Kurog Grimtotem Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

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Kurog Grimtotem is the final boss of his wing of the Vault. A powerful shaman, emboldened by Primal Energies, poses a powerful threat. This guide is aimed at helping normal and heroic level encounters. He will channel abilities from 4 separate elements depending on which Altar you are near. Check out the Kurog Guide below for some quick tips!

He has 2 intermissions. Each occurring at 100 Energy. He will summon Powerful Elementals associated with whichever Altars he activated while charging his Energy.


This fight is complex, and as such has complex positioning.

One tank will stand in front of the boss, while everyone else stands behind the boss as often as possible to avoid his cleave.

The boss will have to be pulled into a section of the room near an Altar, and must be moved to a 2nd altar around 50 energy.

Once the boss begins the intermission phase, the tanks will have to pick up the 2 elementals and hold them near the next Altar you plan to activate.

Important Abilities

Altar of Flame-

During the Altar of Flame, players will need to keep an eye out for stray magma abilities. Spread loosely, and avoid standing in Lava Pools.

Altar of Frost-

During the Altar of Frost, players will want to Soak the AoE Absolute Zero with as many players as possible. Occasionally, there will also be raid wide AoE damage that healers will need to respond to.

Altar of Earth-

While the Altar of Earth is active, players will want to avoid all earth AoE effects. During Erupting Bedrock dodge the melee ripple, then move inward towards Kurog. Avoid seismic ruptures that spawn under random players.

Altar of Storm-

When Kurog is empowered by the Altar of Storm he will call down Thunder Strikes, that you will want a single player to soak. If one is not soaked, there will be massive raid wide damage. He will also occasionally target players with a large burst that players must spread for.

Intermissions- The intermissions you encounter depend on what adds you have active.

Fire Ele- Will spawn lava pools around itself. Kite the elemental out of them.

Frost Ele- Spams an interruptible ability, Players should stack on him during Freezing Tempest.

Earth Ele- Should be tank swapped. Will knock players up into the air, and mark players for Ground Shatter. Ground Shatter should be moved out of the raid.

Storm Ele- Will target players with a Lethal Current. Players targeted with the Current should move 8 yards away from the raid.

Role Specific Mechanics


Tanks will need to swap off of the boss after 2 Sundering Strikes. You will have to move the boss to the next altar at roughly 50 energy. I recommend this order for the Altars: Storm->Earth->Frost->Fire.


There are no specific healer mechanics during this fight. The damage will constantly increase the longer the raid is at each altar. Be prepared for damage to begin to spike just before a phase transition.


Kill adds as quickly as possible, and interrupt anything that you can. Save CD’s for the boss.

Heroic Changes

On heroic, each altar has a new ability. Kurog also gains a buff that will wipe the raid if you change altars too quickly.

Fire- He will summon flows of lava that all players must dodge.

Frost- He will begin to emit orbs of frost that must be dodged, otherwise you will take damage and be stunned. (A frost version of Sanctify from Halls of Valor.)

Earth- A healing absorption shield will be applied randomly to members of the raid. Healers will have to heal this off before any true healing can be done.

Storm- Players will chain lightning when afflicted with Lightning Crash. These players should NOT soak Thunder Strikes.


This is a VERY fun fight, and feels worthy of being a wind boss! If you have defeated both Kurog and Dathea, the path to Broodkeeper shall open. Razageth will fall! Return to Eranogs Boss room at once Heroes!

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