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World of Warcraft is an MMO game with wonderful places to explore, items to collect such as pets, toys and most importantly mounts! One of the best mounts in WoW has got to be the Bee mount! This is an alliance only mount, sorry Horde! In this guide Battle Shout will show you how to get the Bee mount. Getting the Bee mount in WoW takes some work but is well worth the time. Battle Shout will guide you on exactly how to get the Bee mount in World of Warcraft.

How to get the bee mount Guide

To unlock this faction you will need a bumblebee battle pet: Seabreeze Bumblebee or Bumbles. Bumbles can be earned from achieving “Let’s Bee Friends”, which has a 7 day time gate! We don’t want to waste your time so we suggest you simply buy a Seabreeze Bumblebee from the Auction House. If you don’t want to buy it from the auction house you can head on over to BFA (Storm’s Wake) and buy a Seabreeze Bumblebee costing 250 Polished Pet Charms (You will need Revered with Storm’s Wake). 

Once you have your bee pet, go to the Mildenhall Meadery, next the flightpath you will find Barry. You need to find Barry, he’s covered in bees.

Barry the Bee Keeper

Summon your battle pet Bumblebee. Once your pet bee is summoned, Barry explains that there’s a new hive nearby! He suggests the Bees may lead us to their nest.

From Barry, now follow the green clouds which will eventually lead you to the Honeyback Hive. If you would like to skip this part you can also just skip straight to the hive. Fly to the Honeyback hive at the location below.

Honeyback Hive Location

Once you’ve reached the hive, there is a little bit of  dialogue between Barry and the Hivemother, who comes out to defend her nest. Don’t try to enter the hive, you’ll get teleported away and get a debuff “Many Painful Stings” which is nasty! Barry suggests we can find something to appease the Hivemother. Locate one Thin Jelly. One will be located nearby the Hive just search around and you will find one.

First Thin Jelly – Honeyback Hive

When you have found the Thin Jelly give it to the Honeyback Hivemother. She’s unfortunately is not easy to please and is still not happy. Speak to Barry again, he will then valiantly attempt to communicate with the bee through dance and simple words. Unexpectedly he does get through. Now, you can follow him inside the Honeyback Hive.

Go through Barry’s dialogue choices, then feed your first Jelly to the Nascent Harvester (Baby bumble bee to the left of the hive inside the honey comb.

Nascent Harvester

Completing this gives you 20 reputation which in turn will let you now see jelly deposits across Stormsong Valley and earn reputation!

Get the Bee Mount – Earning Reputation

Earning reputation is simple: collect the Jelly from the Jelly Deposits around Stormsong Valley. Then you hand it into the bee back at Honeyback Hive for reputation. You need Exalted reputation with Honeyback Hive and the Mature Honeyback Harvester.

  •  Thin Jelly – 20 reputation / 5 friendship.
  •  Rich Jelly – 80 Reputation / 20 friendship.
  •  Royal Jelly – 160 Reputation / 40 friendship.

Use the route below as a way to farm Jelly. One of our author’s here at Battle Shout often farm Jelly as a method of gold making and this is the route they use to get as much as possible.

How to Earn Reputation – Bee Mount Guide

  1. Slay the Honey Smasher elite every day! Upon slaying this foe you gain 500 reputation with Honeyback Hive.You can kill Honey Smasher once per day.
  2. Do Honeyback Harvester events scattered though out Stormsong Valley. 

Jelly Farm to get Bee Mount in WOW

When you reached Revered with the hive you will be able to purchase “Beeholder’s Goggles” from Barry who is stood outside of the Hive. These are such an important item for farming jelly. These will help greatly with efficiency and will let you farm so much faster. Note these are also used by gold farmers to farm Jelly to put onto the auction house for anyone looking to get this reputation fast you can buy the jelly from the auction house. To get the Honeyback Harvester mount you need to do some grinding of farming Jelly in Stormsong Valley.

Eventually after some farming you will raise the Honeyback Harvester into a ‘Mature’ Honeyback Harvester, which is the basically means you’re “Exalted” reputation with the Bee. Reach Exalted reputation with Honeyback Hive. Complete a short quest chain, ending with  Leaving the Hive, which will reward you your mount!

Friendship Amount for the Bee Mount

  1. Part 1 = 3500 Reputation with the Nascent Harvester.
  2. Part 2 = 7000 Reputation with Juvenile Harvester (same bee but developed).

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on achieving this wonderful bee mount. Who would have thought that little baby bee in the honey comb would grow to be your mount one day? Brings a tear to our eyes! Seriously amazing job of getting that bee mount. Remember if you haven’t got it yet make sure you do all the bonus events throughout Stormsong Valley for that extra reputation and honey (jelly). Have a buzzing day and we here at Battle Shout will see you in the next guide.


Question: Where is Barry the Bee Keeper?
Answer: Mildenhall Meadery.

Question: How to farm Honey Jelly Fast?
Answer: See the route in the guide above.

Question: Can Horde get the Honeyback Harvester Bee Mount?
Answer: No, it’s an alliance only mount.

Question: Where do I get the Bee Mount?
Answer: Earn Rep with Honeyback Harvesters, Raise your bee to become a mount!

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