Dragonflight- Hidden Profession Masters

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In Dragonflight, there are a TON of ways to increase your Profession Knowledge. One of the most helpful ways, but often overlooked, are the Profession Masters. These are Master’s of their craft that are fast at work studying the burgeoning Dragon Isles. Seek them out for a one time boost to your Profession Knowledge!

I strongly suggest installing the Tomtom addon, which will allow you to use a /way command to set waypoints and get an arrow pointing to these NPC’s!

Profession Masters will only offer the Knowledge Dialogue if you are atleast 25 points into the given profession.

Alchemy – Waking Shores

Grigori Vialtry – /way 60.92, 75.84

Grigori is an Undead Alchemy Master. He can be found near the entrance to the Ruby Life Pools dungeon. Speaking with him will give you 5 Alchemy Profession Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle!

Blacksmithing – Waking Shores

Grekka Anvilsmash – /way 43.32, 66.60

Grekka is an Orc Blacksmithing Master. She can be found kneeling behind a broken tower in the Obsidian Bulwark. When spoken to, she will award 5 Blacksmithing Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle!

Enchanting – Ohn’Ahran Plains

Shalasar Glimmerdusk – /way 62.42, 18.70

Shalasar is a Nightborn Enchanting Master. She is found on the top floor of a decrepit ruin in the Ohn’Ahran Plains. She will reward you with 5 Enchanting Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle, even though we don’t help her find a way down…

Engineering – Azure Span

Frizz Buzzcrank – /way 17.8, 21.7

Frizz is a Mechagnome Engineering Master. They can be found in the Northwest section of the Azure Span, in the mountains. Frizz is inspecting an ancient dragon/titan relic. They will reward you with 5 Engineering Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle.

Herbalism – Ohn’Ahran Plains

Hua Greenpaw – /way 58.42, 50.04

Hua is a Pandaren Herbalism Master. She is near a tree in the Ohn’Ahran Plains. She will give you 10 Herbalism Knowledge and 50 Artisan’s Mettle for interacting with her!

Inscription – Azure Span

Lydiara Whisperfeather – /way 40.20, 64.3

Lydiara is a Nightborn Inscription Master. She is actively studying at the Azure Archives in the Azure Span. Interact with her for 5 Inscription Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle.

Jewelcrafting – Azure Span

Pluutar – /way 46.23, 40.84

Pluutar is a Draenei Jewelcrafting Master. He is kneeling near a Jewelcrafting Table in Camp Antonidas. Speak with him to earn your 5 Jewelcrafting Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle.

Leatherworking – Ohn’Ahran Plains

Erden – /way 82.45, 50.67

Erden is a Centaur Leatherworking Trainer. Find him near a river North West of the Shikaar Highlands mark on your map. Speaking with him will grant 5 Leatherworking Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle.

Mining – Thaldraszus

Bridgette Holdug – /way 61.52, 76.95

Bridgette is a Dwarven Mining Master. Find her in Thaldrazzus on a floating rock due north of the Temporal Conflux. She will impart 10 Mining Knowledge and 50 Artisan’s Mettle for finding her.

Skinning – Waking Shore

Zenzi – /way 73.4, 69.72

Zenzi is a troll Skinning Master. She is enjoying watching the water from the shore between Waking Shore and Thaldrazzus. She can give you 10 Skinning Knowledge and 50 Artisan’s Mettle for sharing in relaxing with her!

Tailoring – Valdrakken

Elysa Raywinder – /way 27.96, 45.79

Elysa is a Blood Elf Tailoring Master. She was easily the hardest for me to find. She is standing on a ledge about halfway up the Obsidian Enclave in Valdrakken, near the Rostrum of Transformation. Speak with her for 5 Tailoring Knowledge and 25 Artisan’s Mettle.

I hope this has helped you on your journey through leveling your Professions! I highly Suggest seeking out the Profession Masters, as it is a huge boost to getting started making gold with your professions.

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