How to Restore a Deleted Character Guide

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Log in to restore a deleted character, on the bottom of character selection next to “Create New Character” you will see a little icon to click on. Choose the character you would like to restore and click on the icon and your character will be restored.

You might be thinking “Why talk about how to restore a character? There’s nothing to talk about because it’s so easy.” right? Well, the answer is there’s more to keep in mind than actually expected.

What happens when I delete my character (Solved)

  • When you delete your character the toon will also leave the guild or any community it is in. You will have to rejoin a guild or community if you wish to be in one.
  • Your character name is no longer reserved and can be taken by somebody else. You may have to choose a new name upon recovery if the name is already taken.

How long do my characters stay deleted? (Solved)

When we delete a character it does take up a tiny bit of server space. Thinking about server space Blizzard is very selective on which characters can be restored, so that the servers don’t become overflood with deleted characters. On some characters we only have limited time to restore them. Some characters are only stored for a limited period of time. This is how it works:

  1. Characters under level 10 are permanently deleted.
  2. Characters between 10 – 29 can be restored within 90 days of deleting.
  3. Characters between 30 – 49 can be undeleted within 120 of deleting.
  4. Characters above 50 are not time-gated and are permanently undeletable.
  5. We can only restore 1 character every 7 days.

Between level 10 – 49 if we miss the time span a character is able to be restored, the character is not able to be recovered anymore. Not even the customer support can help us as the characters become permanently deleted from the database.

Bank Character nice to know (Explained)

You might have a Bank alt with some items or even gold on it. As a Bank Alt can be very precious you might not want this character to disappear for any reason. If it does, you’ll probably want to restore it. We do recommend having a Bank Alt of at least level 10 to make this possible.

How do I restore a deleted character? (Explained)

With years of experience Blizzard knows how to keep things easy for us. With these simple steps we can restore a character and the items on the toon that it held while it was deleted.

  1. Log into your account you wish to restore a deleted character
  2. On the bottom in the character selection next to “Create New Character” you will see a to click on.
  3. Choose the character you would like to restore and click on and your character will be restored.

Your character will have all the items in its bags and all the gear it was wearing before you deleted it. Though if you deleted the items you were wearing prior to deleting you can use the item restoration service in game to restore them. To do so follow our guide here:

Final thoughts

Blizzard has given us the opportunity to reverse the decision of deleting a character. If it was by mistake or even deliberately the option to restore a character gives us as a player a bit more peace of mind.

With that said, we here at Battle Shout hope we could give you extra peace of mind with this guide. Any questions or thoughts feel free to post in the comments section and make sure to check out our other guides.


Question: Can I undelete a World of Warcraft character?

Answer: Yes you can restore a character from the character selection.

Question: Why are WoW characters missing?

Answer: You may have selected the wrong server or realm.

Question: How many characters can I restore?

Answer: 1 Character per 7 days.

Question: Where can I find my deleted character?

Answer: In your Character screen you will find an arrowed circle. This is where to find deleted characters.

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