Where is WoW Player Housing?

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World of Warcraft player housing does not currently exist at the time of writing this blog.

Blizzard had a try at player housing with the introduction of Garrisons in the WOW Expansion: Warlords of Draenor. Unfortunately the player base felt this encouraged players to play by themselves rather than as a group and since WOW is an MMO it defeated the purpose.

Sadly since this first try, Blizzard have not had another attempt at Player Housing in World of Warcraft.

Long since the Burning Legion attempted to desecrate Azeroth a golden question has been on players’ minds: Where is WoW Player Housing? In this article we will go explain all you need to know about World of Warcraft player housing.

Does WoW have player housing?

At the moment no player housing exists within World of Warcraft. But each day more players hope Blizzard will introduce this long awaited feature to the game. It is thought among the players that this is a feature being worked on behind the scenes but sadly there has been no confirmation from Blizzard.

In a recent article from Blizzard it was discussed that it would take too much resources and time to implement for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. However we could see this in the future.

But would it take as long? We have already seen that blizzard have attempted to start player housing within the game, Warlords of Dreanor introduced Garrisons. It is widely thought that these sanctuaries were a style test of player housing.

With the Garrison implementation it did change the game, we saw what we could have and what could be better about them too.

The garrison invasions did bring fun to the zone, and rebuilding different buildings to give you different uses did make Draenor more fun from general levelling experiences. But it wasn’t enough to keep the players happy with limited interaction, design choices and general loneliness.

Player housing should be something we can be proud to show to our friends. But not something we are forced to live in for two years of an expansion, or the entire game based around being there.

Game Changing Ideas Player Housing

WoW Player Housing could bring new professions like “Carpenters” or “Tree Cutting” and expand on existing professions such as Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring. With crafting recipes for furniture, upholstery, carpets and décor allowing you to customise your home the way you want it.

This change could give us more interaction with the professions. If these player housing changes were made, old world materials would become more useful. New WoW players who are gaining these materials would earn gold on the Auction House in the early game.

Potential Collectible for Player Housing:
  • Mini-figures of Raid Bosses that can be crafted and inscribed with the date of your first kill. 
  • Honorable Kills (Bronze, Silver, Gold).
  • Mounts Trophies.
  • Pet Collector Trophies.
  • Leveling Trophies.
  • Armor stands display your Transmogs.

Mount Stables for your favourite top 10 mounts giving you a chance to show them off to your friends.

A battle pet Colosseum would be fun to change the way players battle for more than just a victory!

What would it take to implement? (Explained)

Implementation of WoW Player Housing would take a lot of resources and time. Lot of new WoW models will need to be developed and existing models re-rendered.

Being able to choose your player housing location would be amazing and game changing.

Ideally player housing would be account bound, so all of your alliance characters would have the same trophies and collectables but in different homes.

The player housing implementation could happen alongside an expansion release, with updates all the way through an expansion separate to major patches allowing blizzard to beta test theoretically during a live expansion.

What could WoW player housing create?

Player housing could create a new economy for older crafting materials which could be used in the Player Housing.

Professions could have more use than just for PVE or PVP agenda’s.

WoW Players would have something else to do alongside general game play, giving downtime a new outlook and allowing us to do more between patches.

With the more customizable housing in WoW the more players will expand into making amazing designs and give more feedback to blizzard to implement new and exciting decorations as well as using some of the seasonal and regional décor too.

WoW Player Housing video

Final Thoughts

Personally player housing could be a fantastic implementation to the game. Giving players something new to focus on outside of PVE or PVP agenda’s.

It would give us all a chance to become creative within World of Warcraft and give players a chance to develop their own World within Azeroth.

Implementation would take a lot of time and resources but once it’s started the game would have so much already to make a start.

I would love to see this implemented after World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and I hope that Blizzard gives this another look. Blizzard has a lot of thoughts on the table already for WoW Player Housing, but let’s give them a chance to hear more. If you have any ideas or suggestions leave a comment below.

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