Where is the Gladiators Refuge in Valdrakken?

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Tired of aimlessly flying around hunting the warlords of the horde or the knights of the alliance? You can prepare for epic battles at the Gladiators Refuge in Valdrakken. This is the place to be if you love PvP. Get your epic WoW Dragonflight PvP gear today.

But where is the Gladiators Refuge in Valdrakken? you ask. Well it is located at 40.78 44.64.

What is the Gladiators Refuge for you ask? Here you can buy Dragonflight PvP armor. This is the best of the best for taking down enemies within Battlegrounds or Arena and they have some cool transmog as well.

Seltherex the Honor Quatermaster will sell you 340 ilvl gear. This will scale to 411 in PvP areas. You can upgrade the honor gear by meeting the requirements it offers. Such has a Weapon will require 1200 honor to upgrade.

Calderax’s Conquest gear is more impressive than Honor Gear. With upgrades available as you rank up in Rated Arena or Rated Battlegrounds. This is the bee’s knees of battle armor.

Never have to leave the building again! You can upgrade your killing blows with Corxian the item upgrader. He will not require any payment or trade for the exchange.

Glamora offers the ultimate Elite Conquest exchanges. Her valuables are not to be trifled with by the low ranking Horde or Alliance players.

Good luck and have fun in Dragonflight with you new PvP battle gear.

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