WOW How to Create a Guild (Explained)

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The answer to your question above is go to the guild master in your major faction city and select the dialogue “I wish to form a guild”. This will now give you a guild charter which when you have received five signatures you will be able to return the charter and form your guild.

WoW has Guild Master Vendors in every faction city. Speak to a city guard to request directions to this vendor.

Request a guild charter from the vendors and then seek four fellow player’s signatures.

Upon reaching four signatures from fellow players, it’s time to return to the vendor to form and name your guild.

Be careful, double check and triple check your spelling as it will cost you real dollars to change your guild name late on.

When naming your guild in WoW it’s great advice to avoid anything rude, lude or having odd unique keyboard letters in the name.

How to make a Guild Tabard? (Solved & Explained)

Your guild tabard (Crest) is what makes your guild stand out. When you choose to wear a guild tabard you are choosing to represent your guild. It is for this reason we advise you take time and care to create a guild crest (tabard design) that you like.

The guild crest will be on: Guild Tabards, Guild Battle Flags, Guild Mounts and your Guild Bank.

To create a guild crest, you need to speak to the guild vendor and request to make a guild tabard.

How to Manage Guilds in WoW? (Explained)

Guilds in World of Warcraft are complex, they have many tabs and boxes with various settings that will need to be setup correctly.

The top main tab on the right side is guild chat. This is where you can talk and discuss with your fellow guild members.

WoW Guild Chat Tab
WoW Guild Recruitment

If you click on the recruitment button at the bottom right of the guild chat tab you will be shown this box.

This is where you can create your recruitment advertisement for your guild. WoW players will then be able to find your guild advert when they are searching for a guild in the Guild Search screen (Press J to see this in game).

Guild Recruitment Tab

The next tab down is guild roster. The guild roster tab is effectively an info panel that displays everything to do with members info.

Use the guild roster drop down menu at the top to check fellow guild member’s:

  • Achievement Points.
  • Professions.
  • Applicants (Guild Masters & Officers).
  • Applicant History (Guild Masters & Officers).
  • Mythic+ Rating.

If you are an appropriately ranked member (Guild Master or Officer) you can select members on this tab and click promote, demote or even kick.

WoW Guild Roster Tab
WoW How do I add ranks in my guild? (Solved & Explained)

At the bottom right of this screen you can see guild settings.

Guild settings is where you can change:

  • Guild Ranks
  • Rank Permissions
  • Bank Tab Permissions

Add or remove any ranks and permissions you want in the guild. This can be edited and changed again at any point in the future.

Guild Settings Tab

The next tab down on the right is the Guild Perks tab.

WoW Guild Perks Tab

In the WoW Guild Perks Tab you can see your reputation with the guild and find all accessible guild rewards (assigned by guild reputation). In this tab the guild perks are also shown.

If you wish to purchase guild rewards you will need to go to a guild vendor in a faction city of your choosing.

The final tab on the right of the guild screen is the Guild Info tab.

The guild info tab displays all news, guild challenges and important info about the guild. Guild challenges will reward your guild bank with gold upon completion.

WoW Guild Info Tab

Guild Message of the Day (Explained)

If you are the guild master or an officer of the guild, you will have access to “Message of the Day”.

The “message of the day” is your best way to communicate a message to your guild members.

The guild message of the day will be sent to members in the usual green guild chat whenever they log in.

Guild Information

The guild information box is where guild members will find any important information about the guild. As a guild master or officer, you will want to make sure you put your social information here.

If you have a voice server such as Discord then this is where you should put your Discord guild information.

Additionally cover any info about guild activities: PVP, PVE, Calender invites etc…

Guild Calendar

Open calendar at the top right of your wow screen (near the mini-map.

This is where guild members of the appropriate ranks can create guild events.

Guild events vary from raiding (PVE), rated battlegrounds (PVP) and even gatherings.

Guild members can also create announcements here.

WoW Guild Calender

WoW Guild Chat Commands (Explained)

  • /g MESSAGE HERE (messages guild chat)
  • /ginvite NAME (Invites player to your guild).
  • /gquit (Leaves guild).
  • /gdisband (Disbands guild, guild master only).
  • /gdemote NAME (Demotes player).
  • /gpromote NAME (Promotes player).
  • /gleader NAME (Makes Named person guild master).
  • /gkick NAME (Kicks named player from guild).
  • /o MESSAGE HERE (messages officer chat, officer rank only).
  • /ginfo (Gives general guild info in the chat).

Guild Setup Guide – Final Thoughts

Having a guild in World of Warcraft is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Playing WoW without a guild can sometimes feel lonely.

However when you are a part of a guild you like and enjoy, you have friends and members to group up and play with. This improves your game experience in World of Warcraft.

As a veteran WoW player of 18 years I advise all new and returning players to look for a guild where they fit in. Joining a guild will make all parts of your World of Warcraft journey more enjoyable.

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