Top 5 Gaming Mouse for World of Warcraft

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Having played World of Warcraft for 14 years there aren’t many MMO gaming mice I haven’t tried. MMO mice are a great way to streamline your game and Battle-Shout has got you covered on the best and most affordable!

With a multitude of skills, items and macros to juggle in World of Warcraft, today we explore which is the best gaming mouse to improve your game play. From budget to bank breaking, we have 5 reviews which will show you the good, the bad and the ugly of your options. 

“But I manage just fine with my £10 Microsoft mouse. What is the point?” Don’t worry, Battle-Shout will explain all there is to know about MMO Gaming Mice for World of Warcraft.

Having a mouse with a number of side buttons allows you to have more skills available for minimal effort output. Do you find yourself rebinding abilities to keys like F and G because 7, 8, 9 are too far to stretch? Well look not further, we have put together a list of the top 5 gaming mice to improve your time in Azeroth.

Ranked by budget

Red Dragon Impact MMO Mouse 

First up we have the Impact by Red Dragon Gaming.

For people on a budget or nervous about splashing the cash on a new style mouse the Impact is the perfect entry point. 

Side buttons also in easy reach to keybind those abilities.

The Good –  The Impact is the latest budget variant in a line of MMO mice made by Red Dragon Gaming. Having made various iterations of this mouse Red Dragon has learnt what does and doesn’t work. With 18 programmable buttons you will be able to have your full World of Warcraft rotation at your thumb tip. A strategically placed button next to the left mouse click can be remapped to your liking, perfect for that often used skill you end up spamming. With 12 side buttons you can bind a full row of skills to your thumb and with keyboard modifiers you have access to 36 slots without much effort

The Bad – When compared to other mice on this list the Red Dragon feels rather like ranged healing on a Holy Paladin. Due to the size and placement of the buttons it can be awkward for people with smaller hands to reach all 12 side buttons without much strain. A minor complaint would be that the braided cable only comes in one colour which may leave your setup second place in Azeroth’s Best Dressed.. Although this mouse does not feel cheap, it certainly does not have the quality in materials as some further up the list.

18 programmable buttonsToo big for small hands
Great price pointCheap build quality
Multi ProfileOnly comes in one colour

Summary For the price this mouse is definitely worth it. An entry level mouse which lets you test the water to see if a side button mouse is right for you in World of Warcraft. I managed to use mine to great success for around a year and still have it as a back-up. 

You can purchase the Red Dragon Gaming Mouse here.

Logitech G600

Logitech,a well known brand in the gaming world seems to have created G600 with World of Warcraft players in mind.

It is a real competitor in this market, with great functionality and clever button positioning the G600 is a popular choice for many. 

The Good – Logitech have stepped up the game with this mouse being as versatile as a druid, having 20 programmable buttons. 12 on the side as you’d expect with 8 extras. The 2 buttons placed just beneath the scroll wheel are great for binding utilities for World of Warcraft. The “G-Shift” button to the right of the mouse gives a nice option for a modifier without having to touch the keyboard. Whilst other people are fumbling around on their keyboard you’ll have a minimum of 24 skills available to you with zero effort on one hand. The build quality is good and I would expect this mouse to hold up for years of raiding without signs of breaking down. 

The Bad – Again the G600 is a mouse which isn’t the greatest for people with smaller hands. The cable this time is black which should be a good fit for most setups, however, the rigidity of the cable does not give the smoothest experience when moving the mouse around the desk. 

20 programmable buttonsToo big for small hands
Modifier option on the mousePoor cable
Great Quality

Summary – The quality of the mouse makes this a real bargain. The extra modifier button on top of the mouse should give you that advantage that can be the difference between topping the charts and being just another World of Warcraft player. A great mouse from a popular brand. 

You can purchase the Logitech G600 here.

Corsair Scimitar Elite RGB

Another peripheral giant makes the list, this time it’s Corsair with the Scimitar Elite RGB.

Popular among many a World of Warcraft player, but is it any good?

The Good – With 17 programmable buttons the Scimitar keeps all of your World of Warcraft key bindings at the tip of your thumb. The side panel slides allowing you to set a comfortable zone for using your abilities at the right time. The sleek design almost makes you feel as if you have transmogged your mouse into its best appearance. With RGB a plenty there are not many complaints you can have with this mouse.  

The Bad – This time we have the opposite problem. People with large hands may find this mouse as uncomfortable as being sapped by a rogue when defending the farm in Arathi Basin. The cable is as stiff as the watcher waking from his long slumber in the Dragon Isles. 

17 programmable buttonsToo small for big hands
Sleek design and sliding side buttonsPoor cable
Great Quality

Summary – The sliding side panel on this mouse makes you feel like you’ve been given a covenant ability for your mouse. Sleek design and quality materials makes this mouse a real Gladiator in the World of Warcraft market.

You can purchase the Corsair Scimitar Elite RGB here.

SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Over the past few years Steelseries have been making inroads in the peripheral market.

But should World of Warcraft players be as excited for the Aerox as they are for a new expansion?

The Good – With both Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz Wireless the Aerox will keep your desk nice and tidy whilst playing World of Warcraft. 18 programmable buttons enabling you to keep all skills ready to use. SteelSeries actually lists World of Warcraft as a game to play with this mouse and has recommended button set ups for it. If you want to go wired you can use 3rd party USB C cables to do so. 

The Bad – The design is a little Warlord of Dreanor, you’ll either love it or hate it. The buttons are not the smoothest and make you feel like you’re working to use them. Doesn’t add anything special over cheaper mice. 

18 programmable buttonsExpensive
Wireless connectivityButtons don’t feel great

Summary – SteelSeries have tried something different which many people may like. The feel of the side buttons makes it hard to justify the price but the lightweight design and wireless could offset that for you. With SteelSeries having World of Warcraft specifically in mind, you know the mouse is going to be functional in game.

Buy SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse here.

Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer has been producing the Naga since the middle of Wrath of the Lich King.

It’s no surprise to see them on the list but what does the Pro have to offer?

The Good – This time we are not tied down into the 12 side button configuration. Shape shifting like Malfurion the Naga lets you set up how you want. With a 6 button side panel option the Naga lets World of Warcraft players choose what works for them. Wireless and bluetooth are an option here, with a sleek quality design. Button clicks are nice and the position of the buttons doesn’t put your thumb under any strain.  

The Bad – The Naga is the Brutosaur of this list (RRP) and if you want a wireless dock you need to pay extra. For people wanting a 12 side button mouse the extra panels are useless and are adding to you the cost. 

Wireless connectivityExtra panels may be useless for some
Smooth Buttons

Summary – For a company who has been producing variants of the Naga longer than most people have been playing World of Warcraft it’s expected that they would be high on this list. It’s a mouse that can Tank, Heal and DPS, it leads and calls the shots in Battleground and farms mounts like they are being removed from the game. It does all you need but that comes at a price. 

Buy Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse here.

Final Thoughts on BEST 5 Gaming Mice

So there you have 5 MMO gaming mice for World of Warcraft. All mice on the list certainly have a place in Azeroth and should help you become the best that you can. Do any of you guys have one of these? If so let us know in the comments!

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