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  • April Trading Post

    April Trading Post

    The trading post has been updated! See our list of the new trading post items for April! Egbob – 600 Trader’s Tender – Battle Pet Reins of the Magenta Cloud Serpent – 900 Trader’s Tender – Mount Transmog Drape of Foreboding Mists – 100 Trader’s Tender – Cloak Transmog Fine White Evening Gloves – 100…

  • How to get to Forbidden Reach

    How to get to Forbidden Reach

    You can fly to the Forbidden Reach on your dragon anytime you like by simply flying across using Dragonriding, aim to the north of The Waking Shores. However it’s worth noting you will not have access to quests until you do the prerequisite quests.

  • Dragonflight Sparks of Ingenuity

    Dragonflight Sparks of Ingenuity

    Welcome heroes to another Battle Shout guide! This guide is going to teach you about Spark’s of Ingenuity. What is a spark of ingenuity, how do you get sparks of ingenuity, can you only have 5 sparks of ingenuity? All of those questions and more will be answered in this guide. What are Sparks of…

  • Dathea Ascended Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

    Dathea Ascended Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

    Not the boss you’re looking for? Check out the Vault of the Incarnates Overview for a list of all bosses and guides! Introduction After defeating the Primal Council, Dathea retreats further into the Vault. She pleads with Razageth to grant her more power, and we encounter her in an Ascended State. This guide is aimed…

  • World of Warcraft Abbreviations – Explained

    World of Warcraft Abbreviations – Explained

    If you’re a new or returning player to World of Warcraft, you may be confused by some of the lingo and abbreviations being thrown around. Come with me as I try and lay out just what these abbreviations mean, and when YOU should use them! The lists below are in Alphabetical Order for sake of…