WoW How To Get All Blingtron Toys

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WoW How To Get All Blingtron Toys

Welcome to our guide on How To Get All Blingtron Toys in WoW. In this guide you will learn how to obtain and use all the Blingtron Toys in World of Warcraft.

How to Get the Blingtron 4000

To get the Blingtron 4000 you’ll need to level your Pandaria Engineering to 75 (the maximum) then you’ll be able to learn how to craft the Blingtron 4000 toy from Sally Fizzlefury (the engineering trainer) in Valley of the four Winds. You should be able to buy the materials from the auction house for a small amount of gold, but if you want to learn how to get the materials yourself and make TONS of gold with Pandaria engineering, check out this guide.

In order to craft the Blingtron 4000, you will need a rare material called Living Steel. You can buy it off the auction house or you can craft it yourself, but you will need to learn Pandaria alchemy in order to learn Transmute Living Steel and Riddle of Steel. One good strategy is having multiple characters with the ability to craft Living Steel so that you can produce tons of Living Steel everyday!

How to Get the Blingtron 5000

The second step in our How To Get All Blingtron Toys guide will teach you how to obtain the Blingtron 5000.

To get the Blingtron 5000, you’ll need to take the portal to Ashran (Draenor) from your capital city, then talk to a guard to find the engineering trainer. Near the engineering trainer there will be a vendor that sells you mutliple recipes including an item called Draenor Engineering. Buy it and use it to learn Draenor engineering. Now you’ll need to craft 1 Secret of Draenor Engineering (you can buy the materials at the auction house). You can buy the Blingtron 5000 recipe at the same vendor in exchange for your Secret of Draenor Engineering.

This is the engineering trainer and vendor for the alliance side:

Horde side:

Once you’ve aqcuired the recipe, you still need to get the materials to craft the Blingtron. You’ll need 100 Gearspring Parts. Here is how you can get them:

  • You can craft a few with a daily craft (the higher you engineering skill is the more you will get)
  • You can use the engineering bulding in your garrison to get 6 per day (check out our garrison guides to understand how the garrison works)
  • Once you get a level 3 garrison you’ll find a vendor that will give you gearspring parts in exchange for primal spirit (drops off rares and treasures in draenor)

Overall you can just do this passively by doing your daily craft and the work orders by logging in once a day, and if you want to speed up the process you can level engineering up and farm primal spirit.

How to Get the Blingtron 6000

The Blingtron 6000 is particular as it is not a toy like the others. You can summon it by using Reaves Module: Bling Mode on Reaves. Reaves is a useful robot that you acquire as an engineer in Legion. Here is how it works:

By doing the engineering quests from the Legion expansion (they start in Dalaran Broken Isles at the engineering trainer) you will unlock Reaves Battery. A consumable item that will summon Reaves. By completing the engineering questchain, you’ll unlock modules that make reaves useful! Upon completing the Oil Rags to Riches quest, you’ll unlock the Schematic: Reaves Module: Bling Mode. Now all you need to do is craft this module then use it, and you’ll be able to ask reaves to turn into Blingtron 6000. Feel free to complete the rest of the engineering questline to get even more usage out of Reaves.

You will find the engineering trainer at this location in Dalaran: use the Dalaran hearthstone toy to get there. This is how you can get the hearthstone.

It’s worth noting that the Blingtron’s Circuit Design Tutorial you need to craft the module can be expensive, but you can craft them yourself (either buy the ores you need or farm them, check out our material guides for optimal routes!).

Some of the other things you can do with Reaves are for example: repair your gear, resurrect a raid group, teleport you, create a feast to buff party members or even put on fireworks!

How to Get the Blingtron 7000

The final step in our How To Get All Blingtron Toys guide will take help you get the Blingtron 7000.

Blingtron 7000 is a toy like the 4000 and 5000 blingtrons. You can aqcuire it by crafting it as an engineer. The Schematic: Blingtron 7000 can be bought at the Stolen Royal Vendorbot vendor in Mechagon once you reach exalted with the Rustbolt resistance reputation. The Rustbold Resistance reputation is unfortunately very grindy, you can gain reputation by completing daily quests in Mechagon, killing rares completing pet battles etc… (click here for more info on this reputation)

This is where you can find the recipe vendor in Mechagon: /way 73.6 36.6

Please note that you have to complete introduction quests to gain access to Mechagon. You will need to get the Heart of Azeroth and unlock Nazjatar, and you should be able to pick up the Legend of Mechagon quest in either Boralus or Dazar’Alor.

Once you have the pattern you can buy the materials at the auction house then craft your Blingtron 7000! The materials include basic BFA ores and gems, and the insulated wiring can be bought at any general vendor in Kul Tiras or Zuldazar.

Blingtron Usage and Goldmaking

Now that you have learned How To Get All Blingtron Toys, we will teach you about what you can do with them.

The main reason to use a Blingtron is the daily gift package you can obtain.

When you summon a Blingtron, it will offer you a gift package, which can give you different rewards. Each Blingtron will give you a different package with a different loot table.

Please note you can only get one package per day per account, meaning that unless you have multiple accounts you can only get ONE package per day.

Overall it’s better to open the package from the Blingtron 7000 as it has a chance to drop items from the older blingtrons as well as new ones. You can for example get the Knockoff Blingtron which is worth over 100K gold on the auction house! You also have a small chance to get engineering mounts like the Geosynchronous World Spinner!

Note that all Blingtrons also have their own special functionalities. For example the Blingtron 5000 will fight other nearby Blingtrons when summoned! The Blingtron 6000 can teleport you to a random location, and the Blingtron 7000 can change your transmog to party clothes.

There is no Blingtron 8000 as of Dragonflight, but it is likely that it will be added in a future patch…

Thank you for reading our guide on How To Get All Blingtron Toys , and if you would like to know more about toys in World of Warcraft click here.

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