Is WoW Classic Free?

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No, WoW classic is NOT free to play. Many people ask is WoW Classic free? It may have no box cost to it but it is included in your monthly subscription! So technically WoW Classic is not free! Facts are overlooked as to just HOW MUCH is included in our monthly subscriptions to World of Warcraft! $15 WoW monthly sub gets you: WoW Classic Servers, WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, and WoW Retail! What are each of these versions of World of Warcraft, and what can we actually expect from these expansions?

WoW Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is permanently locked at the final patch of the Vanilla WoW cycle. Allowing players to experience all of the Raids, Dungeons, World Bosses and Battlegrounds from the past! Level all the way up to 60, delve into the Molten Core and defeat Ragnaros the Firelord, or ascend into Naxramas and stop Kel’thuzad, Lieutenant of the Lich King! Build a sense of community as you travel to each epic location on foot. Build raids and groups through zone chats and server discords!

WoW Classic – Wrath of the Lich King

This version of WoW Classic lets you experience World of Warcraft at the height of its popularity! Wrath of the Lich King was the expansion that really put WoW on the map. Take the fight to Northrend to prevent the spread of the plague and combat the undead scourge! Level to 80 as the first Hero Class added to the game, the Death Knight! Take to the skies and see Northrend from the air on your Frostbrood Dragons and Proto-drakes, and once the Trial of the Crusader begins and Ice Crown Citadel opens, take out the Lich King and experience the LFG System introduced in the final patches of WotLK!

WoW Retail

The most modern iteration of World of Warcraft! We are currently helping rebuild the Shadowlands following the damage dealt by the Jailer. On the horizon is the reawakening of the Dragon Isles, allowing us access the home of the Dragon Aspects. We will learn to ride Dragons and help the Aspects regain their power. Retail has the FULL LFG and LFR system, as well as guild finders, global chats, All Classes and many Allied Races that are not included in the Classic Experience of Yesteryear. It also has a marginally higher PC requirement, due to new graphics, mechanics and systems. Retail WoW May not be suitable for players with older equipment, but is still an amazing experience regardless!

I hope that this has helped to clarify how to get access to WoW Classic, and what having that access means you get to do! It’s 3 amazing games and experiences across time for a singular monthly subscription! Rebuild that sense of community and unite with players that enjoy these snapshots of the games history, one expansion at a time!

Final Thoughts

Many players consider WoW Classic to be free considering they already pay for World of Warcraft monthly sub. But in all honesty it technically isn’t free if it’s included in your subscription. Classic WoW is a great game and well worth the cost of a monthly sub. We at Battle-Shout hope you found this guide useful.


Question: How much is Classic WoW?
Answer: WoW Classic is included in your monthly World of Warcraft subscription.

Question: Do I have to buy WOW Classic separately?
Answer: No it is covered by your monthly wow subscription.

Question: Is WOW Wrath of the Lich king free?
Answer: It is included in your WoW subscription.

Question: Is WoW classic free?
Answer: No it’s included in your WoW monthly subscription.

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