World of Warcraft Item Restoration Guide

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World of Warcraft is about getting gear, it can be annoying when you accidentally delete, disenchant or vendor an item you need. This is where WOW item restoration comes in! There is a way to get this item back instead of farming it again, really? Yes, there is! Let us here at Battle Shout introduce you to World of Warcraft Item Restoration. Keep reading because in this guide you will learn how to restore your items with the World of Warcraft restoration tool. This will work for World of Warcraft retail and World of Warcraft Classic.

What do you need to know about restoring items?

The procedure for WOW item restoration is fairly easy, however there are a few things you need to know before you start.

  1. If you have vendored the item it is important to have some gold in your bags. This is because you will exchange it for the item you sold for the same price. Example: if you sold the item for 3g 50s, you then need 3g 50s for the item restoration.
  2. If you’ve disenchanted the item you need to have the exact item you received before an exchange will be made. Example if you received 2 strange dust you need to make sure you have 2 strange dust in your bags.
  3. You can only restore items once every 7 days. You can restore multiple items at a time considering you have enough materials or gold.
  4. You do not necessarily need to be logged into the game as you can do this on the Blizzard website. This method you will be covering throughout the “How to”.
  5. You also need a subscription or active game time.
WoW How do you restore items?

Now that you know what you need to know let’s get started with the item restoration.

  1. First of all let’s log into your account and choose a character that you would like to play.
  2. You now need to search for the button with the red question mark located in the micro menu where you also find your collections, adventure guide and character info. This can also be brought up when you press on Esc on your keyboard.
  3. After clicking on the question mark or pressing escape you can now choose the top option “Support” where you are prompted to a customer support window that should look something like this.
    A simple picture of the services page by blizzard
  4. You choose the picture labelled with “Item Restoration” and you are now prompted with a window that contains a link to the Blizzard website with the link:
  5. Prompted to the website you now have a window where you can now begin with the item restoration by clicking on “Begin Item Restoration”.
  6. In the next part you pick your server on which the character you would like to restore an item with is on. In this case it is on the server Silvermoon.
  7. After you pick the server where the character is on you now need to choose the character you would like to restore the item or items on. Pick your character then you will get a screen where you can choose the items you would like to restore. While you choose the items you would like to restore you see a list of the items you have selected. Underneath the items you see a “Total COD:”. In this case it is a total of 20g 68s 17c. After quickly checking if you have this amount of gold on your character you can proceed by clicking on “Next: Review Item Restoration”
  8. In this window you now check up on what you have selected. If you have forgotten any items you wanted to restore, now is the chance to click “Back to Items” and add what you forgot. Everything is okay so far? Then you hit “Restore Items”.
  9. The last window on the website you get to see is one that confirms the item restoration and lets us know that you can now check your in-game mail for the restored items.
  10. Now it’s time to check your in-game mail on the character you chose to restore your items. Easy as the abc you click on your items, pay the C.O.D ( Cash On Delivery ) for the items you have now successfully restored and these wander straight into your bags.

Congrats! You have now successfully restored items!

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Question: Can I restore items in WOW if I sold them?
Answer: Yes as long as you have the gold from selling them for the exchange.

Question: World of Warcraft how do I get deleted items back?
Answer: Use the WOW item restoration tool and read this guide!

Question: Can I restore items I deleted?
Answer: Yes just use the Blizzard Item restoration tool.

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