WoW Reputation Changes in Dragonflight

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Reputation has always been a standing dish when it comes to WoW. Whether it was for mounts, gear, toys or pets, we always need reputation for something in World of Warcraft. However, in Dragonflight, Blizzard has given World of Warcraft’s reputation system an overhaul. In this article we are going to investigate this change, discussing what has changed and what that means for your future playing World of Warcraft.

Dragonflight Reputation Explained

In Shadowlands, WoW brought in a new renown system which allowed players to unlock covenant specific rewards. Alongside this they still ran the normal reputation grind that we all know and love which unlocked different rewards. In World of Warcraft Dragonflight however is bringing these together. This means that players are able to earn reputation which then ranks up the renown of each individual faction for unique rewards.

Each renown rank requires 2500 reputation up to rank 30 (as per release of dragonflight). This will take you 75000 total reputation points to unlock all rewards for a single faction. This is compared to the current reputation grind which from start to finish is 42000 reputation. Hitting milestones such as 10 and 20 renown with a faction unlocks boosted reputation gains for any alt below the milestones.

This means that reputation catch up will really support alt friendly gameplay to allow you to unlock character specific rewards such as recipes and gear.

Why Reputation changed in Dragonflight

Dragonflight is simplifying how rewards are distributed out. Normally you are required to gain reputation across ALL of your characters to release rewards. In Dragonflight all unique rewards are account wide. This is for things such as appearance changes.

There is no requirement to sync to one particular faction like in Shadowlands. This means you can work with all factions within Dragonflight and earn renown together rather than separate. Also, levelling up the renown for each faction is a lot easier than previous expansions.

Multiple activities in the game will help towards your renown increase meaning quicker renown growth. What WoW have tried to do is utilise the best parts of covenants whilst also keeping to the reputation side of WoW that we have all experienced over the past 18 years.

Dragonflight How to Earn Renown? (Solved)

Playing the game as expected is the way to earn renown. This includes faction specific dailys/world quests, side quests within faction zones and a weekly quest called “Aiding the Accord”.

All of these contribute to the standard daily grind that we always go through when it comes to endgame in WoW.

Dragonflight Benefits of Renown? (Explained)

As mentioned previously within the article, most of the rewards are now account wide. This stops having alts grinding out reputation for these specific rewards. Gaining towards all 4 factions means that specific rewards tied to professions are available for all players.

This allows people to concentrate on the actual game rather than figuring out which faction is best for that specific character. Finally, the new renown system is alt friendly. When your first character hits level 10 and level 20 renown, it unlocks a boost for all of your alts.

This allows your alts to obtain reputation at a faster rate which will help to hit character specific renown rewards such as gear and pattern unlock. In other expansions this was available for specific reputations but for a gold amount and was not specifically unlocked across all characters.

Dragonflight Reputation Changes are they good?

The changes in dragonflight around renown is trying to bring the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the success of covenants around rewards worked really well. But on the other we don’t want to lose that reputation grind that has been an ever-present whilst playing the game.

The new system brings in what worked with covenants by also keeping what worked with the reputation system. The alt friendly side of the renown changes is a massive plus and makes it easier to play multiple characters.

Another big positive change to WoW and a shift in the way that Blizzard appreciates our time playing the game.

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