How to Fly in Zereth Mortis

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Welcome to another World of Warcraft guide on flying! So, you’ve learned how to fly in Shadowlands and now you’re wondering either “how to get flying in Zereth Mortis?” or “Why can’t I fly in Zereth Mortis?”. Well fear not brave adventurer, this guide is going to explain how to unlock flying in zereth mortis AND EVEN SHOW YOU HOW!

How to get Flying in Zereth Mortis

Your main goal for unlocking flying in Zereth Mortis is to earn the achievement Unlocking the Secrets. (Pictured below)

Once you have earned all six of the achievements within this meta-achievement you will be instantly granted flying in Zereth Mortis! A lot of these achievements can be made a lot easier by installing the addon HandyNotes, I mention it a few times in the article and you can download it on CurseForge here – HandyNotes: Shadowlands – Addons – World of Warcraft – CurseForge. So, let’s crack on with a breakdown of each achievement’s requirements and how to complete them.

Explore Zereth Mortis

For Explore Zereth Mortis all we need to do is open our map and adventure to any area of the map that is “covered”. Covered simply just means that we haven’t discovered that area of the map. Open up your map and go hunt those brown spots! Pro Tip: If you have a friend who already has flying and a 2-man mount, ask them for help getting to those tougher to reach areas.

Tales of the Exile

For Tales of the Exile, we need to go pick up and read all of the books Firim has left behind in Zereth mortis. Now personally, I was a little bit of a cheater with this achievement and used the add-on HandyNotes and I’d definitely recommend it as an add-on to add to your collection. However, if you’re a bit of a purist or have any other reason for not installing addons, do not worry! I’ll mark down all 7 of the coordinates for you.

  • Part 1 – 35,55
  • Part 2 – 41,62 (In Bitterbeaks nest on the rocks)
  • Part 3 – 37,46 (Hidden in the bushes)
  • Part 4 – 49,76
  • Part 5 – 39,31 (Inside the cave on the right)
  • Part 6 – 67,25
  • Part 7 – 64,33

Curious Collections

For this achievement, we need to collect 5 of the hidden treasures listed above. Again, HandyNotes is a huge helper here as it will mark them all on our map for us! I’ve noted down the coordinates for 5 of what I consider the easiest hidden treasures to find.

  • Offering to the First Ones – 34,56 (Super easy, it’s on the ground and all you have to do is right click it.
  • Damaged Jiro Stash – Start at 37,36 and climb up the fallen pillars, drop down at the end onto the ledge and loot the purple glowing box.
  • Stolen Scroll – Requires a little bit of parkour in haven I’ve linked a video of me doing it as it’s easier shown than said
  • Mawsworn Cache – 60,30 (There may be some adds around it, defeat them and collect the treasure)
  • Overgrown Protofruit – Start at 36,44 and follow the path up to the treasure.

Adventures in Zereth Mortis

This achievement requires you to defeat 10 rares in Zereth Mortis. This one can take a little bit of time as the rares aren’t always going to be up. Keep checking your map for a skull with a pointed star around it. This mark will tell you a rare is currently up in that area.

Path to Enlightenment

This achievement requires you to follow a quest line starting from Tamra in Haven. She’s by the entrance with her pet.

  1. Talk to her and accept the quest “Look Who I Found!” – She has 6 quests in total to complete.
  2. Once you have completed those you have completed “Small Pet Problems”.
  3. Next move on to Drim in pilgrims grace (61,49) to accept the quest “The Wellspring of the First Ones”.
  4. Complete this quest and go to Olem (61,53) to accept the quest “Lost Grace”.
    Once done with that move to Nadir (55,50) to take “Restore the Flow” and then “An Automa-free Diet”. Finish this quest chain with “A Return to Grace” and you’ve completed “A Return to Grace”.
  5. The last quest chain for this achievement is back in Haven. Speak to Al’dalil (33,64) and accept “Enlightened Exodus’. Complete the 5 quests they give you and the 2 from Rana (33,59). Once you’ve finished these 7 quests you’re done with the achievement! You now have “Path to Enlightenment” Congrats!

A Means to an End

The last thing standing between you and flying in Zereth Mortis is completing the quest chain for A Means to an End. The quest chain starts with “Something Wonderful” from Pelagos in Haven (35,65). Head to Exile’s Hollow, into the cave and talk with Firim. Make your way through the quest chain (11 in total) ending with “Arbiter in the making” and you will have this achievement in the bag! I’ve dropped a quest list below so you can tick them off as you go on.

  1. Something Wonderful
  2. Music of the Spheres
  3. What a long Strange Trip
  4. Borrowed Power
  5. Pop Goes the Devourer!
  6. Match Made in Zereth Mortis
  7. Between a Rock & a Rock
  8. Searching High and Low
  9. You Light Up My Life
  10. Oracle Heal Thyself
  11. Arbiter in the Making

No more wondering “How do I fly in Zereth Mortis?”. No more begging in /1 World of Warcraft general chat for a taxi. You can stop being too slow to get to the rares and zoom over there on your flying mount now! Good job to you on learning how to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis!

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