World of Warcraft Top 10 Zones by Atmosphere

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The atmosphere of zones has always been so important to the gamers of World of Warcraft. In this blog today we here at Battle Shout thought that it would be fun to create a list exploring the best WoW regions that impacted players with atmospheric scenery, NPC Mobs and music. 

Playing an MMO like World of Warcraft is a journey through a world rich in details that are immersive and atmospheric. Today, let us take you on a journey through the huge expanse of World of Warcraft to discover Battle-Shout’s top 10 zones ranked by atmosphere.

Top 10 World of Warcraft Zones

  1. Grizzly Hills

The Grizzly Hills, located in Northrend and is regarded by the player base as easily one of the most beautiful and wonderful Zones in World of Warcraft. The tall trees and surrounding nature create an atmospheric scenery around the player. Questing through Grizzly Hills feels because you feel so small versus all of the looming trees and natural NPC’s such as bears running around. 

World of Warcraft
  1. Highmountain

Highmountain is the starting zone of the highmountain tauren. It’s a simply fantastic zone which feels peaceful as you fly or walk through it. Ironically when you quest through this zone you help many perilous Highmountain Tauren along the way. Due to the fast flowing waters of Highmountain, the area serves as the lifeblood of every region in Legion. With huge mountains it’s easy to forget that deep beneath the surface lies networks of tunnels and caverns created from past volcanic activity.

World of Warcraft Highmountain
  1. Crystalsong Forest

Crystalsong Forest was accidentally created by the Highborne who had attempted to crystallize part of the forest to draw magic from the crystals and fight the dragons. Unfortunately or fortunately for us the spell was much more powerful than they had expected and they accidentally transformed the entire zone into Crystals.

World of Warcraft Crystalsong Forest
  1. Uldum

Uldum is filled with ancient structures, hieroglyphics, desert like lands with a large river flowing throughout. The river is surrounded by oasis, aggressive monsters such as crocodiles. Due to the rich history of this zone there is so much to explore and discover. As you explore through Uldum you feel like you’re in an Indiana Jones movie exploring lost forgotten cities in search  for cursed crystal skulls!

World of Warcraft Uldum
  1. Zangarmarsh

Zangarmarsh is the land of Mushrooms, swampland and all things fungai. Plenty of World of Warcraft players who like to party, go to this zone, because they are “Fun-Gui”. This zone feels like you are walking through a dream-like scenery. All of the creatures look like they are straight out of your nightmares, it genuinely feels scary and looming as you quest throughout. The zone on a whole feels creepy and dreamy. Large lakes, looming mushroom trees and tall alliance and horde structures gives us players a chance to escape the frightening landscape.

World of Warcraft Zangarmarsh
  1. Vashj’ir

Vashj’ir is a personal favorite of the author of this blog. This is an underwater zone where you constantly fight for survival against the Naga and the opposing. Vashj’ir which was once a highborn city, was suddenly and unfortunately drowned by the Great Sea. This was caused by the Sundering and thought to be lost forever. The rest stops in Vashj’ir are several undersea caves safe from the nasty naga or sea goblins! As players quest through this zone they get to discover the wonderful forgotten city. This zone carries an air of excitement as you are fighting for your survival. While exploring Vashj’ir you come across deep under the sea scenery.

World of Warcraft Vashj’ir
  1. Ardenweald

The vast blue dreamy forests of Ardenweald represent the natural cycle of life and death. As you fly or run throughout Ardenweald you are struck by how mystical and magical yet naturalistic this zone is. There are moments of pure beautiful nature and moments of creepy savage druss who seem to almost corrupt the areas that they inhabit. Ardenweald’s wild natural landscapes are a sanctuary for spirits of nature. Ardenweald and its opposite: Emerald Dream are blooms connected to the same tree. 

World of Warcraft Ardenweald
  1. Stranglethorn Vale

Booty Bay was originally inhabited by humans which was overrun by trolls. The goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel managed to drive out the trolls from the immediate area to claim the shores of the cove for their new center for operations in the Eastern Kingdoms: Booty Bay. Stranglethorn Vale was part of the Gurubashi Troll Empire. Zul’Gurub which is a troll city in Stranglethorn Vale was their capital. The wild jungles of Stranglethorn have claimed the area with thick jungle. This zone is fraught with dangerous beasts and trolls alike. Beneath the surface of wild jungle foliage you can find ancient troll buildings and explore long forgotten mines. This zone feels exciting and fun to explore.

  1. The Jade Forest

The pandaren have built mighty structures throughout Jade Forest which break up the landscape into fun to explore luscious green zones. You can find in Jade Forest, ancient mogu statues and ruins. This creates a need for you to want to continue explore. Jade Forest is inspired by asian culture and areas, which gives an idyllic sense of peace. 

World of Warcraft Jade Forest
  1. Mulgore

Mulgore is one of World of Warcraft’s most green zones with plenty of farmland and plains. Mulgore is surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides. This zone is home of the Tauren and the only way through these mountains is a pass which leads into the Barrens. What Battle-Shout loves about this zone is how simple and luscious it feels as you are helping the bold Tauren in their journeys. Many players explored Mulgore as their first zone in World of Warcraft. Mulgore holds a special place of fondness in their memories. 

World of Warcraft Mulgore

Final Thoughts – Top 10 WoW Zones

This has been fun to re-explore the old forgotten zones of World of Warcraft. Battle Shout will be sure to do a fresh updated version of this top 10 zones in world of Warcraft as more zones are added. We hope you enjoyed reading this, be sure to leave a comment with your own personal top 10 list of your favorite zones below!

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