Is Dragonflight Worth it?

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With week 2 of Dragonflight almost finished, one of the most common questions that people are asking is this. Was the purchase worth it? Yes! Dragonflight so far has been worth every red cent spent! Keep reading and see what Battle-Shouts thoughts on Dragonflight are and the value it brings!

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Is Dragonflight worth my Subscription? -Answered

Dragonflight, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, is definitely worth spending your hard earned money on! The purchase cost of the expansion aside, the shear amount of FUN and ENGAGING content is amazing. The rep grinds dont feel like grinds. It feels as though you are actually helping an expedition in real time. Every day you log in is another crisis averted. Spending your local subscription cost will give you access to these feelings of accomplishment day in and day out!

A hero standing in the Dragonscale Expedition base camp, preparing to adventure in Dragon Flight.

Is Dragonflight worth my time?

This answer may surprise you, but this is an unequivocal YES! Blizzard has done a great job this time around managing your rewards compared to your time spent playing. If you are a casual player, there will be plenty of time to stop and smell the roses. You’ll complete the story and achievements at your own pace. Blizzard has gated some content in an effort to prevent players from feeling like they HAVE to be raid ready by day 2. If you’re a more hardcore player, the content is not as gated as the community insists. I’ve personally gotten 4 level 70, 3 of which are 372 ilvl and ready for Season 1 to begin on Decemeber 12th! So no matter how you play or how much time you can dedicate, Dragonflight IS worth your time!

The view from outside of Neltharus, one of the Dragonflight Dungeons. There are Djaradin and Mammoths preparing for battle.

Okay, but what is there to do once I hit 70?

So much, dear reader. So much. If you’re a fan of PvP, the return of Bloody Coin currencies makes World PvP engaging and fun, as well as a great way to gear up for season 1! If PvE is more your speed, then there are 8 individual Mythic Dungeons available RIGHT NOW for you to delve into. Learn the pathing, and prepare for those Mythic + TImers! The Vault of Incarnates will also be available soon, so raiders prepare! But if Achievement and mount hunting is your thing, there are many mounts you can earn by questing, and the Loremaster is there for the earning! Travel the world and hunt rares to earn gear and Customizations for your Dragons!

A hero soaring up to Valdrakken, the main hub city of Dragonflight.

You can also work on your Professions, build both your skill and your customer base with Crafting Orders! Blizzard has implemented a new system where players can request armor and items from players with specific professions. They are required to have their own mats and tip, so it’s never a loss for the crafter only pure profit! Keep an eye out for our Crafting Orders guide for more info on that in the future.

Someone placing a Crafting Order in Valdrakken. The text "Subscribe to Erosium" Are found in the Crafting Comments.

Thanks for reading!

It’s been a pleasure getting my thoughts out on Dragonflight so far. Despite the rocky launch (As is Blizzard Tradition) the game itself has been a blast and I cannot recommend it more. Make sure to check back frequently, and check out ErosiumTV for more specific and detailed guides for Erosium’s patrons!

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