Soft Targeting, Does that Mean Console WoW?

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With the latest update to WoW, one thing that went under the radar was changes to the target system. Soft Targeting has been brought into the game along with in-game Controller support. Does this really mean we are finally getting WoW on console? Read on to see what has changed and what it means moving forward.

WoW What is Soft Targeting?

Soft Targeting allows the player to interact with their target without using the traditional “tab” method. Soft Targeting is also known as “Action Targeting”. This can be initiated in options under the option “Enable Action Targeting” within the Combat section.

The change in targeting means there is no need to switch targets through “Tabbing” and stopping errors in attacking the wrong enemy.

To switch target it will be as simple as looking at your new target with your character and this will instantly switch your target.

Console WoW?

Recent changes to the ownership of Blizzard has meant that Console WoW is much closer than before. With Microsoft bringing Blizzard into the fold there is so much potential moving forward for WoW in particular.

The game runs a subscription service of which could easily be Integrated into the Xbox Gamepass. With Soft Targeting in the game its the first step towards fully integrating Controller support.

World of Warcraft is a very complicated game, so for it to go onto console there are many changes that Blizzard will need to make.

Controller Support in WoW

Currently there is no official WoW controller support in game. At the moment the best way to do this is through addons.

Adding in the new targeting system means it won’t be long before official controller support is added to the game.

With support being added from a target perspective it really means Console WoW really becomes a possibility.

What else has changed?

Alongside Soft Targeting, the use of an interaction key has also been brought in. This means that you can use key skills such as skinning which works well with Soft Targeting. Another great support tool for Controller gaming for WoW.

The use of the interaction key will mean fewer clicks and more efficient gameplay. Another win for simplifying the gameplay for players who may want to use Controllers.

No longer will you need to bring your mouse cursor to the quest giver who’s covered in 99 large mounts. Instead you will simply be able to run to the quest giver and hit your interact key, immediately receiving your quest or handing it in, depending. This is a bright new step in World of Wacraft’s future.

In Summary

Soft targeting and interaction key integration has been a big win for the game. Bringing in stuff that makes the game better for all is showing progress but not without thinking for the future. 2023 is going to be a big year for WoW.

Dragonflight is bringing the game forward from a gameplay aspect but the smaller tweaks will really support the long term growth around the support available for all types of players.

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