WoW How to race change?

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What are they and how do they help me? Greetings traveller! Today, I’m here to answer the burning World of Warcraft questions “What is a race change?” , “How do I change my race in World of Warcraft?” and “How do I change class in World of Warcraft?”. If you’ve been finding yourself asking any of these questions then read on and I shall answer!

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WoW What is a race change?

A race change is a paid service provided by blizzard that allows the player to change the race of one of their characters to a different race. There are a few restrictions on this as to which races will be available to you when you select the character you want to race change.

The restrictions are that the race you are changing to must be the same faction as your current character (more on that later), they must be able to play the same class as the character you are race changing and if it is an allied race you must have unlocked that allied race.

WoW How do I change faction?

If you find yourself wanting to switch sides then you will need a Faction Change.

This is another paid service provided by Blizzard that allows you to change your character from Alliance to Horde or Horde to Alliance. It functions in the same way as a Race Change except you can choose from the opposing factions’ races.

The previously mentioned restrictions still apply.

Why would you race/faction change in WoW?

There are a multitude of reasons that someone might want to faction or race change. Some people may just get bored of how their character looks and want to spice things up, for some people they may have just unlocked a new allied race and now they want to play as that! There are some players who will squeeze every last percent out of their character to, what we call, “MinMax”. There may be a race that’s racial give them a particular advantage in a class/role/spec or raid/dungeon/pvp. There’s plenty of reasons to do so but think carefully before you do as there is no undo button! Besides paying to revert it.

Personally, I recently switched my Death Knight from Frost to Blood so I could use it to tank in the raids and I didn’t feel that Night Elf really fit the vibe I was going for like it did when I was playing frost. So, I switched it to a Dwarf! A short, stout, meaty Dwarf and now he looks much more tanky and fearsome! 

WoW How do I change class?

Currently, and possibly for the rest of time, there is no service from blizzard that you can pay for to change your character’s class. To change class you would have to start a new character with your desired class, level them up and play that character.

However, if you feel like you’d rather skip re-levelling a character to max level and you just want to get straight into end-game content, let me introduce you to the character boost!

WoW What is a Character Boost?

The level 60 character boost does exactly what it says on the tin, you create a character, or select a character you want to boost, activate your character boost on them and with a small wait your character will go straight to level 60! When you enter the World of Warcraft with that character you will be given some starter gear and a small amount of gold.

WoW Why are Race Changes, Faction Changes and Character Boosts so expensive?

So you may have noticed that one of the cheapest services in this article, the race change, costs almost double your monthly subscription price. What gives with that? While there is no official answer from Blizzard there are two main speculations as to why these services are so expensive and they both make a lot of sense.

Speculation 1 – Blizzard doesn’t want people to be using these services a lot. If the services were cheaper, people would be likely to use them much more often. This doesn’t sound like a bad thing but at the time that race changes were implemented the racial abilities were not as well balanced as they are now. This would mean that if a certain race became overpowered due to a patch then Blizzard would have to deal with a large influx of players all switching to that race. The same for if a race got their racial nerfed into the ground, Blizzard would see a large amount of players’ race changing off of that race. They have the option there for people who really want it but have priced it higher to prevent it from being a haphazard decision. 

Speculation 2 – Blizzard priced it high because people will pay it and they do. I myself have paid for a few race changes and I know friends that have done it many times. If people will pay the price that they’ve put it out for then they have no real reason to lower it. 

 These speculations aren’t exclusive from one another, both could remain true but since they’re just speculation they both could be totally false!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions relating to this article that you feel weren’t answered, please let us know in the comments below!  

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