Top 5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards For WoW

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Keyboards For WoW

If you’re a serious World of Warcraft player, then you know how important it is to have a mechanical gaming keyboard that can handle the action. Having the right Gaming Keyboards For WoW can make all the difference in your gaming performance and give you an edge over your opponents.

But with so many gaming keyboards out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for WoW. That’s why I’m here to help – I’m an expert on mechanical gaming keyboards and I’m going to share my top five picks for WoW players.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a high-end model with all the bells and whistles, there’s something for everyone on this list. So read on to find out which gaming keyboard is perfect for your WoW setup. Check out our other Gaming Gear Guides.

Top pick

Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Durable GX Blue Click switches
  • Keyless design
  • Use LIGHTSYNC to highlight keys
  • Detachable Micro USB cables

Editor’s choice

DREVO Calibur 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Compact design
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Customizable RGB LED lights
  • ABS doubleshot keycaps

Razor Blackwidow Chroma V3 – Gaming Keyboards For WoW

The Razor BlackWidow Chroma V3 is a fantastic choice for gamers looking to enhance their World of WarCraft experience. Its signature RGB lighting system creates an immersive atmosphere, and the tactile feedback ensures that every keystroke lands with precision.

The Chroma V3 offers individualized customization of each key, allowing gamers to create unique profiles that fit their playing style and preferences. Every key is also outfitted with Razer’s mechanical switches, which provide a crisp click and lightning-fast response time when pressed.

Any serious WoW player knows that accuracy and speed are essential to success in the game, and the Chroma V3 provides just that. Its full-spectrum color palette makes it easy to differentiate between keys while keeping your eyes on the screen, while its adjustable actuation allows you to adjust the distance required for a keypress depending on your preference. This makes sure that you can react quickly and accurately in the heat of battle without missing a beat.

The BlackWidow Chroma V3 comes with five additional macro keys and profiles for quick access to frequently used commands or abilities, eliminating unnecessary clicks during intense gaming sessions. With its ergonomic design, customizable profiles, lightning-fast response time, and programmable macros, this keyboard is an indispensable tool for any serious WoW player looking to get ahead of the competition.

Razer BlackWidow V3

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Mechanical Switches

  • Signature Mechanical Switch for Gaming
  • Ultimate Personalization
  • Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma
  • Doubleshot ABS Keycaps
  • Ergonomic wrist rest

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard – Gaming Keyboards For WoW

The Logitech G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard is a great choice for World of WarCraft players. With its sleek, ergonomic design and customizable macro keys, it offers fast and responsive gameplay.

It’s the perfect addition to any WoW setup, with its durable construction and excellent performance. The G Pro features a professional-grade mechanical switch that delivers precision in every keystroke. Its low-profile design also helps reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions, while still providing a comfortable typing experience.

Additionally, the adjustable feet let you customize the angle of the keyboard to fit your gaming needs. The macro keys on the G Pro allow you to assign various commands quickly and easily, giving you an edge in battle.

You can also personalize your lighting effects with up to 16 million colors for an immersive gaming experience. All in all, this keyboard is a great choice for any World of WarCraft player looking for quick response times and reliable performance.

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard

16.8 Million Color LIGHTSYNC RGB Backlit Keys

  • Durable GX Blue Click switches
  • Ultra-portable compact ten keyless design
  • Use LIGHTSYNC to highlight keys
  • Detachable Micro USB cables
  • 3-step angle adjustment 

Corsair K95 Platinum – Gaming Keyboards For WoW

The Corsair K95 Platinum is an excellent choice for gamers who want to play World of WarCraft with the best mechanical gaming keyboard. It offers a range of features that make it stand out from the competition, like its noise reduction and RGB lighting, which can be adjusted to match your preference.

The keyboard also includes dedicated macro keys for easy access to frequently used commands and macros. The K95 Platinum has a durable aluminum frame and Cherry MX Speed switches, making it ideal for gamers who are looking for a reliable gaming experience.

The keys also have a fast response time and are comfortable to type on. In addition, the keyboard has on-board memory so you can store your settings without having to reprogram them each time you play.

The K95 Platinum is one of the most advanced mechanical keyboards available today and its features make it perfect for playing World of WarCraft. With its noise reduction capabilities, adjustable RGB lighting, and dedicated macro keys, this gaming keyboard provides an enjoyable gaming experience that’s sure to enhance your gaming skills in no time.

Corsair K95 Gaming Keyboard


  • Per-key RGB backlighting
  • Tuned for low noise operation
  • Six dedicated macro keys
  • Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver mechanical key
  •  Cushioned leatherette palm rest 

Drevo Calibur 71 – Gaming Keyboards For WoW

For gamers looking for a high-end gaming keyboard to take their World of Warcraft experience to the next level, look no further than the DREVO Calibur 71.

This sleek and stylish mechanical keyboard offers an impressive range of customizations that will enhance any gaming set up. From its customizable lighting effects to its durable construction, this keyboard is an ideal choice for WoW players who demand top-notch performance.

The DREVO Calibur 71 features a full RGB backlighting system that allows users to customize their own style with up to 16 million colors. It also has 6 dynamic lighting effects and 5 levels of brightness adjustment, giving gamers complete control over their set up.

The keyboard also sports a solid aluminum frame with an ABS plastic base that provides superior durability and long-term reliability even during intense gaming sessions.

This versatile gaming keyboard comes with N-key rollover support, meaning it can recognize simultaneous key presses without any input lag or delay. In addition, there are 12 multimedia keys for quick access to audio and video settings, making it easy for gamers to adjust their settings on the fly.

The DREVO Calibur 71 is an excellent choice for World of Warcraft players who want a premium gaming experience without sacrificing quality or performance.

Drevo Calibur 71

60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB Wired 71 Key Compact TKL Red Switch

Asus Rog Claymore Bond – Gaming Keyboards For WoW

Having discussed the DREVO Calibur 71, it’s time to move on to another great mechanical gaming keyboard for World of Warcraft: the Asus ROG Claymore Bond.

This ergonomically designed keyboard is a solid choice for gamers due to its great features. First up, the RGB customization allows users to personalize their gaming setup with an array of colors and lighting effects that can be tailored to their exact preferences.

It also comes with Cherry MX Red switches, providing a smooth typing experience that’s perfect for long gaming sessions, as well as dedicated multimedia keys that make it easy to control your audio settings without having to pause the game.

The Claymore Bond also has an innovative detachable numeric keypad that makes it easy to switch from one configuration to another depending on your needs.

This feature is particularly useful for gamers who want a more compact setup for carrying around but still need access to all those essential numbers when playing World of Warcraft.

Additionally, this keyboard comes with anti-ghosting technology and N-key rollover support so you can take advantage of all the controls available in this game without worrying about any signal interference.

In short, the Asus ROG Claymore Bond offers everything that serious gamers need in a mechanical gaming keyboard – ergonomic design, RGB customization, Cherry MX Red switches and dedicated multimedia keys – making it one of the best options out there when it comes to playing World of Warcraft.

Asus Rog Claymore Bond

Wireless Modular Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

  • Wireless Modular Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  • Blue Switches
  • Detachable numpad
  • Wrist rest
  • USB 2.0 Passthrough


I’ve had the pleasure of testing these 5 mechanical gaming keyboards for World of WarCraft and I can confidently say that each one provides an excellent gaming experience.

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a great choice for its tactile feedback and customizable lighting, while the Logitech G Pro offers users an ultra-thin profile and durable, reliable keys.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious feel, the Corsair K95 Platinum is the perfect option with its aluminum frame and RGB lighting. For budget gamers, the DREVO Calibur 71 is a great pick, offering a full-sized board with plenty of features at an affordable price.

Finally, if you want to complete your gaming setup with style, the Asus ROG Claymore Bond is sure to please with its sleek design and dedicated macro keys.

No matter what your budget or preferences are, there’s sure to be something here that will make your World of WarCraft gaming even more enjoyable!

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