Why World of Warcraft Will Never die!

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Despite many attempts from within Blizzard Entertainment and outside forces, WoW Will never be killed. It is the predominant MMO on the market for a reason. Even as other MMO’s rise and try to unseat this goliath of entertainment, they fail. And there are a few reasons why. Keep reading to see why this writer is CONFIDENT that World of Warcraft will never die!

WoW is constantly receiving updates

Blizzard has routinely and consistently, for 18 years, put out updates to keep the game fun and exciting. Shadowlands alone (the most recent expansion, prior to Dragonflight) has had 14 large updates not counting hot fixes! And it’s not just changes to Classes and dungeons. Tuning and class changes are good, but what about major updates?

New races and classes

In 18 years, there have been 4 new major classes. Completely new, built from lore sources and brand new play styles every time! Starting with the Death Knights and their Rune type abilities (which we can learn about in lore with Shadowlands), and finally the addition of the Evoker in Dragonflight. A Half-Dragon capable of Gliding, Flying, Healing, and Destroying. There is no way that people can say new things aren’t happening!

This doesnt even touch on how many new playable races and customization that Blizzard has introduced! In WoW Classic, there were a whopping 8 races to choose from. Jumping to 10 in The Burning Crusade. And now, in Dragonflight, there are 24 races to choose from!

Mounts, Mounts, and more Mounts!

Way back in the days of classic, there were maybe 50 mounts if we were being generous. Roughly 8 mounts per race, and some a few that drop here and there in raids and dungeons. Now, there are over 800 mounts, and still climbing! With the introduction of Dragonflight, I believe that the number of mounts will easily exceed 900. Now that’s a Mountain of Mounts!

Professions, Systems, and Style!

A few more changes that may or may not be as exciting per say, but Blizzard is constantly innovating! With Dragonflight coming up, professions are getting a huge overhaul, new icons, and new recipes!

There are new systems coming in the future, the biggest one is Dragon Riding! A new movement and travel system exclusive to the Dragon Isles!

And let us never forget Style! There are new collections, tier sets, and appearances being added all the time. Utilize that Transmogrification system to create some awesome fashion! (If you take an awesome screen shot, make sure to share it with our Community!)

Final Thoughts

With all of this being said, I don’t think WoW will ever die. As long as Blizzard keeps finding new ways to grab our interest, the player base will continue to thrive. We see a resurgence in players with every new update, and I cannot wait to see just how diverse the player base is in Dragonflight! And remember this is why World of Warcraft will never die!

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