Can you make money playing World of Warcraft?

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Long story short, Yes! You can make money playing WoW in many ways. As someone who’s done these strategies and knows all of the ins and outs I can definitely help you get started. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? You make money from doing what you enjoy (Playing World of Warcraft). Let’s dive in, read on for ways to make money in WoW.

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Content Creation

The first method I am going to discuss is Content Creation. What is content creation? Content Creation is the act of creating something (A blog, video, social media post) that you can then monetize. This is the most common way that players have found to make money playing World of Warcraft and other games that they love.

If pursuing a career in YouTube or blogging is something that may pique your interest, then I suggest you research that specifically. A YouTuber I can recommend is Theo Ramwell, also known as Erosium in the World of Warcraft scene. He has started a very intriguing video series detailing HOW he got to where he is, and how it began to make him money!

Addon Authoring

Similar to Content Creation, but aimed in a much different direction! If you have skills in Programming or Coding, you may be able to find success writing Addons for World of Warcraft! Addon Authors can receive donations from players or organizations.

This can be an incentive for maintaining support for their creation. This benefits many players, and occasionally websites such as will sponsor addon creators! Brush up on those Lua skills, and get to earning (In time)!

Professional Organizations

Blizzard will often host Tournaments for the best of the best. These players commonly belong to organizations or guilds that have sponsors. Not only will the sponsors provide money or funding for players to hone their craft, Blizzard themselves will also put up prize pools to watch them compete! Below are just a few examples of OFFICIAL Blizzard WoW tournaments.

And this is arguably the LARGEST event, and sponsored solely by outside entities!

  • RWF- The Race to World First: A PvE Race to see WHO can clear a Raid Tier on Mythic First! Sponsors include Redbull, Vertagear, and MSI!


Yes, you CAN make money playing World of Warcraft. Will it be easy? No, but anything worth working towards is rarely easy! I hope to see some of our readers and community members in the news one day. Make sure you remember Battle-shout when you’re famous!


Question: Can I make money playing WoW?

Answer: Yes! You can make money playing WoW!

Question: Is it easy to make money in WoW?

Answer: No, but it can be very rewarding!

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