Solo Shuffle WoW, Now Rated?

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Wow Solo Shuffle has been in the game since patch 9.2 of Shadowlands. however, WoW have now decided to bring in rated Solo Shuffle. Solo Shuffle is faced paced and non commital PvP mode. All Solo Shuffle games require 2 healers and 4 dps to start.

This was introduced for players who wanted to play arena PvP without the need for dedicated partners. With Rated Solo Shuffle, also know as SRS, this means not only can you get that experience but you will gain ranks which contribute to things such as the Great Vault for weekly rewards and other PvP based rewards and Benefits

How does SRS Work?

Solo shuffle games are formed of 2 healers and 4 dps with the healer being the team “Captain”. This means that combinations move around and to stop bad matchmaking.

Earning rating on one of your specs will not carry forward to your other specs meaning you will need to either focus on one spec or switch frequently.

Solo Shuffle Rating Calculations

Unlike typical 3v3 or 2v2 Arena battles, Solo Shuffles basically bring in 6 matches into one. Meaning even if you lose 4 of the games you will still get some rating if you win 2 of the games (all calculated through the individual Matchmaking rating for that player).

Matchmaking rating helps with matching with similar players. This means that the skill of the players should ultimately have a positive (or negative) impact on the team balance.

Punishments for leavers

Playing the game and then leaving before the game is over will give that person a deserter debuff. The Debuff will prevent players from queuing as well as remove ranking points equivilant to 6 rounds lost.

When players continuosly leave rated games they will be punished more harshly. This can lead to harsher deranking of rated scores or longer timeouts from queuing.

Rated PvP Rewards

Playing Rated opens up the door when it comes to rewards. This includes around specific PvP rewards such as credit towards Vicious mounts, currencies including Conquest as well as progress to the Weekly Great Vault.

This means that doing this will be highly rewarding from a gear and collectable perspective. The only things you would not earn rating towards is Gladiator and any rewards linked to this achievement for the season. In dragonflight they are bringing in a specific specialization title which is based on the top 0.1% of that spec.

In summary – Solo Rated PvP

The Solo Shuffle has been a broad success from the PvP format. This means people don’t have to have that fixed team or have to spend lots of time to find competent players.

Rated Solo Shuffle gives more players a chance at PvP. Solo Shuffle removes the time constraint in playing PvP giving more casual players that choice in playing Rated PvP. PvP now has a stronger plus point for that casual player and may encourage more PvP activity.

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