WoW November Trading Post Looks Incredible

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I have just logged into World of Warcraft and seen all the serious EPIC Trading Post Rewards available in November’s Trading Post. Read on to see all Rewards from the Trading Post for November in World of Warcraft. Please see my video reaction below to the items on the WoW Trading Post in November 2023.


 Possessed Watcher Guise450Monk Armor Transmog -Head  Possessed Watcher KabutoShoulders  Possessed Watcher PauldronsWaist  Possessed Watcher Cord
 Possessed Watcher Arsenal500Monk Weapon Transmog -Fist Weapon  Possessed Watcher FanStaff  Possessed Watcher KegStaff  Possessed Watcher Bloom
 Jewels of the Alluring Call450Warlock Armor Transmog -Head  Voice of the Alluring CallShoulders  Wings of the Alluring CallWaist  Chains of the Alluring Call
 Instruments of the Alluring Call500Warlock Weapon Transmog -Offhand  Effigy of the Alluring CallDagger  Flayer of the Alluring CallStaff  Caduceus of the Alluring Call
 Savage Champion’s Trophies450Warrior Armor Transmog -Head  Savage Champion’s VisionShoulders  Savage Champion’s TusksWaist  Savage Champion’s Belt
 Savage Champion’s Aggression500Warrior Weapon Transmog -2H Sword  Savage Champion’s Disemboweler1H Sword  Savage Champion’s GladiusShield  Savage Champion’s Thorns
 Krokul Guisarme50Polearm Transmog – New Model
 Razor-Edged Kukri50Sword Transmog – New Model
 Tidecaller’s Cinch50Waist Transmog – Recolor of Legion  Battlebound Girdle
 Acolyte’s Etched Warhammer752H Mace Transmog – New Model
 Gnomish Liquid Transfer Apparatus75Offhand Transmog – Formerly March 2023 Trading Post
 Ensemble: Wanderer’s Sepia Trappings100Transmog Ensemble – Scarf and Cloak
 Ensemble: Vagabond’s Sepia Threads100Transmog Ensemble – Hood and Cloak
 Maw of Rage150Shield Transmog – Recolor of Highmaul  Maw of Souls
 Mechanized Skullcrusher1501H Mace Transmog – Recolor of  Iron Skullcrusher
 Sinister Fel Staff175Gul’dan Staff Transmog – Formerly Aug 2023 Trading Post
 Luxurious Niffen Hat200Helm Transmog – Recolor of  Ponzo’s Scheming Topper
 Loyal Blademaster’s Greatsword225Sword Transmog – Blue Recolor of  Triumphant Blademaster’s Greatsword
 Fang of the Mountain400Sword Transmog – Recolor of BRF  Fang of the Earth
 Ruby Felfire Bulwark400Shield Transmog – Formerly Aug 2023 Trading Post
 Foam Sword Rack425Toy – Former TCG Item
 Longbow of the Twisted Grove500Bow Transmog – New Model
 Swift Zhevra550Mount – Former RAF Reward
 Spectral Gryphon650Alliance Mount – Former Scroll of Resurrection Promo
 Spectral Wind Rider650Horde Mount – Former Scroll of Resurrection Promo
 Drazka’zet the Wrathful650Battle Pet – Recolor of Miimii
 Standard of the Guardian650Staff Transmog – Part of Guardian Transmog Pack

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