The 5 Best Gaming Mice for WoW 2024

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A great WoW gaming experience requires the right mouse. Whether you’re a casual or dedicated player, finding the BEST MICE FOR WOW with extra buttons and ergonomic design is crucial.

Check out our recommended choices for the best WoW mouse to enhance your skills and comfort during prolonged gaming sessions.

Best MMO Mouse for WoW

Budget friendly MMO Mouse with side buttons and Logitech sensors.


Credit: Corsair

Best MMO Mouse for WoW

Budget friendly MMO Mouse with side buttons and Logitech sensors.

  • 16000 DPI.
  • 12 Textured Side Buttons.
  • Button Slider for Different Sized Hands.
  • Optimised and built for comfort.
Item Weight‎4.3 ounces
Batteries‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

The CORSAIR SCIMITAR PRO RGB is a must-have gaming mouse for MMO players. It features an exclusive key slider macro button control system that offers a customizable and personalized experience. The mouse is compatible with any PC with a USB port and runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.

Designed to pro player specifications, the CORSAIR SCIMITAR PRO RGB features 12 optimized mechanical side buttons that provide consistent tactile feedback and precise actuation. The textured side button keycaps provide enhanced grip and feel, allowing you to quickly access your macros and abilities.

Credit: Corsair

The patent-pending design of the CORSAIR SCIMITAR PRO RGB provides 8 millimeters of key travel with a secure lock that ensures every button is within reach. This feature offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip during marathon gaming sessions. Additionally, the surface calibration tuning utility optimizes the sensor for your playing surface, improving your overall gaming experience.

The CORSAIR SCIMITAR PRO RGB comes with onboard storage and hardware macro playback, allowing you to save up to three predefined profiles that include actions common for MMO gaming as well as general purpose keyboard shortcuts. The mouse’s custom, gaming-grade 16000 DPI optical sensor is ultra-accurate and has a high-speed tracking engine. The 1.8-meter braided fiber cable provides durability and flexibility, allowing for smooth movements.

In summary, the CORSAIR SCIMITAR PRO RGB is an excellent gaming mouse that provides consistent and precise performance. The optimized mechanical side buttons, key slider macro button control system, and surface calibration tuning utility make it an ideal choice for MMO players. The onboard storage with hardware macro playback and custom, gaming-grade 16000 DPI optical sensor provide a personalized gaming experience, ensuring that this mouse will meet the demands of even the most dedicated gamers.

The Best Gaming Mice for WoW

Best Mouse for WoW (Ambidextrous and no Side Buttons)


Credit: Logitech

Best Mouse for WoW

Ambidextrous, fast sensors and no Side Buttons.

  • Up to 25,600 DPI.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Light-speed Wireless.
BrandLogitech G
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
Number of Buttons7
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
SeriesPro Wireless Gaming Mouse
Item Weight0.18 Pounds

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a top-tier mouse for general WoW gameplay due to its comfortable shape, accurate sensor, and overall reliability. Although it doesn’t have as many side buttons as an MMO mouse, this could be a positive aspect for those who prefer a minimalist design.

Despite the seemingly limited recommendation of a mouse with only two thumb buttons, the G Pro Wireless boasts several advantages worth considering. Firstly, it provides maximum comfort with its flat sides and ambidextrous design, catering to various grip styles and hand sizes. The mouse is also impressively lightweight, weighing only 80 grams, making it easy to glide across your mousepad without causing fatigue.

Credit: Logitech

Additionally, the G Pro Wireless features Logitech’s latest optical sensor, the Hero 25K, which is immune to the common cursor mishaps found in cheaper sensors, resulting in more reliable targeting. If you’re used to a budget office mouse, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the smoothness and accuracy of the G Pro Wireless.

Furthermore, the Logitech G Pro Wireless uses Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology, a low-latency connection that rivals wired mice in performance. It also has an extended battery life of up to 60 hours with lighting effects switched off, thanks to its power-efficient design.

In conclusion, the Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse is an excellent mouse that delivers exceptional value for money. With its lightweight design, flawless sensor, and impressive battery life, it’s undoubtedly one of the best gaming mice available for World of Warcraft, provided you don’t require many extra mouse buttons.

Best Budget Mouse for WoW

Best Best Budget Mouse for WoW (Side Buttons Included)


Credit: Redragon

Best Budget Mouse for WoW

Side Buttons, Weight Changer, Wireless/Wired.

  • 12 side buttons MMO gaming mouse feature.
  • Stay Power-On Day to Night.
  • Lightning-Fast up to 16000 DPI.
  • Wireless/Wired.
Product Dimensions6.89 x 4.53 x 1.97 inches
Item Weight4.7 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

The Redragon M913 MMO gaming mouse offers gamers both wired and wireless connectivity options. With 12 programmable side buttons, gamers can create easy-access keybinding shortcuts to maximize their potential in-game. The flexibility of wired or wireless mode caters to the needs of a wide range of gamers.

Designed for high-performance, the Redragon M913 mouse features a waterproof surface and anti-slip rubber base, ensuring that the device is durable and stable. The waterproof coating also protects the mouse from spills or other accidents, making it ideal for clumsy gamers.

One of the most impressive features of the Redragon M913 is its extended battery life, thanks to its low-consumption advanced chip combo and 1000mAh battery capacity. The eco mode, with the backlit off, increases the mouse’s durability up to 80 hours, making it perfect for long gaming sessions.

Credit: Redragon

The Redragon M913 is designed specifically for gamers, with 5 onboard DPI levels and personalizable DPI, catering to the unique needs of each gamer. These settings are designed to help shorten the learning curve and enable gamers to perform at their best.

With customizable driver support software, gamers can customize all 16 buttons, including 12 side buttons, and 16.8 million color lighting effects, even in wireless mode. The ability to personalize the mouse to their preferences allows gamers to aim for victory in their desired way, enhancing their overall user experience. The Pixart 3335 sensor provides long hours of use of up to 80 hours in ECO mode, making it an energy-efficient option.

Best Lightweight Mouse for WoW

12 side buttons, wireless connectivity and weighs in at just 89grams


Credit: SteelSeries

Best Lightweight Mouse for WoW

Ambidextrous, fast sensors and no Side Buttons.

  • Up to 18,00 DPI.
  • 180 hours Battery Life.
  • 18 Mouse Buttons Total.
  • 2.4GHz & Bluetooth.
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, USB, 2.4GHz Wireless
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
Number of Buttons18
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Item Weight3.2 Ounces

Introducing the SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless, the ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse that takes gaming to the next level. Engineered with an ultra-lightweight 89g design for comfort and versatility, this gaming mouse is perfect for MOBA, MMO, and other complex games. Its ergonomic 18-button programmable layout with a 12-button side panel is made for quick access to abilities and macros, designed with ease of use in mind, and perfect for gamers who want to take their gameplay to the next level.

The Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology transmits data at unreal speeds, giving the flexibility of 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 5.0. With up to 180 hours of continuous play, gamers can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay sessions with fast charging capability. This gaming mouse is designed to keep gamers in the game for longer.

Credit: SteelSeries

The AquaBarrier technology is IP54-rated to provide water resistance and protection from dust, dirt, and more. With this technology, gamers can play in any environment without worrying about water damage or dirt accumulation. The SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless is built to last, providing gamers with the peace of mind they need to focus on the game.

The TrueMove Air precision optical gaming sensor with true 1-to-1 tracking, 18,000 CPI, 400 IPS, 40G acceleration, and tilt tracking provides gamers with the accuracy and precision they need to succeed. With this technology, gamers can react faster and move more precisely, giving them a competitive edge.

The next-gen Golden Micro IP54 Switches with over 80M click durability ensure that the SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless lasts a long time, even with intensive use. The switches are built to last and provide a tactile response that gamers can feel. With the perfect combination of durability, speed, and accuracy, this gaming mouse is an essential tool for any gamer looking to elevate their gameplay.

Best Budget MMO Mouse for WoW

Budget friendly MMO Mouse with side buttons and Logitech sensors.


Credit: Logitech

Credit: Logitech

Best Lightweight Mouse for WoW

Ambidextrous, fast sensors and no Side Buttons.

  • Gaming-grade 8200 DPI.
  • G shift ring finger button.
  • 20 MMO tuned buttons.
  • Built for comfort.
Brand‎Logitech G
Hardware Platform‎PC
Operating System‎Windows 7
Item Weight‎4.7 ounces

If you’re looking for the best MMO gaming mouse for WoW, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is a great option to consider. With 20 MMO tuned buttons, including a unique 12-button thumb panel designed for quick, no-look navigation, this mouse is perfect for gamers who need quick and easy access to their skills and abilities.

The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse also features a G-shift ring finger button that instantly doubles the number of actions you can perform with every button, making it easier to execute complex moves and combos. With low friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet, this mouse eliminates friction on nearly any surface, resulting in smoother motions, precise cursor movements, and improved accuracy.

Credit: Logitech

Credit: Logitech

Comfort is key during long gaming sessions, and the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is built for just that. The sculpted shape and tuned buttons help reduce click fatigue, making it more comfortable to use during marathon multiplayer sessions. Additionally, the G8 cycle modes allow you to switch between different profiles quickly and easily.

Total personalization is another key feature of the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse. You can set it up your way with customizable thumb panel lighting colors, DPI levels, or button assignments. However, it’s important to note that you should not use a USB hub with this mouse to ensure optimal performance.

Finally, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is made for PC gaming and is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. If you’re looking for a mouse that offers both comfort and functionality for your WoW gaming experience, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is definitely worth considering.

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Are MMO Mice Necessary for Playing WoW?

World of Warcraft is a complex game that requires a lot of button pressing. MMO mice are designed to make gameplay easier by providing extra buttons that can be customized to perform a wide variety of tasks. While an MMO mouse isn’t necessary for playing WoW, it can certainly make things easier.

Considerations Before Purchasing an MMO Mouse

Before investing in an MMO mouse, it’s important to think about what you’ll use it for. Some players prefer MMO mice because they give easy access to macros that automate simple tasks or chain skills together. Others use the extra buttons for out-of-game commands, such as push-to-talk or media keys. Another common reason to switch to an MMO mouse is to move key binds away from the WASD cluster to reduce the strain on your keyboard hand.

Getting Used to Your MMO Mouse

Another consideration when switching to an MMO mouse is the adaptation period. Going from two thumb buttons to twelve is a significant jump, and it takes time to remember what each button does. Hitting the right buttons can be challenging at first, and it’s not uncommon to hit the wrong button or even multiple buttons at the same time. However, with practice, you’ll get used to it, and it will become second nature.

Choosing the Best MMO Mouse for You

If you think you could benefit from using an MMO mouse, it’s important to choose one that suits your needs. You can play WoW with any mouse, but an MMO mouse can make things easier. The Razer Naga V2 Pro is an excellent choice for players who need extra buttons. It offers wireless connectivity, great ergonomics, and enough buttons for even the most complex key configurations. The Logitech G600 is another great option with twelve optimized mechanical side buttons designed for consistent tactile feedback and precise actuation.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

Ultimately, whether or not you need an MMO mouse for WoW depends on your personal preferences and playstyle. MMO mice can make gameplay easier and more comfortable, but they’re not necessary to enjoy the game. If you’re interested in trying out an MMO mouse, do your research and choose one that suits your needs.

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