WoW How To Get Quantum Items | Ultimate Guide

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Chasing down those elusive Quantum Items in World of Warcraft can feel like a quest with no end. These coveted cosmetics were added in Patch 10.1.5, adding flair to your character’s arsenal. Our ultimate guide unpacks the mystery, leading you straight to these treasures and explaining how they’ll transform your gear game. Dive into our tips and take your transmog collection to infinity—and beyond!

Key Takeaways

  • Quantum Items in WoW are special cosmetics with unique styles, found in the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon.
  • These items have a random drop rate from bosses, making each one hard to get and exciting to find.
  • Using a Quantum Item teaches you new gear or weapon appearances, some rare and sought after for customizing your character’s look.
  • There are 21 different Quantum Items to collect, each offering various equipment slot appearances.
  • The hunt for these items can be thrilling and addictive as players aim to make their characters stand out with unique styles.
WoW How To Get Quantum Items | Ultimate Guide

What are Quantum Items in World of Warcraft?

Diving into the realm of Azeroth, Quantum Items emerge as a fresh breed of loot that’s got everyone buzzing. These elusive treasures aren’t just shiny baubles—they’re power-packed assets that can tip the scales in your favor with their unique attributes and functions.

Definition and Purpose

Quantum items in World of Warcraft are special cosmetics that unlock various transmog appearances. These rare finds dropped into the game with Patch 10.1.5 and have stirred excitement among players aiming to score unique looks for their characters.

Unlike typical gear, each Quantum item can reveal an outfit or weapon style from WoW’s vast history—think of them as keys to the past.

The main draw of these items lies in their exclusivity; you can’t find them just anywhere. Bosses within the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon guard them closely, making each drop a thrilling reward.

With only a slim chance to grant appearances once nearly impossible to obtain, Quantum items like the coveted quantum greatsword offer players new ways to stand out in Azeroth with hard-to-find styles and flair for their arsenals and armor collections.

How they are obtained

You can find Quantum items in the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon. Bosses drop them, but it’s not a sure thing; you have to rely on luck. Each boss has a chance to give you one, adding thrill to every battle.

Players know that finding these items takes patience. They usually get common gear, but sometimes they hit jackpot with rare looks for their characters. Just remember—the odds are low for those special finds! Keep trying and mix up your strategy as you hunt through the dungeon halls.

All Quantum Items in World of Warcraft

Below is a list of all Quantum items available in the game. Armor slots will have different Quantum items tied to them. For example, if you loot a  Quantum Wand, it will teach you an uncollected Wand appearance.

Weapon Quantum Items

Each weapon slot has a corresponding Quantum item tied to it, so no matter what class you play, you will be able to get a special, unique piece of gear to show off to your friends! I personally love how these transmogs look!

Gear Quantum Items

Quantum gear also comes in the form of armor. Check out these seriously EPIC pieces of armor.

Obtaining Quantum Items

Diving into the world of quantum items in WoW, you’ll find that snagging these elusive beauties is no walk in Azeroth’s park. From the low-drop whispers echoing through raid dungeons to the fervent hunts for rare spawns, we’ve got your back on how to secure these game-changers.

Drop rates and locations

Let’s talk about the thrill of the hunt for Quantum Items in WoW. These elusive treasures are sought after by adventurers looking to expand their collection of gear appearances. Unraveling where they drop and understanding their elusive rates is key to tracking them down.

Quantum ItemDrop LocationDrop Rate
Quantum BracersDawn of the InfiniteRandom boss drop
Quantum BootsDawn of the InfiniteRandom boss drop
Quantum ChestpieceDawn of the InfiniteRandom boss drop
Quantum WeaponryDawn of the InfiniteRandom boss drop

Players dive deep into Dawn of the Infinite, where Quantum Items play hide and seek with the loot tables of bosses. Each piece has an equal shot at dropping, yet exact percentages remain shrouded in mystery. They’re random, they’re rare, but one thing’s for sure – persistence pays off. Now, don’t forget about the unique aspect of Quantum Items. Their ability to teach you gear appearances that are notoriously hard to come by breathes new life into your wardrobe. Next up, let’s chat about consumables and appearances—where the real customization fun begins.

Consumables and appearances

Quantum items are not just about luck; they shape your character’s look too. When you snag these treasures, you prepare for a visual transformation.

  • Each Quantum item is a consumable, meaning you use it once and it’s gone.
  • After using a Quantum item, you learn a new appearance for your gear or weapons.
  • This system lets players collect old school styles without needing the original item.
  • Quantum items have varying chances to teach gray or green item appearances.
  • They rarely give out appearances of ultra – rare gear with low drop rates.
  • Players seek these for fashion as much as function, customizing their avatar’s aesthetic.
  • In the PTR (Public Test Realm), these items help test looks before they go live.
  • Remember, not all drops will yield something special; many will be common sights.
  • But that one rare find can offer an exclusive style that sets your character apart.
  • Keep in mind, hunting for these can become quite addictive as you seek that unique piece.

Collection and customization

Getting your hands on Quantum items lets you customize your character with cool gear from the past. Each item adds a new look to your wardrobe, like a fashion library for warriors and mages alike.

You can show off rare armor or weapon styles that many players don’t have. With 21 different Quantum items linking to various equipment slots, there’s plenty to collect.

Mixing and matching these appearances brings out your unique style in Azeroth. Imagine decking out your hero in gear that spins tales of epic battles and legendary quests! And sometimes, if luck is on your side, you might learn an ultra-rare item look with a super low drop rate—making your character stand out even more.

Ready to hunt for the next big find? Let’s dive into what it takes to keep those collections growing!


Jump into World of Warcraft and start your hunt for Quantum Items today! Remember, these special drops will make your character stand out with a unique look. Just tackle the bosses in Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon and watch your collection grow.

Your adventures through Azeroth just got a bit more exciting—go grab those appearances! And who knows, you might become the next player everyone admires for their epic gear.


1. What are quantum items in World of Warcraft?

Quantum items in World of Warcraft are powerful gear pieces with special effects that can boost your character’s abilities.

2. Where can I find quantum items in the game?

You’ll find quantum items in high-level dungeons, raids, and sometimes as rewards for completing challenging quests.

3. Can I get quantum items by playing solo?

Yes, while it may be tougher, some solo activities like certain quests or rare mob drops can reward you with quantum items.

4. Do I need to join a guild to obtain these powerful items?

Joining a guild isn’t necessary but teaming up could make tackling content that drops quantum items a bit easier.

5. Are there any shortcuts to getting quantum items faster?

There aren’t real shortcuts—getting them involves dedication and effort through gameplay such as defeating bosses or earning currency to trade for them.

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