Dragonflight Zone Overview

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With Dragonflight’s release came 4 new zones, many factions, and 8 new dungeons! Come along with us as we give a detailed Zone Overview for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight!

The Waking Shore-

The first zone that you will encounter upon beginning your adventures on the Dragon Isles is The Waking Shore! This amazing zone’s terrain is more easily traversed by fledgelings to the isles that may not necessarily have their wings (dragon riding!). Featuring canyons and rivers that bisect the zone, with active volcanos to the north. The Waking Shores is home to the seat of power for both the Black Dragonflight and the Red Dragonflight.

Questlines of note-

  • Learning to Fly (Dragon Riding Intro)
  • The Shadow of His Wings. (What has happened to the remnants of the Black Drakanoids?)
  • Ruby Lifecalling. (A glimpse into what the Red Dragonflight actually do!)

Dungeons in this Zone-

  • Neltharus– Vault of ancient relics and seat of power for the Black Dragon Aspect, long abandoned until the Djaradin awoke! Can you reclaim this ancestral home and return it’s power to the Heirs of the Black Dragonflight?
  • Ruby Lifepools– The Primalists aim to steal and corrupt the most recent clutch of Dragons presented to the care of the Red Dragonflight. Take to arms and fight back the onslaught, the dragonlings are depending on you!

Factions in this Zone-

  • Dragonscale Expedition- A cross-faction effort to explore and learn as much as possible about the history of the Dragonflights. Featuring appearances from the Earthen Ring, Cenarion Circle, and the Explorer’s League!

Ohn’ahran Plains-

The Ohn’Ahran plains are a beautiful and sprawling zone. Full of large flat spaces it makes for the perfect locale for practicing your Dragon Riding, or even for getting great views of other zones! In the Ohn’ahran plains you will participate in becoming an honorary member of the Centaur Maruuk Clan! But all is not well, participate in a Civil War and help repair relations between the Centaur and the Green Dragonflight!

Questlines of note-

  • Taivan’s Purpose. (Quite possibly one of the best questlines i’ve ever done. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll love this.)
  • Initiate’s Day Out. (This quest leads to a daily quest to unlock a new mount!)
  • Return of the Ring of Blood! Take on Gurgthok’s challenge and become champions once again!

Dungeons in this zone-

  • Nokhud Offensive- Help take down the aggressive Nokhud Clan. They’ve allied themselves with the Primalist and have stolen the Demigod, Ohn’ahra! Stop these assaults and reclaim the plains for the Centaur!

Factions in this zone-

  • Maruuk Centaur- A faction of friendly centaur who live in the Ohn’ahran Plains. They strive to maintain balance in the plains and worship their ancestors. However, do not underestimate them. They are expert hunter’s and routinely take down Ancient Proto-Drakes!

The Azure Span-

The Azure Span, the southernmost zone in the Dragon Isles. Home to the seat of power for the Blue Dragonflight, but long since abandoned by their aspect. The span is now home to 3 main factions that vie for dominance. The Brackenhide Gnolls, corrupted by plague and decay. They seek only to see the world rot. The Many Furbolg Tribes, falling under the sway the Primalist Threat. And the Iskaara Tuskarr. The Tuskarr are a returning fan favorite from the days of Wrath of the Lich King! Help the new Blue Aspect Kalecgos recover his father’s legacy and prevent the break down of defenses in the Azure Span.

Questlines of note-

  • Grimtusk Hideaway (Aid a grizzled old Tuskaar resolve an old grudge. Find his allies and rally against the most powerful gnoll since Hoggar!)
  • Lost Ruins (Follow a story of how Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. There is an ancient power hidden in these lost ruins, can the Kirin Tor manage to contain it or will they fall victim to corruption as well?)

Dungeons in this zone-

  • Brackenhide Hollow- The Brackenhide Gnoll’s worship of Rot is spreading out of control. Siege their camp and take out their leaders before they can consume the world.
  • The Azure Vault- A vault created to store and study magical artifacts. After Sindragosa’s departure from the isles the caretakers were left alone. Delve into the vaults and fend of the Sundered Flame and crazed caretakers before any more damage can be done.

Factions in this zone-

  • Iskaara Tuskarr- The Tuskarr return as a neutral race of kind fisherman. Travelers of the world and collectors of stories, I am sure there are tales to be told around their fire! Collect relics and stories to increase your reputation, and maybe they’ll teach you ancients skills!


Thaldrazzus, home of the Aspects. This ancient zone houses Titan Facilities, the Prison for the Incarnates, and the Temporal Hourglass. The largest of the zone and the closest to an End-Game zone currently, this is the end of the Main campaign. From here you can choose to aid the Bronze Dragonflight retake their seat of power, participate in the fight against the Rebel Drakenoids, or even visit the Hot Springs! But be wary, intrigue abounds in Thaldrazzus and nothing is quite as it seems.

Questlines of note-

  • Serene Dreams Spa. (Take a trip to the spa down the hill from Thaldrazzus! But watch out for the elementals… things are a little heated around the Hot Springs!)
  • Bleeding Hearts. (A story of how it can be difficult to choose sides in a battle, and how there exist those that seek only to heal, regardless of the harmed ones intentions.)

Dungeons in this zone-

  • Algeth’ar Academy- An ancient school of learning for Dragons and Drakenoids. Now re-opening to everyone, there are some renovations that need to be done! Perhaps you can help?
  • The Halls of Infusion- An ancient facility utilized by the Titan Keeper Tyr to nourish the Ruby Life Pools. The Primalist Threat is pushing into the facility, but to what end? It’s up to you to battle them, and possibly learn what Tyr was doing here!
  • RAID- The Vault of Incarnates- An ancient prison used to house the Incarnates, Razageth seeks to free her siblings. If she were to succeed, this would mean doom for all creations of the titans. Stop this threat and secure safety for Azeroth once more!

Factions in this zone-

  • The Valdrakken Accord- An alliance of all the Dragonflights to once again defend the Isles and all of Azeroth. Help them reclaim their homes and their power, and they will see that the Dragon Isles prosper!

Happy exploring!

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