Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Mythic+ Guide

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With Dragon Imagineering we can see the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds for the first time in Mythic+. Discover how to complete this challenging dungeon in time with our Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Mythic+ Guide. Read on to unlock the secrets of Ner’Zul and overthrow this orc warlock.

Shadowmoon Burial Ground Mythic+ Guide

With extensive trash and four hardened bosses this dungeon is ready to pack a punch. There are a few mechanics to watch for during the trash and defiantly avoid the purple runes on the floor.

Shadowmoon Bone-Menders can be interrupted for their casts of Shadowbolt they will also heal their skeleton allies.

Sadana Bloodfury

Prepare yourselves for this boss will try to prevent you from going farther into the Burial Grounds.

Stop the spirit from Dark Communion if it reaches Sadana, she will heal for 10% of her HP.

Sacrificial daggers will drop on random players. Try to stack these so it doesn’t take the entire room.

During the Dark Eclipse stand within a White Rune to avoid instantaneous death. Remember to move away once the spell has finished.

After this boss you can run down and instant kill the trash along the way to the second boss. Dodge the graves on the floor as these will cause more adds to spawn.


This spirit will tear you from your body to try and protect Ner’Zul from being overthrown.

Watch out for Planar Shift as he will teleport to you.

Void Blast, Void Devastation and Void Vortex will cause you to suffer shadow damage over time.

Soul Shred is what you really want to watch out for. Nhallish will take your soul away from you. You will need to defeat your soul and CLICK on it to get it back.

The longer you are in the shadow realm you will take more damage. If you don’t get back in time you will die.

As you head across the bridge to the third boss, smaller versions of this boss will appear on the bridge casting the same abilities as Bonemaw.


Dodge the Necrotic Pitch pools. These will damage and slow you. However you will need to stand in them when Inhale is occuring.

Body Slams will occur, dodge the purple zones as you will become flattened.

During the encounter he will spawn two duplicates and change places with them. You may find your new target is a duplicate.

You will take occasional damage from Fetid Spit and Corpse Breath.

This fight is fast and intense. Just be aware of your surroundings and everything will be okay.

Void Spawns will require interrupts whenever possible. These will both need to be killed to get to Ner’Zul.

Unfortunately this boss died before his Photoshoot.


This boss doesn’t have many mechanics but he is tough.

Intermittently you will have a wave of skeletons that walk across the room slowly. This Ritual of Bones will require players to target and kill the CENTRAL mob asap.

Omen of Death will inflict high damage to players closest to the area struck.

Don’t get caught in Malevolence this beam will attempt to one-shot anyone caught within. If you are unlucky enough to get hit your movement speed will be reduced by 50%.

Route Planning:

Tried and Tested with Heroes of Creation’s own Teekaroku.

Visit this link to our Guild Routes on Google Drive to get the Import Codes. Please comment below if you find these routes helpful in your Season of Mythic+.

Suggested Addons:

Mythic Dungeon Tools gives you the power to create routes and plan out the dungeon from start to finish.

MythicPlusTimer is a perfect addon to track the timer during key progress.


Q: Where is the dungeon entrance?
A: There is a portal to the entrance in Valdrakken. However the coods are: 31.79 42.76 in Shadowmoon Valley, Dreanor.

Q: My friend said a mount drops here, which boss does it come from?
A: Unfortunately no mount was introduced in this dungeon.

Q: I diddnt get any points for completing out of time, why?
A: If you are 15 minutes overtime you wont recieve any points.

Q: Someone from my party left can we still complete the key?
A: Yes, as long as your Tank and Healer stayed you can complete the dungeon.

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