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Halloween is celebrated every year in many countries and is an enjoyable event in World of Warcraft. Hallow’s End is a great time to play Achievements and add pets, mounts, and toys to your collection.

WoW Halloween Event Hallow's End Bonfire Man

Halloween is part of the Irish culture and was brought to the USA somewhere in the 1980s. Above all Being one of the most fun Public Holidays it is no surprise that Halloween is celebrated in WoW. Therefore Dressing up, eating sweets and collecting toys or mounts is a great way to spend your time in the game. Here at Battle Shout, we would like to show you how long it is and what to expect during Hallow’s End!

WoW Halloween Event – How long is it? (Solved)

Every year Blizzard presents us with the WoW Halloween Event from October 18th to November 1st. In the event of Hallow’s End, you may have Achievements to accomplish.

What is WoW Hallow’s End? (Explained)

In effect of WoW Hallow’s End is that there’s hardly anybody out there that doesn’t know about the Halloween Event. As a result, all Heroes go hunting the Headless Rider. He does make it pretty obvious whilst burning down the towns for us to extinguish the chaos he causes. During Hallow’s End, we are granted access to the Dungeon “The Headless Horseman” which is located in “The Scarlet Graveyard”. This Dungeon can reward us with Epics or Even a Mount.

What does the Headless Horseman drop in WoW Hallow’s End? (Solved)

While “The Headless Horseman” only drops one item called “Loot-Filled Pumpkin”. Since this item can contain many things you may receive ranging from sweets to Epic Drops you might find it worth farming the Dungeon.

Headless Horseman's Mount from the Loot-Filled Pumpkin
Headless Horseman’s Mount
The Horseman's Horrific Helm WoW Hallow's End
The Horseman’s Horrific Helm
The Horseman's Sinister Slicer
The Horseman’s Sinister Slicer

Additionally, we receive Masks for every race, the “Magic Broom, “Hallows Helm” as a short-term Mount Transmog and a “Sinister Squishling” pet. Furthermore, you may also receive “Tricky-Treat” which is the WoW Hallow’s End currency for the Halloween Vendors.

What can you buy with Tricky Treats? (Solved)

Both Factions have Vendors accordingly to the Hallow’s End WoW Event. The Vendors are Located in front of Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

These are the Vendors for Halloween Hallow's End Vendors Alliance
Stormwind Left to right: Pippi (Pet Vendor), Stymie (Wand Vendor), Dorothy (Candy & Toy Vendor), and Spanky (Mask Vendor).
These are the Vendors for Halloween Halow's End Vendors Horde
Undercity Left to right: Chub (Candy & Toy Vendor), Darla (Wand Vendor), Farina (Mask Vendor and Woim (Pet Vendor).

Amongst the toys, there are some worth mentioning. Especially the “Horse Tail Costume”, “Horse Head Costume”, “Headless Horseman’s Hearthstone” and the “Little Wickerman” which each cost 150 Tricky Treats. Furthermore, the pets worth mentioning are “Sinister Squishling”, “Feline Familiar”, “Widget the Departed”, Cursed Birman” and “Naxxy” which also cost 150 Tricky Treats each.

How do I get Tricky Treats? (Solved)

By doing daily quests for Hallow’s End which you receive at the Vendors in front of Stormwind as Alliance, Undercity as Horde, or doing the daily Headless Rider dungeon.

Hallow’s End Experience Buff

While the Hallow’s End event is on we also have the chance to obtain an experience buff of 10%. We receive this by either clicking on the Wickerman Ashes as Horde or by clicking on the Bonfire. These are located opposite the Vendors of both cities. For detailed information check out the Video by the wonderful Kraken Latte here.

Final thoughts

With so much said about the Hallow’s End event, this is one of our favorites. It brings so many fun things to do and so many things to collect. Leveling is so much quicker with the 10% exp buff and worth picking up. We hope we could help you out with this guide. Make sure to like and subscribe to Kraken’s video to support her so she can provide us with more awesome content.

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