What does the WOW Companion App Do?

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In World of Warcraft have you ever wanted to manage your characters on the go? Don’t have time to get onto the PC but you still want to get those WOW (world of wacraft) missions completed on the command table? Maybe you just forgot to post a few things on the auction house from the farming you did last night on WOW. If so then this WOW Companion App Guide is for you. We are going to explore exactly what you get when you download the WOW Companion App and tell you what is most useful in the World of Warcraft App. Most importantly of all is the World of Warcraft Companion even worth a download?

WOW App History

For those of you new to the concept, WoW has had a companion app for a number of years which has had varying functionalities such as mission tables, speech feature with guild members and more importantly auction house features. The companion App was initially released as the WoW armory App back in July 2009 with basic features such as in-game calendar, joined to your guild, linked all of your max level characters and kept you up to date with the news. As the years went on it was improved and within Mists of Pandaria they included a mobile auction house which was a huge success (even if it had its own problems) and allowed you to trade on the go. In 2018 the app was removed from circulation and added back in as the improved WoW companion App which we know (or didn’t know) and love today.

The Companion App was brought back in line with battle for Azeroth being released and included all of the functions such as guild chat, character lists but also brought in management of mission tables from previous expansions. This meant that whilst you were out and about you were able to manage your missions, collect rewards and then resend them on their way to continue to get rewards. As per World of Warcraft patch 9.2.7 the WoW development team brought back the auction house however not in the way it was previously when it was headed under Wow Armory.

WOW Mission Table App

The App works with Mission tables based out of Shadowlands, Warlords of Draenor and Legion. This is particularly useful if you are looking to level up an alt army on the go with passive experience gained from both WoD and Legion tables. You can also use the WoD mission tables to earn passive gold from resources gained which can be reinvested into your garrison. Please see our WoD mission tables series on youtube for some in-depth information on how to make the most out of your garrison. Shadowlands mission tables are extremely strong still and can make you some decent passive gold. Managing an alt army doing these missions could be putting thousands of gold into your pocket whilst you are on your lunch break or just have 5/10 minutes away from the kids without having to even log in! You can also use the BFA mission tables as well as fuel the war campaign with research to unlock upgrades.

WOW App Guild functions

Whilst on the app you are able to integrate with your guild on a social level which is extremely handy if you are dropping in to see what the raid leader has said about the next raid schedule or if your friends are planning some impromptu mythic runs that you could jump in to as soon as you are back in front of the PC. With an integrated calendar it also means you can register your attendance to the next event or even keep up to date on what time things kick off to make sure you are there.

WOW Auction House App

Recently added back into the app, the auction house finally gives the user the option to be able to purchase any auctions they need whilst on the go. This means that you can make sure you are scouring the market for the cheapest ore or looking for that legendary that you were reading up about on your lunch break ready for you to pick up in the mail and take it to the runecarver. Unfortunately you are not able to sell items on the app, and this looks like it has no option to be coming to the app for the fact it can be automated and could really impact the marker further than the cancel scan army already camping the auction house. You are also able to cancel your own auctions if you wish however without the option to upload them back to the AH I feel that the option is redundant.

WOW App Key Features

  • Tracking world quests within Legion, BFA and Shadowlands which makes it easier to target where you will be going when you log in to the game. 
  • Shadowlands callings. You can see where the daily quest is for the callings making sure you maximise where you are going again when you are in game. This also tracks on each character which callings are up and which alts you may need to prioritize if multiple callings are up for you
  • Daily news articles available from blue posts from Blizzard as well as patch notes for weekly resets keeping you at the heart of everything WoW based whilst eating your sandwich.
  • Keeping an eye on your toons whilst on the go. You can check your gear and see what needs working on so that you can target this when you are back home.

Is the WOW Companion App worth Downloading?

The companion app is a fantastic tool to manage and maintain your mission tables which is perfect on the go as well as keeping up with your guild mates whilst you are away from your desk and checking in when you have a spare 5/10 minutes. I find it really useful to use to check on my shadowlands mission tables to see where I can continue to get gold from specific mission tables and the opportunity to purchase anything from the auction house as well as check current auctions in place helps me manage my gold situation. However my issue is that the auction house part of the application does not really fit what I would love to have and that is the prospect to sell. This for me really lets the companion app down however I understand the reasons behind doing it (mainly to stop bots/scripts to do cancel scanning even when they are not online) but really feel that they could do with this being added at some point to enhance its usage going into Dragonflight.

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