Should I Join a Guild in World of Warcraft?

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Whether or not to join a guild is something that many World of Warcraft players wonder. Are guilds even worth it? What exact do we get from being in a guild in WoW? Battle-Shout is going to explain everything there is to know about guilds and whether it’s worth your time or not!

Ultimately it’s better to join a guild than be a solo player, even if that means you make your own guild. This is because there are general in game benefits that come with being in a guild. Don’t worry though, we here at Battle-Shout will cover why it’s worth joining a guild in WoW!

What are Guilds in World of Warcraft?

Guilds in WoW are communities of realm wide players who join together to play World of Warcraft together. Often times in MMO’s or even World of Warcraft in specific, you are given challenges which are impossible to solo. This is where being in a guild is useful to team up and defeat power challenges.

Can I make a cross realm guild in WoW?

Unfortunately guilds in World of Warcraft are realm only gated, meaning you can only have players on the same realm as you become members of your guild.

Where can I make a guild in WoW?

In World of Warcraft you can speak to a guild master in your major faction city (Stormwind for alliance) & (Orgrimmar for Horde). Upon speaking to a guild master vendor you will be able to purchase a guild charter to form your guild.

Where can I join a guild in WoW?

If you are playing WoW and want to join a guild, you can either ask in your trade chat (/2 while in a city) or you can press “J” to open the guild finder tab and simply search for guilds. If there’s a guild you like, simply click apply. Then providing it’s an active guild, the guild master or officers will accept your application.

But why would I want to join?

The reasons for joining a guild in World of Warcraft are plentiful! Having a guild can open the door for PvP, Raiding, Dungeons, End-Game and Early-Game content! As an addition to that there are also SO MANY in-game rewards for joining a guild! Check the picture below for some examples.

In-Game Rewards: SO MANY COOL PERKS!!!

Guilds have a built in reward systems tied to Reputation you have with your guild.

You can earn Mounts, Pets, exclusive heirloom items. You can buy 3x Cloaks that teleports you to your factions Major City!

Eventually, you’ll even be able to summon your guild bank allowing access to your guilds resources without even having to travel to a city!

Should I Join a Guild in World of Warcraft?

In short, yes you should definitely find a guild and join one. There are many benefits to doing this, however that being said, do not feel like you have to join a guild. Feel free to shop around and try out some various guilds until you can find one you enjoy and feel part of. Something we didn’t really cover, is the feeling of belonging when you are in a guild you enjoy. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a community of friendly players who enjoy gaming together.

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