in theory but when the players try it out, it needs further development. This is often thrown into the news as largely negative feedback for World of Warcraft. However if it’s truly a bad system, Blizzard don’t hang around on fixing it all together. It’s become commonplace to talk negatively about World of Warcraft and there’s no wonder, Blizzard had many years where they didn’t listen to the players. Hopefully with the release of Dragonflight being what it is, this period of time is behind us.

World of Warcraft has such various types of gameplay from PVE, PVP and Casual Content. Often times players will play all they can to complete all the content they’re interested in and then stop playing the game, claiming there’s “not enough content” but then not playing other parts of the game. This is a natural way of gaming especially in MMO’s and there tends to be periods of 3-6 months between patches where new “content” is released and those players return. We here at Battle-shout encourage you to explore all forms of content in World of Warcraft. With the game being 19 years old, there’s definitely enough content to play.

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