Why is World of Warcraft so Addictive?

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Want to know why gamers are so addicted to playing World of Warcraft? So many gamers consider World of Warcraft (WoW) to be one of the most entertaining game ever. So why has this caused such rampant gamer addiction?

Many World of Warcraft players are logged into World of Warcraft for 12 hours a day or more. Their entire community and social circle surrounds World of Warcraft. To not log in would be too much of a disconnect from their life. Let’s delve further into what WoW is and perhaps how it can become such a compelling part of gamer’s lives.

What is World of Warcraft (WoW)? 

Blizzard Entertainment developed the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) known as World of Warcraft (WoW). World of Warcraft, which debuted in November 2004, now holds the Guinness World Record for most MMORPG subscriptions. World of Warcraft is about raising a character’s level from one to maximum level. Along the way there’s quests to complete, gear to collect and challenges to overcome as a group.

Popular culture has embraced World of Warcraft in many ways, and it is well recognized to have addictive qualities. While completing quests and raising their character level, some players claim to have wasted months or even years. This is all done sitting in front of computers progressing their characters in some way shape or form. The well-liked and addictive qualities of World of Warcraft can be attributed to the game creator Blizzard. The design of World of Warcraft and their implemented game mechanic’s design does clearly create addiction, but how?

Why are Games like WoW so Addictive?

The first idea that typically springs to mind while most people just try to enjoy playing games. They don’t typically take the time to reflect and consider if they have become addicted. Getting caught up in the enjoyment of playing is all they honestly care about. Often times these gamers are passionate about what they do in World of Warcraft, they just don’t want to stop.

There are numerous explanations for why World of Warcraft really is compelling. The game is non stop always evolving, with something new to do all the time which is the first justification. The developer of World of Warcraft, Blizzard, often releases new patches and upgrades to keep the game fresh. This implies that there is constantly something new to experience and discover in the World of Warcraft. This itself causes “fear of missing out” especially if any of the newer World of Warcraft content were to be “time sensitive”.

Five Reasons World of Warcraft is Compelling and Addictive
  1. Epic Calling & Meaning:
    The passion that players exhibit towards their game makes it seem like it is bigger than themselves. This feeling of being part of something great is referred to as having an epic meaning and calling. Players frequently believe that it’s their responsibility to further the interests of the community rather than themselves. Whether that means assisting other players, completing social guild or community activities or even adding to a wiki.
  2. Unpredictability and Curiosity:
    Players are driven by this desire to learn what could happen next. The factor of chance motivates participants whether the anticipated outcome is favorable or unfavorable.
    Players who enjoyed the player vs player parts of game were far more willing to challenge a stronger player in the hopes of an unexpected victory.
  3. Social Influence & Belongingness:
    Social Influence & Belongingness: Players look for common ground with their peers and work to distinguish themselves from the competition. Players who are regular guild members said that if their friends and fellow guild members were playing, they were much more likely to participate at unfavorable times.
  4. Development and Achievement:
    This speaks to conquering obstacles, completing quests, farming rewards such as pets, mounts, achievements. For players to derive value from their activity, the challenge component of this section of the architecture is crucial. The feeling of gratification from completing difficult challenges is what keeps the gamer drawn in. That feeling makes the gamer unable to step away, always looking towards the next challenge.
  5. Lack and Impatience:
    This drive revolves around the gamer needing something they are unable to own. MMO’s have always been the same. The gamer who can dedicate and spends the most time playing will likely be the strongest player. This creates a drive for players to spend all day everyday becoming their very best. If players must wait for their awards, this motivation may become much more grounded. Players master their skills, gear up their characters, and defeat the toughest opponents. Whether that’s done in player versus player combat or if it’s in a raid or dungeon. Many of the activities that occur in World of Warcraft are designed with the sense of scarcity, restriction, and fear.

Why WoW is so Addictive – Final Thoughts

The game genuinely has had an impact on and speaks to the human psyche in every way. Many of the players who play today also played when they were young teens who have grown up playing. World of Warcraft employs the most effective strategies to capture people’s attention so that they would feel challenged and develop an addiction to it. As a World of Warcraft player, you constantly strive to outperform your rivals, earn more rewards, and strengthen your character. As a result, you must dedicate a lot more time to the game.

We hope you understand why World of Warcraft is so compelling. Keep playing, enjoying and defeating your opponents!

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