Sennarth Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

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Sennarth is the next boss following the defeat of Terros. She is typically going to be most guilds 3rd boss. This guide is aimed at helping normal and heroic level encounters. She is quite possibly the most movement heavy fight involving 2 phases and 4 platforms!
There is a ton of stuff to keep track of in this fight, so take a look at the Sennarth guide below to try and get a good idea of what you need to do!


This boss will slowly make her way up to the top of the room by gliding on her Web. It is up to the players to chase her without getting knocked off and dying.

The tanks will ideally be standing near the edge of the hole, holding the Boss’ aggro and ready to grab any Frostbreathe Arachnids that spawn.

Healers and DPS will want to stay as close to the outer edge of the room as you can to prevent being pulled off the platform by Gossamer Burst, unless there are Enveloping Webs between Sennarth and yourself.

In the final phase, make sure there is as much space as possible between yourself and the edge of the platform as possible, Sennarth will do her best to knock you off the platform.

Important Abilities

Breath of Ice– Sennarth will blast the platform with Ice, creating patches of the floor which are slick and damaging. While on these patches your character will slide, possibly off the edge!

Chilling Blast– Sennarth will cause the members of your Raid to explode, dealing damage to themselves and people within 4 yards. Stay spread, stay safe!

In the final phase, Chilling Blast will also leave a crystal that will explode and knock players back. Spread lightly to avoid this killing any of your raid team!

Enveloping Webs– Sennarth Attempts to trap players in Enveloping Webs. These webs will target a player, and for the next few seconds they will leave a trail of Sticky Webs. (Ironically, you will use these webs to prevent yourself from getting Pulled Off!)

Gossamer Burst– Sennarth Attempts pull players to their death, fight the webs with either Movement Speed boosts, teleports, or the Enveloping Webs left on the ground by other players!

In phase 2, this will instead be a very violent Knockback.

Web Blast– This is a tank mechanic. A stacking DoT that tanks will need to trade off for. I recommend 5-8 stacks!


Caustic Spiderlings- Sennarths young brood will will attempt to swarm and Kamikaze players. Their death explosions will clear the Enveloping Webs.

Frostbite Arachnid- This large add must die down ASAP. It spreads more patches of ice and icreases Frost Damage taken by a stacking amount.

Role Specific Mechanics


One tank will be holding the boss, while the other keeps an eye out for adds.

Keep the Frostbite Arachnid pointed away from players.

Tank swap on 5-8 stacks of Web Blast.


There are no specific healer mechanics. Avoid floor hazards and keep your Spacey DPS alive!

The Tank not currently holding the boss will continue taking damage until Web Blast drops off.


Kill the Frostbite Arachnid as quickly as possible. Kill Caustic Spiderlings on webbed players and patches of Enveloping Webs that may be hazardous.

Heroic Changes

The only change on Heroic is that if you reach 10 stacks of Enveloping Webs, you will be stunned for 30 seconds. The only way to break the webs early are to have a Caustic Spiderling explode on your webbed body.


I hope that this guide has aided in defeating Sennarth! Make sure to manage your positioning and kill adds as necessary. Once the boss is dead, take the Gust of Wind on the top platform back down, and prepare to face Kurog himself!

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